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List Of The 18 High Cartoon Characters Who Probably Like To Smoke Weed

high cartoon characters

Over the past two decades, a lot of cartoons have been created and there are already familiar and cult pothead characters. As a stoner, you probably noticed that some of them look like they love to smoke weed. We would like to share with you our favorite stoned cartoon characters so that you can choose the very character you would smoke with tonight! So, without further ado, let’s get to know our favorite high stoned cartoon characters:

18. Crush from Finding Nemo

stoned cartoon characters

Our top stoner high cartoon characters are revealed by crash, a 150-year-old sea turtle who loves long distance travel. Young at heart, he swims the ocean currents with the ease of a professional surfer with his son Prysk. Very sluggish and feels like he smoked marijuana.

17. Michelangelo

stoner cartoons

Bold, cocky and very optimistic, romantic and amorous, and also the most charming trippy stoned animated character. His hobbies include reading comics and eating limitless quantities of pizza. He is a master of nunchaku, although sometimes he prefers Ino-zumo (triple nunchaku) or chains with hooks. He is incredibly optimistic and would definitely not mind blowing one joint, we are sure of that!

16. Grandpa Phil

stoner high cartoon characters

Phil is a cheerful weed cartoon character, he has irrepressible optimism and finds positive sides in any situation, although at times it seems that his optimistic comments only exacerbate and emphasize the hopelessness of the situation. He is terribly fond of practical jokes and would never miss the opportunity to laugh at someone, including Arnold. Rumor has it that his main reason for always high spirits is the magic weed.

15. Goofy

stoner cartoon characters

Awkward, unintelligent, childish and truly stupid are just a few of the words that describe the cartoon character high on weed – Goofy. Despite all this, he is extremely kind and very caring. Mickey and Donald sometimes find him annoying, but they still care about him and consider him a close friend. He’s so hilarious that it might seem like Goofy loves to dabble in marijuana, but we’ll never know.

14. Our Favorite Stoner Cartoon Character – Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland

trippy stoned animated characters

The Caterpillar, also known as Absolom or Russel, from the Alice in Wonderland cartoon is an unusual hookah-smoking caterpillar that annoys Alice. This Caterpillar is a wildly trippy smoking stoner Disney character. She can make a cartoon very interesting to a person or a whole company, so we feel free to invite her to our list. Let’s be honest, it’s probably not just tobacco in his hookah.

13. Randy Marsh from South Park

weed cartoon characters

Active middle-aged man. At the same time, Randy Marsh is one of the most controversial characters in South Park. Randy is constantly doing idiotic – and immoral things for no particular reason – spending all the family money, contracting cancer to access medicated drugs, entering a fierce competition to produce the largest pile of excrement. This stoned character would definitely not mind getting free marijuana and getting very high on smoke.

12. Eddy, Ed and Edd

smoking stoner disney characters

Classic stoner cartoon characters! Eddie is the oldest and most inventive guy on the Ed team. He is 11 years old. Selfish and greedy, for the sake of money or the magic word “free” is ready for any feats. Ed, the stupidest of the Eds, or rather, dumb as a cork. He is 10 years old, he has tiny brains, he never washes, he never thinks, he never gets discouraged. Always smiling. Edd or “Double-D” is the smartest in the team. His task is to come up with unusual technical things and generally attract people. Ed, Edd n Eddy are smoking weed or so it may seem when watching a cartoon. stoner cartoon characters

11. Sailor Popeye

cartoon characters high on weed

Popeye is a cartoon character that smokes, and it is also impossible to imagine him without a can of spinach. In the comics, the sailor was strong enough without this food. But in stoner cartoons a certain magic element has appeared. Having eaten a can of this vegetable, Popeye became unusually strong and then handed out to all the villains what they deserved. Very often this character can be seen with a smoking pipe in his mouth and most likely Popeye could not only smoke tobacco, but also use cannabis.

10. Patrick Star

cartoon characters smoking weed

Patrick is portrayed as a pleasant, chubby, lazy, blunt, ill-mannered, naive and generally ignorant stoned cartoon character. Despite being an adult, Patrick behaves immature for his age and participates in many children’s activities with SpongeBob. Patrick’s personality is similar to that of SpongeBob, but they are not interchangeable, as SpongeBob is much more intelligent, responsible, optimistic, mannered and down-to-earth than Patrick. His dullness often annoys SpongeBob and causes him a lot of inconvenience. Due to his dull mind, he might have shared some marijuana with us and told a couple of funny stories.

9. Towelie of South Park

The towel has always been dicked up, but the reason it sits so low on our list is because, frankly, it’s a little annoying. Sure, you can safely smoke Towelie from South Park and have a great time, but you get bored quickly. If you ever had the opportunity to visit the wondrous city of South Park, know that you would definitely smoke a fat joint with a cartoon buddie.

8. Daria Morgendorffer

stoned characters

The girl, initially endowed with many positive traits, is forced to restrain them, since she can only show them to the existing environment to her detriment. Daria is a teenager with an unusual vision of the world. She doesn’t like to go shopping, doesn’t like parties, family trips, or discussing guys with friends. The girl’s favorite hobbies are eating pizza after school with Jane, reading books and watching programs. We believe that this cartoon character would love to get high and smoke a joint and have a good time, as well as share his innermost thoughts.

7. Bart Simpson

disney characters smoking weed

Homer and Marge Simpson’s naughty son. Although he was never seen with weed in a cartoon (at least we haven’t seen that), we think that he would fit into our canna community. His unique dexterity, street demeanor and amazing skateboarding stunts would provide him with a good opportunity to be a canna character. Bart Simpson’s stoned high cartoon character has even been named a separate Marijuana strain!

6. Bender from Futurama

cartoon buddies

Bender drinks a lot more than he needs to get energy (“I don’t need alcohol! I can quit at any time”). Although robots can function on mineral oil, when Bender is deprived of alcohol, he stops functioning properly and becomes depressed, he develops signs of human alcoholism and grows a rusty beard. Bender smokes cigars because he looks cool with them, lighting them with his lighter hand, but sometimes uses a Zippo.

5. Homer Simpson

cartoon characters stoned

Homer is a man capable of manifestations of boundless happiness, as well as boundless rage. He is extremely open to emotions, and among them love, envy, heroism, greed, the desire to do the right thing, boasting, and he himself does not know what feeling would take possession of him in the next moment, alternately dominate. Homer is extremely adventurous in pothead cartoon – he immediately takes on the most dubious undertakings, demonstrating unshakable self-confidence, not supported by any knowledge and experience.

4. Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty

high stoned disney characters

Even though alcohol appears to be Rick’s vice, we still think that drinking with Rick would be magical. Every puff with mad scientist Rick Sanchez of Rick and Morty would be an incredible adventure. You would explore all other universes and spaces, listening to his nihilistic opinion on all scientific things. This cartoon character that smokes pot easily adds to our roster of characters because of his wild imagination. It’ll be enough for him to smoke a little weed to invent some new time machine!

3. Brian of Family Guy

cartoon characters getting high

“A bag of weed is a friend indeed!” – this is what Brian, the Family Guy dog, sang in the streets during his 420 episode. Brian is often seen smoking weed at home, with numerous references to his owning or buying a staff. Probably the smartest character on the show, Brian would be a terrific buddy to share the joint with you. With this marijuana cartoon character, you can talk about philosophy and what it’s like to be a dog and his strange family.

2. Beavis and Butt-head

cartoon characters high on drugs

Beavis grunts when laughing, has a shrill voice, and often picks his nose. In some episodes, a large amount of chocolate and soda, as well as pain reliever, awakens his second self, or alter ego – Great Cornholio. During such turbidity, Beavis pulls a T-shirt over his head and begins to speak with a pseudo-Spanish accent. Calm and at the same time more arrogant Butt-head is absolutely not inherent in quick wits, but nevertheless, he often talks and gives advice on a variety of topics.

1. Shaggy from Scooby-Doo

stoned high cartoon characters

The first place in our top stoner cartoon character is taken by Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. Shaggy is always hungry, he laughs all the time and may even be a little paranoid. It is possible that his love interest in the cartoon is definitely marijuana! It’ll be a lot of fun with him to solve secrets, look for ghosts and monsters, and then treat yourself to delicious Scooby snacks, which may contain magic weed.

We love our stoner cartoon characters

As a weed lovers ourselves, we hope that you saw in this top high cartoon characters list at least one that you love. if you ask us, most of the cartoons definitely loves to smoke marijuana and have fun. Share our selection with your friends and ask what their favorite stoned cartoon character.

Do you think there is more cartoon characters high on weed who deserves a place in this list? Write us in the comments!

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