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Smoking weed bong

using a bong

Are you interested in marijuana but have not tried smoking bong? You should fix it as soon as possible because it is one of the best ways to use nugs! Although it may seem more complicated than a joint or preroll, using a bong has some advantages. It is convenient, healthier, and much softer.

Every experienced stoner sooner or later comes to smoking weed bong as the main or at least respected method. Try it too. Stay with us to go through all stages of a classic of 420 culture.

Before hitting a bong

The device that you are going to use consists of several significant parts. The mouthpiece is an open tube on the top, through which you will breathe in. Below, it is a chamber where you will need to pour water. The water should cover the downstem a few centimeters to work. At the other end of the downstem, which goes up and away from the chamber there is a place for a bowl. It is a small conical removable container with holes. It must be attached to the downstem and filled with crushed buds. Another small hole that not all devices have, but you need to know about, is the carb. It is located in a chamber, a little higher than the water level. We will talk about it when we will smoking out of a bong.

Another thing that is usually forgotten when preparing, is cleanliness. If you are using a bong that has been used before, make sure that it is as clean as possible. Although this is a matter of hygiene, the cleaner your device is, the more enjoyable the effect you will get. Use water and soap if you don’t have a lot of time. Since the inner chambers are clogged with oils, the water will make a minimum, but it will not leave an unpleasant odor or danger to health as a solvent.

How to bong

how to bong

When you have a clean device in your hands do not rush to grab buds. It is better to carefully pack a bong piece by piece.

Disconnect the bowl and fill it

Be careful and consider the size of the holes inside your bowl, so that the ground cannabis does not fall through. The solution may be to use tobacco or larger pieces of flowers. Place them on the bottom to close the holes and pour smaller pieces on top. However, don’t be greedy – if you put too much pot, it will just fall out while smoking.

Pour water into the chamber through the mouthpiece

You need water to hold up the large smoke particles and make the smoking bong less sharp. You should understand this to avoid errors, such as adding other liquids. If milk or juice is good enough to rip a bong, then strong alcohol will vaporize harmful particles that impair your experience and can even damage your lungs.

Another crucial thing about liquids is temperature. The colder — the better. You can even add ice. The smoke coming through the cold liquid will cool down, which means it will not burn your throat and will not cause you to cough.

Close the carb with your finger

This way you only leave two holes for air to pass through. Otherwise, the chamber will not be airtight when hitting a bong. The best way to do this is with the finger of the hand that holds your device.

Light it up!

Draw the air through the mouthpiece and bring the fire to the bowl at the same time. Pull slowly so that the ground cannabis smolders but does not fall into the downstem.

You don’t need to keep the fire burning all the time, its just enough to make part of the buds catch fire. The lower the temperature in the bowl, the better for your health.

If you are a beginner and you are afraid of too much smoke or you want to dilute the portion with clean air, disconnect the bowl and keep pulling it in.

These were some basic tips on smoking weed bong. We are sure that any smoker, even one who is about to become a smoker, will be more confident using a bong by following our guide. Remember that this is much safer than other ways to consume cannabis. What’s more, the cold smoke that doesn’t burn your throat and the lungs will appeal to those who still cough after taking a puff.


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