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Read About Negative Consequences Of Smoking Weed After Tooth Extraction In This Article

smoking weed after tooth extraction

Smoking weed after tooth extraction can harm your health, let’s find out why. Removing a tooth – no matter what place it occupies in the row – is quite a stress for the body, therefore, the fewer factors aggravate it, the faster the recovery will take place. However, bad habits are so tightly embedded in people’s lives that many cease to attach importance to their negative impact. This article explains whether you can smoke weed after tooth extraction.

The extraction of a wisdom tooth is considered one of the most difficult procedures, which significantly exceeds the usual extraction in terms of the duration of the operation and the volume of procedures. Sometimes, after such an extensive intervention, suturing is required on the tooth socket. In this case, the dentist will prohibit the patient from smoking weed after wisdom teeth operation for a certain period of time during the postoperative recovery period.

Smoking Weed Wisdom Teeth: When Can You Smoke the First Blunt?

smoking weed wisdom teeth

Alas, some people in our society are subject to a bad habit – smoking. We will not paint about the dangers of this habit, and give evidence of how teeth deteriorate from cigarettes. The article is devoted to a more practical issue – when can I smoke weed after wisdom teeth operation. Tooth extraction in the DaVinci aesthetic dentistry clinic is carried out using the most modern instruments and preparations. The patient must be given an anesthetic injection so that he does not feel pain during the operation. Still, tooth extraction is an operation. After it, an open wound will appear in the mouth, the size of which depends on the size of the tooth. Sometimes dentists will drain and suture the gums. The wound will interfere with eating familiar foods for some time, but if the patient follows all the doctor’s recommendations, then no complications will arise, and soon the hole will cease to bother.

The exact answer to the question when can I smoke weed after tooth extraction cannot be obtained, since the time depends on many factors:

  • the complexity of the operation (in the presence of a wide overgrown root, the dentist sutures, therefore, healing takes more time);
  • condition of the gums;
  • the state of the patient’s immune system;
  • the patient’s state of health, etc.

On average, the minimum time from the end of the procedure to smoking weed after wisdom tooth extraction should be from 2 to 4 hours.

Influence of Smoking Weed after Surgery

The result of exposure to nicotine and smoke can increase bleeding from the hole, which prevents the wound from healing quickly. Here is the answer to the question: when can you smoke weed after tooth extraction? Better to abstain for at least a few hours. In some cases, the well becomes dry under the influence of elevated temperatures and chemicals.

A blood clot must remain in the resulting wound. Its displacement will lead to the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms into the wound. Inflammation will lead to fever, headache and deterioration of health. This threatens the development of alveolitis – a condition accompanied by an acute inflammatory process of the walls of the formed hole. Its onset is accompanied by swelling of the gums, which then spreads to the soft tissues of the face. The color of the gums changes to cyanotic, in severe cases necrotic processes are observed.

The smoke promotes the disappearance of the blood clot necessary for wound healing, thus depriving it of protection. When eating or lighting a cigarette, infections enter the wound, causing inflammation, manifested by soreness of the gums, fever, general malaise and headache. There is no best way to smoke weed after wisdom teeth removal if the surgery was done very recently, although I’m sure you won’t be smoking, considering how painful the recovery period after surgery is.

When Can You Smoke Weed after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

If smoking after wisdom teeth removal weed is so necessary for a smoker, you need to wait at least 2-4 hours until the bleeding process is over. Even eating in the first 1-2 days hurts, so it’s better to think not about how to smoke weed after tooth extraction, but rather sleep and gain strength. If stitches were imposed during the surgery, then it is recommended to refrain from smoking for a period of 2-10 days.

Is it bad to smoke weed after wisdom teeth removal? Many dental patients, when asked about smoking weed after wisdom teeth removal, do not think about the likely consequences. The most common consequences are:

  • gum burn;
  • development of alveolitis;
  • severe pain in the gums;
  • slowing down the healing process.


Can the contained substances interfere with the healing process? I would like to clarify right away that the healing process when removing a wisdom tooth and, for example, a movable tooth, will be different in duration, you need to keep this in mind. As for tooth extraction smoking weed, I can say with full conviction that this is bad not only for the human lungs, but also for the body as a whole. Cigarette smoke does interfere with healing and can be detrimental to the oral cavity after dental procedures.

If you are still interested in can you smoke weed after wisdom teeth removal, then think about the following: first of all, the smoke enters the oral cavity, where the resin contained in the blunt can settle, which can later provoke infection or, worse, infect into any open wound.

One of the most popular problems caused by smoking is gum disease and more. It is worth considering!

Why Is It Better to Abstain for at Least 2 Hours after Surgery?

smoking weed after wisdom teeth

Worth knowing when can I smoke weed after wisdom teeth removal. It is a well-known fact that the herb contains various impurities, and not in large quantities, but adversely affecting human health. Why, after tooth extraction, is it worth refraining from a portion of nicotine only for a while? After this procedure or the operation of a whole nerve, an open wound is formed in its place, which, of course, is treated and advised to keep at rest, that is, refrain from solid food for a while, even limit conversations in order to give the wound time to heal. Smoking weed after wisdom teeth removal at this moment will act as an irritant, it is advisable to give it up from 2 hours to 5, depending on the degree of complexity of the operation performed. These measures and follow-up care will provide you with painless and speedy healing. So, dear patients with bad habits, from time to time it is worth giving the body a rest from harmful irritants and taking care of it. Smoking weed before wisdom teeth removal is also not recommended, as your dentist will give you a pain relieving injection, which may not work well, and you will need to take antibiotics after surgery.

Do Not Neglect the Advice of Your Doctor!

From smoking weed after wisdom teeth surgery, doctors strongly recommend abstaining, in view of the exclusion of infection of a fresh wound in the oral cavity. Yes. There is a myth that blunt smoke acts as an anesthetic, and you can forget about the pain after tooth extraction. My answer is no, this is a fatal mistake. Do not neglect the advice of doctors, as later you may end up in the dentist’s chair much earlier than planned.

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