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Find Out For Yourself The Best Smoking Songs Rap In This Article And Get High From Your Blunt

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It is difficult to name a factor that has had a stronger influence on contemporary art than marijuana. The very emergence of 20th century pop culture is closely linked to the use of cannabis. If jazz was the grandfather of pop music, then ganja was the grandmother.

Many of the musicians in the late 1980s and early 1990s advocated the legalization of cannabis. Not only representatives of the “black scene”, but also metalheads (“Guns n Roses”) and alternatives (“Skid Row”, “Nirvana”, “Alice in Chains”) contributed to the legalization of ganja. Tupac Shakur’s mega hit “Me against the World” contains lines about how a joint helps to overcome pain and move on.

Coolio, Notorious B.I.G., Too Short are just a few of the rappers who have devoted most of their smoking songs rap to the problems of AIDS, hard drugs, and crime. At the same time, none of them considered the use of marijuana a problem. Cannabis leaf has become an unofficial symbol of hip-hop and rap culture, much like wide-leg pants and big pistols.

Want to listen to the rap song high and get acquainted with the rasta theme? These rap artists are well known among the rastamans, and their songs help to cope with apathy:

Cypress Hill

rap song high

An iconic rap group, marijuana is often mentioned in the songs, the performers are on the side of legalization, work in different styles, so their tracks always sound interesting, stand out from the crowd. Atmospheric and high rap song “Marijuano Locos” motivates not to give up and resist.

50 Cent

high rap song

His music rehearsal contains many smoking rap songs that you will definitely enjoy. Very lively, cool and atmospheric songs were created by this performer. It is not for nothing that he has become a legend in the turnip music industry.

Method Man

best rap smoking songs

Excellent weed smoking songs rap for mood, sharp, often aggressive, but well awakening, energizing the brain. It will excite you, but at the same time, it will cheer you up and set you on a good wave.

Snoop Dog

smoking rap

The singer created his own variety of marijuana, defends the right to use the stuff, considers it safer than alcohol. In smoking weed songs rap, this topic also rises. His best rap smoking songs are very lyrical, atmospheric, covering many genres: there are hip-hop songs, rap, soul, rock, reggie.

La Coka Nostra

weed smoking songs rap

The greatest group, writes songs with meaning, based on reality, there are dark, underground things and positive compositions. This high rap will take you to the far corners of your consciousness with a pleasant melody.

Rastamans are people with a lively soul, creative and talented. They see beauty in small things, and therefore the themes of their music collections are diverse. There are many admirers of ska-punk among the Rasta – a transitional musical style that combines elements of ska and punk-rock.

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