Small Grow Room Ideas: Read Our Article Now to Be Well Informed

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Are you a lover of cannabis? In this article we have prepared for you all the homemade grow box ideas and also cheap grow room ideas! So read it now!

The name “grow box” combines homemade and converted from other objects (cabinets, refrigerators, nightstands), etc. devices for growing plants at home. In advanced countries, where cannabis is legalized, people come up with homemade grow box ideas and there are sometimes very high-tech, autonomous structures, with the ability to remotely monitor and control. In our area, this still means the author’s design and manual assembly.

Benefits of using grow box ideas and creating grow box

cheap grow room


Disguising a closet or refrigerator, in principle, is not a problem. Of course, unless a ray of light escapes from it or a piece of corrugated pipe sticks out.


A rigid structure can be pasted over from the inside with noise-insulating material, which certainly will not work with a grow tent.

Price – there are a lot of cheap grow box ideas

Purchasing a cabinet of the right size (or using your own) can be cheaper than a specialized grow tent. Even taking into account the additional cost of reflective material. But on large sizes, the opposite is true.

Durability and intrusion protection is also included in grow box ideas

It can be used as a stand or, if the shape allows, a seat. In addition, the grow box can be equipped with a lock and locked with a key. It is worth paying attention to this if you have pets, small children, or insolent guests.

Сheap grows box ideas:

The main components when creating a box:

So how do you make a closet for vegetables, ornamental plants, or even hemp (assuming it’s legal in your country)? So, first of all, you need a blank for boxing, in this case, it is a cabinet. Any box must contain:

  • Lighting system.
  • Reflective coating
  • Ventilation
  • Timer and other elements
  • Boxing creation

Boxing creation:

  • Make a section of the box into a technical compartment and a compartment for plants.
  • Next, make a hole through which the wires will go to the box. After that, it is necessary to make holes closer to the floor through which fresh air will flow.
  • In the upper part of the box, it is necessary to make a hole through which the duct fan will be installed.
  • Don’t forget to put a charcoal filter on your duct fan if your plants smell bad.
  • It is very important to paint the inner walls of the box with reflective material. The light should spread to all corners of the box, and penetrate into the root zone.
  • The lighting system is one of the most important in boxing, practically what drives the growth of your wards. The “day-night” mode is extremely important for plants, and in some cases, you will need to transfer them to the flowering phase by changing the clock in this mode. The choice of lamps in this case is also a responsible job. The most common are HPS lamps, which are widely used in growers.

DIY grow room:

A grow room is a room dedicated to growing plants.

Benefits of the homemade grow room

diy indoor grow room

Microclimate inertness

This can be both a minus and a plus of grow rooms. Changes in temperature and humidity will not be sudden, but if the climate has somehow suddenly become unfavorable, then it will take some time to normalize it, and this is additional stress for plants. The risks are great here, so everything needs to be automated.

Confidentiality is also an important to benefit of the homemade grow rooms

It’s easier to disguise the entrance to a room or just close it than trying to encrypt some huge cabinet in the middle of the room.

Tip for creating homemade grow rooms :

It is equipped with many lamps, as well as an automatic watering system because it will be troublesome to water the plants yourself. Initial costs are estimated at five hundred US dollars. Do not put the bushes too tightly: this will not give an increase in yield, since the plants will compete.

Benefits of cheap grow room:

The convenience of such rooms is that there is no need to further limit the space, the room itself will be the greenhouse. The home grow room does not take up space in the apartment, does not interfere, and does not attract attention. There is no need to resolve the issue of additional heating and excessive humidity. Access to the greenhouse is 24/7, which will help you save money on automation devices.

But the home greenhouse in the apartment has its drawbacks. Firstly, pantries are not everywhere. Secondly, if they are, then most often it is a small room, therefore, there are problems with overheating and air circulation. And it is quite difficult to hide bulky ventilation and cooling devices from prying eyes.

For diy closet grow room you need the “basic set for a grow room” – a lamp with a lamp, fan, filter, lighting, and other additional equipment (timers, corrugations, ribbons, wires, sockets, plugs, etc.)

Cheap grow room ideas:

Growroom (or grow room) – Any size room where plants are grown under controlled conditions. The reasons for using the grow room are countless.

Plants can be grown using artificial light, sunlight, or a combination.

Plants in a grow room can be grown in soil, or without soil, using methods such as hydroponics and aeroponics.

What do you need for a diy indoor grow room?

diy closet grow room

Equipment in Grow Room

Below is an example of equipment that you need for a diy indoor grow room and its placement in a grow room:

  1. Luminaire with heat dissipation
  2. Fan for heat dissipation of luminaires
  3. Exhaust fan
  4. 1 Air filter
  5. Supply fan
  6. Climate control unit (exhaust air fans)
  7. Carbon dioxide cylinder
  8. Reducer with solenoid valve
  9. Carbon dioxide timer
  10. Solution tank function to control the solution level of the system.
  11. Socket strip with timer and magnetic starter
  12. Humidity and temperature monitor
  13. Solution timers
  14. Electronic ballast ballasts for high-pressure lamps
  15. Dosers for adjusting the pH of the solution
  16. Odor neutralizer
  17. Oil heater
  18. Hydroponic system with aeration
  19. Air compressors for solution aeration
  20. Tank with water
  21. Fan

Small grow room ideas:

Now you can go directly to the assembly of the entire structure. Assembling a box with all the components is not the most difficult task. All work should be divided into three stages:

  • Growbox design.
  • Acquisition of all necessary equipment and materials.
  • Direct assembly of the entire structure.

When determining design changes, you will need to consider how many plants you plan to grow and what size the bushes will be. If there is no previous cultivation experience, it is necessary to study the characteristics and basic characteristics of the plants that you plan to grow. Then, based on the collected data and our own capabilities, determine their approximate amount.
We are sure that after reading this article you will not have a question “how to build a cheap grow room” anymore!

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