Sexing Marijuana Plants: You Will Be Shocked After Reading Our Article

sexing marijuana plants

Are you wondering how to sex marijuana plants? What is the difference between male and female pot plants? Read this article to know all about it!

It is not difficult to accurately determine the gender of cannabis germinated from feminized, high-quality seed (seeds). So, sexing marijuana plants it’s like eating a piece of cake!

Whereas a few years ago detailed information on the differentiation of the female and male plant was worth its weight in gold, now more and more growers are sharing information and are themselves making successful attempts at growing hybrids.

Hemp is one of the few crops that requires male and female plants to reproduce. The exception is self-pollinating varieties. The most valuable among them is the female plant since it is to him that cannabis owes the resinous inflorescences, from which, after drying, a psychotropic product is obtained.

How to identify male cannabis?

The main indicators for identifying “boys” include:

  • growth, size, and rate of maturation;
  • the term for the appearance of pre-flowers;
  • the appearance of pre-flowers.

Firstly, male marijuana flowers grow and, accordingly, ripen 1-4 weeks earlier than female plants (most often 2 weeks). This means that if some plants released their pre-flowers earlier than others, and at the same time they are 10-15 cm higher, then with a greater degree of probability there are “boys” in front of you. This happens because nature made sure that the pollen was blown away by the wind from tall male bushes to shorter female ones.

For a final diagnosis of sexing pot plants, it is necessary to look at the pre-flowering. Male pre-flowers can be found when the plant is about 6-8 weeks old, i.e. after the 4th week of the growing season. Pre-flowers appear at the nodes – where the leaf stem is attached to their stem. At first, male pre-flowers will resemble green balls growing on small legs. These balls lengthen over time and turn yellow, more like bananas. By 2-6 weeks of flowering, the “bananas” will open and scatter the pollen down the wind, leaving no hope of a healthy crop. Female pre-flowers, in turn, grow from the stem itself, close to it, and more resemble a pear. From such “pears” then small hairs (antennae) appear, which are a true sign of the feminine principle.

How to sex marijuana in the early stages?

how to sex marijuana plants

The only true, proven by many professional and amateur cannabis growers method for determining the sex of marijuana in the early stages is the clone method.

The clone method is effective even in the very early stages, but it is applicable for outdoor cannabis growing. Its essence lies in a few simple steps:

  • Part of the clone plant is cut from the bush
  • The cut part is planted in the ground indoors
  • Set the lighting mode 12 hours a day
  • This clone will begin to bloom after 14 days, showing its gender.
  • The clone will bloom before its donor plant.

What to do with male marijuana plants?

The only correct answer is to delete! Consuming male cannabis-derived staff does not make any sense. And in the case of unripe raw materials, the effect will be exactly the opposite of the desired one. That is why it is necessary immediately, as soon as it is possible to determine the sex (sex) of marijuana, all “boys” must be isolated from the “girls”.

The removal method is very simple:

  • Uproot, rip up the identified male bushes, or remove the pots of them from the grow room.
  • Be careful not to touch the pollen pods, if any, to avoid accidental pollination.
  • The “boy” plants can be disposed of or used in any way other than drying them for further consumption.

Male vs female cannabis

difference between male and female pot plants

If the female plant is of great value to growers, and it occupies the entire soil space on the planting site, then the male half of cannabis growers are treated as an unnecessary product. And in vain, and this is confirmed by experienced cannabis growers. Indeed, thanks to the male half, pollination occurs, without which the development of the plant is impossible, not counting the cloning of the culture. This process is known as sensimiglia.

Difference between male and female pot plants:

Inspect each plant regularly for gender-defining characteristics.

Males show their signs earlier than females:

  • for 7-11 days indoors
  • for 20-22 days when grown outdoors.

When can you tell if your plant is male or female?

You can find out exactly the floor of the bush in the period that precedes its flowering.

How to sex marijuana?

Indicators that give a guideline on how to distinguish the female from male cannabis:

  • The rate of maturation and development of male plants is approximately 7-21 days higher than that of female plants. In the presence of several plants of the same variety, “boys” are easily distinguished from “girls” by the early formation of pre-flowers – thickenings between the trunk and the shoot, formed after 21-35 days during the growing season.
  • The height of the male cannabis plant can help to distinguish cannabis gender identification from the “girls” in the greater direction so that pollination occurs naturally without interference.
  • The more branchy structure of the bush, compact appearance is typical for the female. “Boys” are less branched and have elongated internodes.
  • Pear-shaped inflorescences make it possible to assert that the floor of the hemp bush is female. They have white villi-hairs stigmas. In the inflorescences on the “boys”, there are no stigmas, they are collected in “bunches” in shape similar to a ball on a leg, and subsequently have an elongated shape like a banana.

We are sure that after reading this article you will know how to tell if a weed plant is female or male and you will do it easily!

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