Is It Bad to Have Seeds in Weed: Useful Information for Marijuana Smokers

seeds in weed

Is It Bad to Have Seeds in Weed?

When you spend your hard-earned money on a pot, you want it to be of high quality. “I found a seed in my weed” sounds awful. Finding seeds in your hemp is one of the many things that can degrade the quality of your buds.

What Do Seeds in Weed Mean?

It is important to find out why there are seeds in your weed when you study it. This will help determine if they are causing trouble or not. There are two main reasons why seeds form on buds.

Let’s look at some basics of where we do seeds come from before going into the details. Pollination leads to cannabis buds forming. The female plant forms flowers (buds) of hemp. If you find seeds in your bud, it means that the female hemp plant has come into contact with the pollen of the male plant, which has led to fertilization and seed production.

Weed buds forming may indicate that the farmer has not been able to adequately identify male plants. Most farmers remove these plants immediately to avoid pollination of female plants.

Your female plants may become fertilized and start generating seeds if the male is not removed on time. These seeds are a natural part of the process and can be utilized to begin fresh growth. Keep in mind that half of them will be men! Cannabis seeds are also a superfood, in case you didn’t know. You can live off just seeds alone!

Another possibility is that the plant is self-pollinated. This is uncommon, but it does happen. Self-pollination occurs most often when the plant is stressed during the budding phase, however, it can also occur due to genetics or light leak during critical dark periods. This plant is commonly referred to as a hermaphrodite.

seeds in flowering buds

Why It Matters?

Just because you have some seeds in your cannabis doesn’t imply it’s harmful. However, if your buds include a lot of seeds, they may not be as effective as they may be. Because the plant’s energy is focused on reproduction and seed production rather than the flower, cannabinoids (CBD, THC), trichomes, and terpene goodness, the potency can be drastically diminished. 

This isn’t to say that smoking seeds is hazardous for your health, but we don’t recommend it. Please remove them as soon as you notice them, as they may end up crushed in your grinder! Because seeds are present, the entire quantity of smokable cannabis is compromised, with lower cannabinoid content and numerous undesirable seeds. Consider the following scenario: If you buy an ounce of cannabis, and it arrives with seeds, you’re paying for the seeds rather than the cannabis flower you wanted. 

You will obtain more quantity and quality for your money if you get cannabis without seeds. Weed without seeds is the finest grade and most powerful kind. Sinsemilla is the name of this herb.

The term Sinsemilla has been associated with seedless hemp flowers in North America since the 1970s, but there is evidence that it goes even further to countries like India! To dispel certain errors, sinsemilla is neither a strain nor a geneticist. This is a female cannabis plant that was not next to any male cannabis plant.  

Saving the Seeds 

You can take the seeds out of your pot and try to grow anything from them if you’re feeling adventurous. Here are a few pointers to help you decide whether to cultivate the seeds you find:

I found 1-3 seeds in my weed – We do not recommend growing these seeds since they originate from a genetic background that is stressed.

I found 10+ seeds in my weed – these seeds have a 50/50 probability of producing female or male plants. These seeds are usually produced through male plant pollination. Grow them if you have the time and knowledge! As you begin to blossom, keep an eye out for those nanners. Male pollen sacks that resemble little bananas are known as nanners. 

The plants you develop from the seeds you found in your weed may not produce much and may not be of the quality you expect. The majority of people that grow regularly will utilize a rooted cutting, often known as a clone. Another alternative is to get seeds from a mother plant. Other growers buy seeds from a stable strain, which gives them more consistent results. Even so, growing an experiment might be enjoyable! Cannabis seeds are also a superfood that we enjoy eating – too bad they are so pricey!

If you’re going to try growing something from seeds, make sure they’re viable first. The best seeds are those that are dark. The whole black, mottled seeds are ripe and ready to sow, while the lighter, softer, or broken seeds will not germinate as well. 

You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on cannabis, come home ready to unwind with your new buy, only to discover it’s full of seeds and not worth the money. Even if you haven’t had the misfortune of purchasing cannabis with seeds, knowing the difference between good and terrible weed, with or without a bothersome seed invasion, is beneficial

Visual signals may not be adequate to evaluate your cannabis completely, but they can at least help you do a preliminary check before you buy.

where do weed seeds come from

Before You Buy

Low-quality marijuana won’t get you high, but it can give you a headache and make you tired. There are generally a lot of stalks, leaves, and even seeds in this. It’s not because your dealer is your friend if the weight of the cannabis you’re buying is higher than you thought… It’s most likely because you’re buying low-quality weed-containing seeds.

The buds should be thick, plump, and difficult to pinch. When you get a good look at the buds up close, examine whether there are any seeds, stalks, or leaves that you can identify. Beyond that, you should look at the hue. The bud’s vibrant appearance indicates how healthy it is. In general, the darker the green, the healthier the plant. This shade of green also represents how well the plant was cared for before reaching you. It will keep its deep, green hue if the curing and drying processes are done properly. Low-quality cannabis is usually a drab green or even brown color. 

The work put in by the grower after the harvest has a significant impact on the weed’s overall health. You want cannabis that has been properly cared for, trimmed, and processed; otherwise, it will not provide you with the desired high.

How to Avoid Seedy Weed?

Growing your cannabis is the greatest method to avoid rotten weed. If that isn’t an option, buy from a reputable merchant rather than your friend’s brother down the street. You can check the quality of a product before you buy it if you buy it from a reputable online or offline retailer. You can ask inquiries to determine how well the plant was maintained and so avoid marijuana that is otherwise of poor quality.

When you buy cannabis from a reputable dealer, you’ll be able to smell it, feel it, and walk away from certain that you didn’t get a shady transaction. All of this will ensure that your monetary investment is well worth it, as you will obtain the amount and quality that you desire. 

Because you can control many things while growing cannabis at home, you may anticipate superior grade cannabis. If you can cultivate inside, the chances of your cannabis plants being impregnated are considerably smaller, since you’d have to keep the men in the tent/grow box with them! You never have to worry about male plants getting too close to your female plants when you use a Grobo.

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