Rolling Paper Alternatives: It’s Not a Problem If You Forgot a Rolling Paper

rolling paper alternatives

The Best Rolling Paper Alternatives

A pack of rolling papers will last you a lifetime. It’s never on your list of things to buy. Because you don’t use them very often, you might be startled to discover them toward the bottom of the package. This generally occurs at the most inopportune times, such as when you have a gram of freshly ground cannabis in your grinder.

You most likely have alternatives to rolling paper for joints. If you don’t have access to one, you can always make your pipe.

Today we are going to look at the best household alternatives to rolling papers. And also some other things you can use as rolling paper. Let’s answer your question, “what can I use as rolling paper?”.

What Replacement for Rolling Paper Shouldn’t Be Used

what can i use to roll a blunt

You should avoid using anything with ink, color, wax, metals, plastic, or other additives. You know what’s in the pot you’re smoking if you’re a connoisseur. The last thing you want to do is inhale both the cannabis and the unneeded chemicals at the same time.

You may have heard that the best rolling papers are bible pages. The fact that bible paper is thin, malleable, and burns evenly is undeniable. You can theoretically utilize anything like a bible page if you don’t have any moral issues (or aren’t thinking about how unhappy your grandmother would be). Just remember that you’ll be breathing in the ink from that page. Choose a page with a broad blank area to roll with if at all feasible.

What to Use as Rolling Paper?

1. An empty cigarette

An empty cigarette is one of the best weed rolling paper alternatives. Remember that bottle of American Spirits you keep in the fridge for a special occasion? It might be time to thaw a couple of them. You can either empty a cigarette and load the body like a hemp cone, or you may half empty the body and make a spliff. It all depends on whether the person you’re sharing with is comfortable with tobacco and whether you’re in the mood to smoke.

The flavor and burn of your cannabis will be altered if you mix it with tobacco. If you’re nearing the end of your stash jar, stretching your cannabis with tobacco could make it last a bit longer. It is entirely up to you to decide what you want to do.

2. Paper gum wrappers

There is a paper side to every gum wrapper. On one side, there’s aluminum, and on the other, there’s paper. Technically, you can remove the aluminum from the paper and discard the aluminum layer, but this is time-consuming and labor-intensive. To make it work, you’ll need to be extremely patient and dedicated.

There are also gum wrappers made entirely of paper. From the start, these are a lot easier. All-paper wraps are commonly employed for smaller bits of gum, resulting in a joint that is slightly shorter than usual.

If you want to roll up a lot of things, you might need to roll two at a time. As a crutch, use something little. To avoid the pasta monopolizing your prized marijuana real estate when wrapping a fusilli doink, cut a single piece of spaghetti into thirds.

3. Corn husks

It’s time to put together some cannabis tamales! You’re in luck if you make a lot of traditional Mexican meals at home or if you get your maize fresh. Corn husks are the natural equivalent of paper. They’re the perfect texture and pliability for rolling not only a joint, but also a blunt.

Corn husks were once utilized by Native American tribes to produce a variety of items, including cigarettes. Corn husks have a somewhat sharper impact than normal rolling paper, but they are 100% natural. If your husks aren’t already dry, placing them in the oven for roughly half an hour on low heat can help a lot of the moisture evaporate before you wrap them up.

4. Organic flower petals

Rose petal joints are a bit pricey, but you might be able to afford them. You may use part of your garden’s colorful and blooming loveliness to make your smoking experience a bit more unique if you have food-grade or organic flowers.

Rolling sheets are often smaller than rose petals. The final product will resemble a baby joint. It’s worth the effort to roll a couple of them if you enjoy flowery tastes. Even if you have papers, you could enjoy flower petal joints enough to wrap them up.

Rose petals are moist by nature. To assist the moisture to drain without scorching the petals, gently roast them under the broiler for 5 to 10 seconds. With a natural crutch, roll up your rose petal joint and place it back under the broiler for a few seconds, so it can dry up into its final form. When you roll up a few at once, you’ll save a little time.

Smoking Out of Fruits and Vegetables

things to use as rolling paper

An improvised pipe may be made out of almost any thick fruit or vegetable. Smoking devices include pears, apples, zucchini, cucumbers, and pineapples. It’s as simple as carving out a bowl, cutting in carb, and hollowing out a pipe. The pipe tunnel and carb hole can be made using a screwdriver or a skewer. To create the bowl, use a melon baller or a tiny knife.

To carve out the bowl, start at the top or end of the fruit or vegetable. To allow for ventilation, puncture a lot of small holes with a safety pin.

Use an additional pipe screen if you have one. Create a little tunnel with a poking instrument to link the side of the fruit or vegetable to the bowl. This is your carbohydrate. To use as a mouthpiece, make a hole on the other side.

Repurposing other smoking devices

If you went through a hookah period and still have one in the back of your closet, get it out. Although a hookah burns through your cannabis more quickly than a pipe, it acts similarly to a bong. It’s also handier if you have at least one other person to share your cannabis with. Everyone may smoke at the same time using hookah.

You may use a dab rig as a bong by removing the nail and replacing it with a standard bowl attachment. You may transform your cannabis into rosin and vaporize it through the rig if you simply have a dab setup. Wrap a nug like a burrito in parchment paper, making sure the corners are tucked in. Preheat a hair straightener and push the weed between the hot plates for 10 to 20 minutes, exerting pressure continually. The resin in the bud should trickle out.

Allow a few minutes for your parchment bundle to cool before opening it. Scrape the resin off the paper using a spoon or dab tool. It may be loaded into your dab rig and vaporized in the same manner as any other cannabis extract.


Now you don’t have to worry so much about rolling paper. After all, you already know all the possible things that you can use instead of rolling paper. If the rolling paper is not found, you should not be so nervous. Now you have many interesting alternatives. You can try them out even if your rolling paper is in abundance.

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