🏡|Weed 101|How To Roll Up A Blunt (Weed Cigar)? Step-By-Step Instructions For Creating A Rolled Up Blunt

How To Roll Up A Blunt (Weed Cigar)? Step-By-Step Instructions For Creating A Rolled Up Blunt

rolled up blunt

Rolled up blunt is very cool for smokers. It smells good, smokes well, and is, of course, much more convenient to carry with you than a bong or an expensive glass device, plus it can be dropped and will not break. I don’t know anyone who would not like to learn how to fold blunt. This is a must-have item.

However, doing rolled-up blunt is not as easy as it sounds, trust me. Be prepared to spend many, many cigar casings and probably a little weed before you learn. Many other tutorials on the internet give the illusion that this is very easy, but they don’t tell you what you have to go through before you get the hang of blunt rolling techniques.

How to Roll Up a Blunt: Step-by-Step

rolled blunt


First, you need to get hold of the cigar shell, if you haven’t already; just about any type of cigar sold at gas stations will do, although once you get the hang of making a perfectly rolled blunt you will know which brands you prefer and which brands you will never use. I like cigarillos with different flavors such as peach, wine, strawberry, and grape.

They’re pretty easy to roll, prices are low, and you can roll up a decent blunt without messing up all your weed. Nobody needs a fat-rolled blunt if you are going to smoke alone or together. When buying a cigar, make sure that the tobacco leaf is soft and not dry, you can determine by gently squeezing the cigar in your hand, if it cracks or does not feel soft, then it will not work.

Grinding Weed

You will need a weed. I won’t tell you how to find it in this post, I’m sure you already know. Let’s move on to how to roll up a blunt.

I use some weed, you can use it more or less depending on what you need, however it is difficult to blunt a lot of weed. Standard-sized cigars can hold very little, don’t overdo it. Grind the marijuana into very small particles, about the same size, you do not need to grind into powder, but chop properly, as you would when chopping onions. Do this with your fingers, a razor blade, or a grinder. Hemp grinders make the process a lot easier because most of the time is usually spent chopping the weed. If you have a large, flat surface and don’t have a grinder on hand, you can use a razor blade to chop the buds, it will take a little longer but gives better consistency in my opinion than simply chopping by hand. There are tons of blunt rolling techniques out there, some prefer scissors, but I just can’t handle them when chopping the weed, and they seem too dull to me compared to a razor.

Blunt Cut

Find a razor, cigar knife, or open a cigar with your fingers. A cigar knife is a handy ring-shaped tool that slides over the top of a cigar and has a small blade inside the ring to cut through the cigar shell. Razor blades are easy to find and cut through the sheath easily. First, run your tongue along the line along which you are going to cut. Then just slide the blade over the shell.

Edge Bonding

Now lick the outer sheet a little more; you don’t have to completely wet it, as some suggest when doing rolled blunt, and it was really disgusting to see all this saliva dripping from the blunt that we are going to smoke, even after drying it is rather disgusting. Just sit to seal the ends and make the shell slightly damp, which will make it easier to manipulate and less likely to break.

Sprinkling the Weed

Place finely ground weed on top of the cigar shell; It is generally easier to hold the shell between the thumb and the rest of the fingers of one hand, then sprinkle the weed in the middle of the V-shaped shell. Make sure the weed is spread evenly along its entire length. Sometimes it is difficult to do it in a rush, but if you have no experience with a blunt roll-up, it is much easier if the weed is evenly distributed.


Now comes the tricky part and the point where you better learn more about how to practice rolling blunts. Hold the blunt casing with both hands, crush the weed inside the casing, be gentle and press lightly. Use your thumbs to tuck the lower lip of the shell inside the upper lip, but so that the weed is inside. You can use your thumb and forefinger on both hands to gently crush and roll the weed in the casing to help spread and compress the weed. Once you manage to slip your lower lip under your upper lip, some people recommend that you finish the entire curl at once, which is great if you can get it right on the first try. But it’s harder for me to roll the whole blunt in one breath, so I like to gradually move from one end to the other, all the while compacting the shell with the weed inside. Just use your fingers to curl up tighter, but watch out for what the weed is doing at the other end, as this method is easy to scatter. As you move along the blunt, do not forget to seal it, but no saliva; all you have to do is run your tongue inside the outer sheet of the shell, if it is too wet it will be difficult to seal it; use saliva sparingly.


After you have done a perfectly rolled blunt, lick it well on the outside to seal it completely, remember what I said earlier: no need to overdo it with saliva; if the casing is too wet, it is quite difficult to seal it so that it does not fall apart later.


Once a rolled blunt is sealed, you can dry it, bake it with honey as some suggest, or simply use a lighter to dry and harden the blunt. A lighter is the fastest way, but don’t burn the shell, nothing good; if your shell turns black during drying, you have overdone it.

Light Up and Enjoy!

Uh, how many words are just about some sort of blunt folding, but I would rather you know all about it from the very beginning than collect information bit by bit and ask me: “How do you roll up a blunt?” Hopefully, this will make it easier for newbies looking to learn how to practice rolling blunts, and maybe some experienced rolling blunts will learn some new tricks.

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