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What Is A Roaches Weed? A Powerful Way To Get High With Leftover Blunt

roaches weed

Roach weed is not insect weed as you might first think. Very often this is how a certain part of the blunt is called. Since ancient times, this term has firmly entered the cannabis culture. Some cannabis lovers claim that roach smoking creates a very powerful effect due to the high concentration of resin. We’ll discuss how safe it is to smoke roaches and in more detail delve into the topic of what it is.

What Is a Roach?

What Is a Roach

Let’s see why is the end of a joint called a roach. As we mentioned, this is the tip of a blunt or joint, which many call a filter. This is exactly the part that remains after you have smoked all the main parts of the blunt or joint. Roach is not only a leftover filter but also some marijuana resin. It is in this part that the highest concentration of substances is observed, from which you can get very high on smoke.

Smoking roach is not recommended for beginners as the effect can be severe and you may start coughing. It tastes quite specific and even bitter, so not every person may like such a cockroach.

Very often this little leftover piece is smoked or rolling roaches in a blunt, but others more often than not just throw the roach in the trash. Yes, the roach is the second name for the remainder of the blunt that you might hear in marijuana slang, but not everyone knows about it.

If you nevertheless decided to roll a roach blunt, then do not rush to do it having only one piece. Also do not rush to smoke all the blunts at a time, and then start smoking a cockroach – this can cause terrible nausea and severe dizziness, this should not be done. It is best to wait a few days or weeks and collect a few cockroaches. After that, you can break them and get all the herbs from the inside.

How to smoke roaches? Collect all the blades of grass and make a new small joint or blunt out of them. At first glance, it may look like a waste product, but many stoners find something special in it.

Origin of Roach

what is a roach

You’ve probably heard the Latin American folk song “La Cucaracha”. This term was inspired by this particular song. The exact origin has not yet been confirmed, but if you read these lines from the song:

“Cockroach, cockroach I can’t walk anymore. Because it isn’t. Because it lacks. Smoking marijuana” – is a literal translation of the lyrics of the song “La Cucaracha”. Here it is just the same talking about these remaining pieces of blunt or joint, the main part of which has already been smoked. Rolling roaches in a blunt and using them can throw off your balance and catch a very powerful trip.

Pros of Smoking Roach Weed

smoking roaches

The first advantage of this method is that it saves a lot of money. Eating cockroach weed can significantly save your budget and save money to buy new high-quality marijuana products. Unfortunately, this method is not always the best, since it takes a long time to collect cockroaches from blunts, and almost all stoners want to smoke good weed and not wait. Also, the grass in cockroaches can become damp and lose its strength, which is also very unpleasant.

If we consider the consumption of marijuana roaches as a way to preserve the environment and contribute, then this can be a great solution. Back in the 2000s, people began to think about recycling and reuse. So hoarding roach weed, rather than throwing it away and then making blunts is a great way to reuse the product. If one of your fellow stoners looks at you strangely and asks: “Why you’re smoking old roaches?”, Then just say that you are benefiting the planet and are recycling and reusing weed.

Cons of Smoking Roaches

roach joint

The biggest disadvantage of consuming cockroach marijuana products is the potential health problems. The problem is that after you have smoked the main part of the blunt, your saliva remains on the remaining small piece. Accordingly, the use of such a product is very unhygienic and can cause the growth of bad bacteria. Also, moisture that gets on the remaining cockroach grass can provoke the appearance of mold or mildew, so you should never store such cockroaches with marijuana for a very long time. Better not smoke a year-old joint, you can get poisoned.

You may also have lung problems and a violent cough due to bacteria trapped inside your body. Do not forget that re-roll roaches and igniting marijuana is highly discouraged as it can pose a health hazard due to a double dose of carcinogens and chemicals.

If you are using a butane lighter, then also be very vigilant. It is best to use a hemp wick covered with beeswax to ignite. This can help keep the risks of inhalation to a minimum and keep your lungs safe.

The next downside is the nasty roach blunt taste. Due to the high tar content and unpleasant smoke in the cannabis after the first fire, your second time smoking marijuana can even cause vomiting and nausea. Taste quality is really very low, but if you are focused not on getting taste pleasure, but on getting high, then this won’t be a problem for you.

If you are curious about do roaches get you higher, then cockroach weed can be compared to a battered car. It has an unattractive appearance and characteristics, it is still capable of taking you to your destination. Roach does an excellent job with this task and would take you into the world of the buzz, although it won’t be very tasty.

How to Get Rid of Roaches Safely?

blunt roaches

Very often people forget to put out fires, cigarettes, and blunt roaches completely. Especially in California, catastrophic fires have become more frequent due to the arid climate, so it’s best to take care of putting out your food.

To prevent fire and protect yourself from such risks, it is better to use water. After you have smoked a cockroach, put it in the sink and fill it with water, and if you are outside, find a source of water or pour water abundantly on the roach from your bottle. Never flush a cockroach down the toilet, as this could damage the plumbing and harm the environment. Keep in mind that the cockroach contains an increased amount of tar and harmful chemicals.

What to do with joint roaches after the smoking session? Do not throw the cockroach into easily flammable places such as trash cans, grass, or leaves. Think of stories from school textbooks about how a smoldering piece of wood from a fire or a cigarette led to a huge area of ​​forest or living quarters on fire. Before throwing away a cockroach or blunt, be sure to extinguish it with water and it doesn’t smolder anymore.

Ways to Smoke Roaches Aside from Roach Clips

how to smoke roaches

Bong or Bowl

The best way to smoke roaches is a bong or a bowl. You can just throw it on the bottom of the bowl, but it’s best to crush the cockroach and then start smoking. Thus, you’ll get more buzz and effect.

Using a Filter

A very good way for those who don’t know what to do with joint roaches. This way you won’t have cockroaches in blunt and you can smoke blunt to the very end. Accordingly, all marijuana would smoke and you won’t lose precious weed.


If you do not want a cockroach to remain at the end of your blunt, then use keychain rings. With their help, you can easily hold the blunt and get to the very end and smoke all the roach pot that is in it.

Paper Clip

You can also use a regular paper clip like a key chain. Just open a paperclip and slide it over the tip of the blunt. Grab a paperclip with your fingers and enjoy your blunt. Thus, you won’t have cockroaches and all the weed would be used up.


Tweezers are the most convenient and another best way to smoke a roach. It is quite long and easy to grasp with your fingers. But be careful and know that if you relax your hand, your blunt can fall to the floor and it’ll be very unhygienic to smoke it.

Ring Pull from a Can

A very unusual way to get to the very end of a blunt and smoke it completely. If you like to drink soda from the tin or aluminum cans, then you are very lucky. Tear the ring off the can and insert the roach joint or blunt into it. While this may be a little uncomfortable, you can still smoke all the weed without a cockroach residue.

Bobby Pin

Do not use this accessory for its intended purpose. Open this barrette and insert one end of the blunt into it, then pinch the barrette. A very strange but working way to get rid of cockroaches in blunt or joint.

Safety Pin

Works exactly like a paper clip. Slip the roach through the pin and start smoking, but be careful not to put your lips on the metal. You’ll get very badly burned or just smoke the metal, be very careful when using this method. The blog authors advise you to think carefully before starting to smoke cockroach weed if you do not know what to do with roaches. As you may have noticed, this method has more disadvantages than advantages, and it’s not just that. If you are still new to this business, then it is better to gain experience and try the cockroach a little later, otherwise, there may be unpleasant consequences for your health.

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