Have You Ever Seen Mold on Weed? Cannabis Powdery Mildew Plaque

Mold on Weed

Powdery mildew, or mold, is one of the best-known plant pests. Cannabis bushes and other flowering plants are equally as susceptible to its attacks as fruit trees, flowers, and various shrubs. In this article, we’ll look at methods of dealing with mold on weed using fungicides or alternative everyday products that have proven to be incredibly effective.

How Does Mold Appear?

Powdery mildew problems are possible when the temperature drops to 15 degrees and humidity – up to 80%. Often, the onset of the disease is associated with prolonged or short, but heavy rains, accompanied by sharp drops in temperature even during the summer period.

With the onset of rainy periods when grown in the open field or in August-September with strong fluctuations in day and night temperatures, leading to high air humidity and the appearance of drip-liquid moisture on the underside of the leaves, the active development and spread of the pathogen begins.

How Can Powdery Mildew Be Detected?

Disease in the form of powder can be easily seen as the whitish blooms on plants and black dotted blotches. It may seem that crystals on weed are covered with a layer of flour or powdered sugar. Having found such a problem, you should start by replacing the top layer of the soil, combined with a decrease in the regularity of watering and spraying the bushes with fungicidal preparations, about which we’ll talk at the end of the article.

What does moldy weed smell like? If you are a beginner, you may not know how to tell if weed is moldy. So, if the weed smells like wet cloth, it most likely deteriorates. Occasionally, you may notice an overly sweet odor combined with a musty and damp aroma. This smell is a sign that your marijuana contains too much moisture.

How Can Powdery Mildew Be Detected

How else can you define fuzzy weed with mold? In high-quality weed, it is easy to separate the suckers by hand. If the weed is crumbly to the touch and has compressed pieces, it is low-grade cannabis.

Oddly enough, you can even use your ears to determine the quality of the marijuana. When buds with THC crystals are properly dried and solidified, they make a crisp clicking sound when you rip them apart. This is a sign of low moisture content, which is exactly what you need in cannabis. If the buds are difficult to separate from each other or they are quiet, they are likely to contain a lot of moisture. This is evidence of powdery mildew on dried buds.

If you ask: “Is powdery mildew harmful to smoke?”, Then you should know that smoking contaminated grass is incredibly dangerous to health and can cause an intoxication that is incompatible with life.

What Does Mold on Weed Look Like?

External signs of powdery mildew on weed are very noticeable: white bloom or white spots appear on the surface of the leaves of the affected plant, it quickly spreads throughout the plant, and if you do not take any measures, then it is almost impossible to save the plant. Affected plants should be immediately isolated from others to prevent the spread of spores. If mold has infected mother plants and cuttings, they must be treated immediately in order to preserve valuable genetics.

What Does Mold on Weed Look Like

If you look at pictures of the difference between mold and mildew you can notice that they are quite similar, but you should not forget about their dangers.

Powdery Mildew vs Trichomes

The main problem is that mold marijuana and marijuana with quality trichomes are not always easy to tell apart! If you’ve ever only used medium-sized weed, you probably won’t have this problem. However, the premium bud is filled with shiny and white milky trichomes that give your marijuana that unique flavor. When looking at trichomes up close, you can notice that they look like bulbous glands.

The problem is that moldy weed also looks white at first glance. Even powdery mildew infestation results in white spots on the weed leaves and buds. If you’re a beginner, it can be difficult to do.

Powdery Mildew

Although many of the chemicals in cannabis are naturally occurring fungicides, the dense structure of some cannabis strains makes them prone to infection. In particular, Kush varieties are particularly susceptible to mold and mildew. Consequently, any hybrid containing Kush would also become more vulnerable to mold growth.

Mold Control

If you find the first signs of powdery mildew on cannabis plants, do not panic, check out the ready-made proposals for combating contamination on the market.

Ready-made Fungicides

Fungicides are quite effective against various pests, including mold on trichome crystals on weed. Today the assortment is so large that you can choose an effective drug for every taste and for every wallet. However, it is very important that they meet certain requirements. Therefore, the first step in buying a fungicide is to check the information about the product, its potential hazards to specific plant species, human consumption, and the environment. Quality fungicides must meet the following criteria:

  • harmless to plants during flowering;
  • high efficiency with varying degrees of infection; the effectiveness of the drug for prophylactic purposes;
  • lack of toxicity to humans;
  • harmless to the environment (pets, water sources, etc.).

Avoid fungicides that:

  • contain sulfur and copper;
  • not suitable for crops;
  • harm your plants.

Diluted Milk

This method has been tested outdoors and has proven to be quite effective in combating white hairs on moldy weed during the vegetative stage when combined with other treatments. Microorganisms in milk fight mold, and sodium phosphate further enhances plant protection. Regardless of how promising such a result is, it is important to consider the type of plant that needs treatment.

There is also a downside to using milk. After treatment, the proteins and sugars in milk contribute to the development of another pest – gray rot (Botrytis). This poses a huge danger to flowering weeds with trichomes, for this reason, it is recommended to treat the bushes with diluted milky solution only during growth, before flowering.

Mildew on Cannabis

Garlic Extract

Garlic is a cheap and readily available product on the market. It is these properties that have made it a favorite home remedy for mildew. This natural product would be especially appreciated by organic growers. During crushing and grinding, the volatile antimicrobial substance allicin (diallyl disulfide) is released in the garlic. The allicin in garlic juice prevents the germination of sporangia (the organ of fungi and plants in which spores form) and thus acts as a fungicide. You can find ready-made preparations on the market, or you can make the extract yourself.

Mildew on Cannabis Prevention Tips

  • Pay attention to the development of growing plants in the area where you plan to plant future cannabis seeds. If you find signs of marijuana disease, take care of preparing another plantation site;
  • Start with the preparation of the open ground and try to use purchased sterilized soil mixtures;
  • Use exclusively clean garden tools;
  • When humidity rises, care must be taken to reduce the regularity of watering in order to exclude the occurrence of mold;
  • If excessive moisture accumulates in the soil, take care to loosen the top layer;
  • Improving immunity can be achieved through feeding. The introduction of phosphorus and potassium into the soil can be effective as a preventative measure;
  • Take timely care of pruning infected shoots or other plant parts.

The authors of the blog hope that you would be able to determine what is in front of you – mold or trichomes long before you pass the “taste test”. If you get this far, it would be easy to tell the difference between a high-quality weed and low-quality weed.

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