Popular Weed Strains 2021: Find Out The List Of The Top Weed Strains in 2021

Do you like to know the best weed strains 2021? You are not too knowledgeable about varietal marijuana yet? Don’t know which of the best marijuana you would like to grow and taste? Read this article!

Does it make sense to choose the most popular marijuana strains?

Top weed strains varieties – the best quality and convenience for everyone.

Someone may not like the idea of ​​popularity – what’s the point of doing the same as everyone else? We have prepared a list of the main benefits of popular cannabis strains so you can make an informed decision.

What is the best marijuana?

Average price

Are you growing or smoking for the first or second time? Then you should not invest in expensive seeds, since the effectiveness of your marijuana cultivation is still a matter of luck. Better to get a relatively inexpensive material to fill your hand.

Comparative unpretentiousness

It is not hard to conclude that strains that are bought repeatedly and repeatedly are successful in growing despite all deviations from the ideal habitat – not quite the right temperature in the grow box or not the most ideal place for growing outdoors, etc.

Taste and effect

It should be noted that the category the best cannabis strains

varieties are formed not only according to the principle “what is taken most often”.But this is one of the categories by which you can determine the quality of marijuana.

Productivity. Growing requires effort, investment, and time, so this category has also passed a very strict selection for yield.

How to choose marijuana?

best weed strains

Before going to top marijuana strains we would like to talk about how to choose marijuana easily!


How high can a plant be placed in your grow box without crowding? For choosing the best weed strains you can imagine the conditions you intend to grow your cannabis.

Flowering period

If the right is outdoor, then will it have time to bloom and ripen before the first cold weather?


Is it dangerous to grow cannabis in your apartment, or do you have uninvited guests, does the charcoal filter eliminate the delicious strong aroma?

So, here is the list of top weed strains 2021

best marijuana

One perfect kind of weed strains that we can advise you is fast and reliable – auto-flowering. A good feature of auto-flowering varieties – unpretentiousness and endurance, which they owe to the genetics of wild hemp (ruderalis).

Auto Gorilla # 5 combines the genetics of two extremely resinous and odorous types, one of which is known as Gorilla Glue. Both parent strains are high in THC, as is the new auto. The acrid smell resembles wet wool and pine needles. In terms of stickiness, this one, and a half meter sturdy guys are comparable to honeycombs, they fade quickly – up to 60 days. And if you are interested in an equally stress-resistant economy version of a strong indica, see Auto Mazar.

Auto Amnesia is based on a combination of scented and bouncy Thai Sativa with Afghan Indica Landrace, lush and gooey. The explosive genetic mixture of this one of good strains of weed gives original plants a beautiful and unusual appearance. Flowering relatively fast. Smell – wild berries, citrus, and a little pine needles. An effective antidepressant and aphrodisiac.

Auto Black Opium can be called the delight of the season. This strong indica is so rich in THC that it is used as an analgesic and antispasmodic, as well as sleeping pills. Prevents nausea, relieves irritability and anxiety, relaxes muscles to jelly. This purple cultivar smells like blueberries and lilacs thanks to rare Colombian and Brazilian genetics. Extremely fertile.

Also, we show to your attention a selection of the 10 best marijuana strains! The strongest, most productive, delicious, and powerful plants are collected here. In our selection, there are varieties for both positive hi lovers and lovers of relaxing stone. There are easy-to-grow plants for beginners and powerful killer varieties for more experienced growers.

Cannabis variety Auto Ak fem

This strain is the perfect choice for the budding grower. With it, your first cycle is almost guaranteed to pass without problems and will delight you with the results. After just 10 weeks, the seeds will turn into strong, hardy bushes, each of which will yield up to 100 grams of harvest. 12% THC will clear the mind, filling the body with energy and positivity. This concentration will be enough to get you a lot of fun, but not enough to trigger feelings of anxiety and other unpleasant consequences associated with overdoing.

Fast Buds Gorilla Glue Auto fem cannabis strain

It is considered one of the best marijuana on the planet and has won such recognition for a reason. The plant bears a harvest after 9 weeks from planting seeds, and under favorable climatic conditions, you can get up to 300 grams of cones from each bush. THC goes up to an impressive 24%, which yields a stunningly balanced high-stone. At first, you will feel a powerful surge of positive energy and energy, but then a strong, deep, but soft relaxation will glue your body to the sofa.

Cannabis strain LSD fem from Barney’s Farm

What really shouldn’t be recommended to newcomers is Barney’s Farm LSD. No, this variety is not capricious, on the contrary – almost unkillable. The thing is different. The impact is so psychedelic, bright, and fierce that an inexperienced user can be very scared. It even goes as far as auditory and visual hallucinations caused by 25% THC. What else can you expect from a nuclear mixture of Original Skunk and Afghan Indica? Is that a generous yield, which reaches the mark of 750 grams per bush?

Cannabis cultivar Tutankhamon fem from Pyramid Seeds

The THC indicator, reaching 30%, rightfully raises this variety to the level of hemp queens. For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that the manufacturer indicates a figure of 25%, but several tests confidently show exactly 30%. In any case, this means that the plant provides additional motivation to take care of it properly because along with the most powerful effect, the grower can also get up to 1.5 kg of buds from each bush. The effect is characterized as a powerful high, against the background of which a very light body stone is felt.

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