Grinder With Kief Catcher: A Review Of The Most Convenient Devices For Weed

Every avid stoner seeks to get the most out of their favorite dry herbs. Therefore, shredding cannabis leaves or cones with a knife these days is a stupid and thankless task. It is better to use a grinder for this purpose. This magical tool can easily cope with grinding weed, sorting it and getting the coveted kief. In addition, not a single gram of the precious substance is lost during the grinding process.

Having tried a kief collector grinder once in business, you’ll never again agree to use improvised means! The most common and simplest is the two-piece grinder. But you can also find a four-chamber grinder and more (for some samples, the number of compartments can be up to nine).

Phoenician vs Sabertooth Grinders

Grinder design

Both grinders are very stylish, but customers appreciate not only looks, but also ease of use, as most Phoenician grinders have a kief compartment. Also, these grinders are made in the form of blades and lie comfortably in the hand when scrolling the covers.

Grinder functional

While the Phoenician is great at picking up the kief and the smallest particles, the Sabertooth does the best at grinding  the weed. The unique arrangement of the cutters on the lids and the mechanism of turning the lids makes it possible to perfectly cut the bud without damaging the trichomes.

Grinder price

The Sabertooth grinder would cost you just $20, while the Phoenician costs $100 for a regular device. But if you are rich and want something unique, you can buy the Phoenician version made of 24-carat gold available for $1,500.

The choice is always yours, but today, in addition to a simple comparison, we want to show you a few more variants of excellent grinders.

Phoenician Grinder 4 Piece

Phoenician Grinder 4 Piece

Price: $70.00

This very popular and high quality grinder is made in the shape of blades. This form of grinder allows you to catch kiefs and not waste precious products. Comfort in use of the grinder is provided by bumper rings, which also act as an accessory.

It is important that the Phoenician Grinder does not damage the trichomes and that the buds are cut perfectly. For this, the teeth were significantly thickened. Many other grinders require squeezing between the lids when placing a whole bud, but this is not necessary when using the Phoenician Grinder 4 Piece.

Other firms have their grinders built differently and have too many teeth that literally flatten the bud rather than cutting it. Because of this, trichomes are destroyed and cannabis loses its quality. Teeth and threads never jam, wear or cross. Another device from this manufacturer, called the Phoenician Grinder Large, also has high quality teeth and grinds the grass perfectly.

To use the Phoenician Grinder 4 Piece, a minimum number of lid turns must be done in order to fully grind the cannabis. A huge plus of this device is that its lower part has the shape of a round bowl, which traps the smallest particles of cannabis. This shape makes it easier to collect pollen.

There are 4 grinder colors available for purchase: blue, red, black and silver.

Sabertooth Cyclone Premium

Sabertooth Cyclone Premium

Price: $23.99

Sabertooth is the market leader and produces incredibly stylish and quality grinders. The beautiful logo is positioned at the top and bottom, making it difficult to create a fake. This grinder is of premium quality and features a special grinding system for smoking mixture or tobacco.

The glass window on the cover of the Sabertooth titanium grinder, and the special shape of the knives would bring both visual pleasure from the grinding process, and thanks to the work of the mentioned knives – perfectly crushed tobacco or mixture. In our Sabertooth grinder review, it must be said that the company produces not only grinders, but also pipes, bongos, and other glass devices – so these guys know what they are doing!

Now your tobacco or blend would be finely crumbled and add even more pleasure to smoking with Sabertooth grinders.

Absolut by Grace Glass

Absolut by Grace Glass

Price: $25.00

Grinder “Absolut” is made by Dutch craftsmen from high quality aluminum, which speaks of its durability, wear resistance and virtually indestructibility! Be sure to take a closer look at this specimen, as it is good both for personal use and as a souvenir. With this herb grinder with keef catcher, the weed of the desired consistency would be obtained instantly, and the keef would be fully preserved in the lower compartment. The magnetic lid won’t accidentally open, which means that valuable contents are reliably protected from spilling! And no cut fingers! In short, the most useful and efficient instance.

Eye of Tutankhamun by Black Leaf

Eye of Tutankhamun by Black Leaf

Price: $90.00

Designer models have always occupied a separate place on the virtual shelves of online stores. And the “Tutankhamun’s Eye” grinder made of aluminum combined with wood from Black Leaf is no exception.

Like previous examples, the grinder with kief catcher consists of four parts. It is a specimen in an exquisite wooden case, equipped with metal cutting elements, so that the aesthetics of the grinding process with it is guaranteed. Its teeth are perfectly sharpened, and in the very center there is a removable mesh on the thread. The kit also comes with a very handy scraper.

The Face of the Moon – XX by Black Leaf

The Face of the Moon – XX by Black Leaf

Price: $135.00

The best grass grinder in the “Reliability” category is the four-section grinder “The face of the moon – XX”. Its manufacturer – the legendary Black Leaf company – gives this unit a lifetime warranty. Actually, what could be more reliable than this grinder with a kief catcher?

It should also be noted that the device is made of ultra strong steel. Its diamond-shaped teeth are specially sharpened so that they won’t dull even with intensive use. Thanks to several compartments and the presence of a mesh, the finest grinding can be carried out. The moving parts are fixed with a magnetic lock, which prevents the precious substance from spilling out. The device is equipped with a convenient case with the brand logo.

Thorinder By after Grow

Thorinder By after Grow

Price: $90.00

This is a best quality grinder from After Grow. This shredder is called “Thorinder”. If you decide to buy a metal grinder as a gift, then this is certainly the best choice. Because the device comes in a presentable stylish black box. The device is ready to boast of an outstanding appearance. Its performance is also excellent.

It features complex sharp prongs, multiple compartments and a mesh. All this makes it possible to get not only weed crushed to the desired consistency, but also literally turned into dust.

Grinder Dope Bros

Grinder Dope Bros

Price: $32.00

The undisputed leader in this category is the cannabis grinder with the eloquent name “Dope Bros”. It was made by a Dutch brand of the same name. Excellent European quality combined with functionality and a striking visual concept really make this sample the best.

It is thought out literally to the smallest detail. A transparent insert on the lid allows you to monitor the grinding process. The magnetic lock on the moving parts prevents their accidental opening, which prevents the valuable substance from spilling out.

V-Syndicate Credit Card Grinder

V-Syndicate Credit Card Grinder

Price: $12.00

Of course, the best in terms of camouflage is the so-called grinder card. Therefore, the V-syndicate brand wins in this nomination. Such a shredder can easily get lost among the heaps of credit cards, business cards and bank cards, since it has a standard size and shape. At the same time, the device copes well with direct duties, because it has sharp cutting elements.

Metal Grinder with Kief Catcher by Kannastoer

Metal Grinder with Kief Catcher by Kannastoer

Price: $60.00

Minimum effort – maximum result. This is about weed grinders with kief catcher from the Kannastoer company. Their unit called “American” is equipped with a specially designed and patented grinding system. You’ll apply significantly less effort, energy and time when compared to the process of grinding a substance with any other grinder. Durable metal body, transparent lid, multiple compartments and mesh for the finest pollen.
The blog authors made a grinder review of such popular brands as: Sabertooth, Black Leaf, V-syndicate, Phoenician, Grace Glass and others. Choose only high-quality goods and be sure of its reliability.

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