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Can’t Get High From Weed? There Are Different And Unusual Ways To Use It And Get High!

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Cant Get High? There Is a Way Out!

If the acquired weed turns out to be slag, and you think: “Weed doesn’t get me high”, then you can often turn the situation in your favor and still use it. But first, let’s figure out how to assess the quality of cannabis and understand that it needs reincarnation. However, if you notice signs of rot or mold on the buds, it is best to dispose of them. Do not use damaged inflorescence for smoking – you can easily catch a bad trip, and their use is fraught with an increase in body temperature, vomiting. Of course, in the process of burning, spoiled weed burns along with fungi, but toxic substances do not. They penetrate the rastaman’s body and can seriously affect his well-being and, accordingly, you can’t get high.

Quality of Weed

If the weed was not grown by you from the hemp seeds purchased in advance with your own hands, then it is natural that you will not know how it was cultivated. It has been noticed that marijuana, which is fertilized with organic fertilizing, is much superior in taste to the one that grows on mineral formulations. Consequently, the taste of the buds can suffer for this reason as well.

How Come I Can’t Get High?

weed doesn't get me high
  1. Check if the inflorescence are well dried. The stem should make a crunch when it breaks, if this sound is absent, the cones are not ready for use;
  2. Does the jamb burn badly, and I can’t get high? Going out? This is also a sign of the dampness of the staff. The second reason is that artificial fertilizers remained in the dry matter;
  3. Cones can be not only underdried, but also overdried – in this case, you will not be able to fully enjoy the taste of the weed, it will burn out quickly;
  4. Dry inflorescences should not be ground mechanically;
  5. The jamb is cracking and weed not getting me high? This burns through the remains of fertilizer.

Before buying cannabis, be sure to crunch the weed – there is no point in paying for water if it is not dry enough and if you don’t want to say later: “I can’t get high”. Another drawback is that such weed cannot be left for storage, it will surely be covered with mold. Overdried is easier to handle – for this, the buds should be wrapped in a fresh lettuce leaf for at least 12 hours. The inflorescence will absorb moisture, become heavier, while the taste and aroma of marijuana will not be affected.

If the weed has been poorly treated, it will hardly be possible to revive cannabis. For the weed to stop making you not getting high, it must be properly treated. Send the creaky roll-up immediately to the trash can – of course, if you don’t want to get poisoned.

Roll the Blunt

A properly made hand-rolled joint is half the success and the lack of not getting high from weed. Experienced rastamans recommend using cigarette paper for this, which is sold in tobacco smoking departments. It is highly undesirable to take hemp – it has a specific smell.

Modern devices have shown themselves well – vaporizers, bongos, smoking pipes, if you can’t get high. Remember to clean them immediately after use with organic cleaning agents or at least just water and a brush. You can use salt and alcohol for these purposes, the main task is to clean the vessel from combustion products on the walls. If this is not done, then when smoking, the taste and aroma of the weed will greatly deteriorate, and then you will begin to think how come I can’t get high.

Nothing helped, you can’t get high and marijuana tastes just as disgusting? We still have several options for using it.

Make a Cocktail Out of Weed

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It happens that a rasta smoked marijuana and was satisfied with the aroma and taste, but the effect did not satisfy him – can’t get high, felt anxiety, plunged into unpleasant experiences, depression. The situation is easy to fix: mix the crushed buds with another strain. You will get a kind of cocktail of several strains, and you will enjoy a rich bouquet.

Make a Weed Oil

You can add to the oil not only the weed that you didn’t like in taste, but also the one already used in smoking, after which you felt that weed doesn’t get me high. Of course, the weed will not become more powerful – however, you will manage to somehow use the tasteless product, saving the money spent. Shredded weed that doesn’t get you high put in any dishes, it is especially good to mask it in baked goods. Please note that the effect of use does not come immediately, and may be the most unexpected. Therefore, try this food a little at a time to track the reaction of your body. Cannabinoids can be saturated with any oil – butter, olive. Experienced chefs say that coconut is better suited for these purposes – it interrupts the specific aroma of hemp.

Use Weed as Medicine

Hemp is a great medicine that I use if I can’t get high. Take coconut or olive oil (in principle, any pharmacy will do), and evaporate it along with the crushed buds. Cool to room temperature and transfer to a convenient cream jar. The resulting composition can be applied to small damaged areas of the skin, as well as to places where pain is localized. If you took aromatic oil for the procedure, then it would be appropriate to add it to the bathroom when bathing.

Before you perform one of the manipulations, make sure that there are no signs of mold on the buds. It looks like a thin web, light dusting on the inflorescences, and such a product cannot be used in smoking – you will bring in a lung infection. If none of the methods worked for you, and you still think that I cant get high, then alas, the weed will have to be thrown away.

How to Reduce the Harm of Weed?

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Advice from Dr. Adam R. Winstock, a psychiatrist, addiction treatment specialist and developer of the Drugs Meter series of mobile applications aimed at safer smoking weed and not getting high, to minimize the harmful effects of cannabis on the respiratory tract:

  1. Do not mix hemp with tobacco;
  2. Don’t inhale too deeply and don’t keep the smoke in your lungs for too long; it does not increase the effects of cannabis, but it does increase the time it takes for the resin and cancer-causing compounds to come into contact with the respiratory tract;
  3. Remove seeds, stems, leaves, etc. from the weed mixture before use;
  4. Do not use smoke filters; they do not help in any way, but only increase the ratio of cannabinoids to resin;
  5. Don’t use too much paper when rolling your hemp cigarette;
  6. Wash the bong / water pipe frequently and thoroughly;
  7. Try not to use plastic bottles and bongs; they make the smoke even more toxic. If you want to use a bong, choose a glass model and rinse it regularly;
  8. If possible, choose not smoking, but vaporization (evaporation).
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