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NCIA: Why It Became Famous, Significant International Conferences And Membership

National Cannabis Industry Association

NCIA, which stands for National Cannabis Industry Association, is an American non-profit organizationBased in the District of Columbia. The subsidiary office is NCIA Denver, located in Colorado.

General Information

NCIA IS known all over the world for becoming the largest trade association in the USA. The organization is the only one that can provide federally sanctioned state-sanctioned cannabis-related businesses. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

The mission of the Cannabinoid Industry Association is to promote the legal development of the cannabis industry and to create an enabling environment for the economy, law, and society in the United States.

The association was founded back in 2010 and was the first of its kind. This adds to her uniqueness and significance.

If you look at the NCIA logo, you can easily see the cannabis field and the sun rising up.

NCIA Conferences

NCIA Conferences

This organization annually holds various major events, and one of them is the NCIA Conference. These performances are held in order to educate and inform the members of this association and others.

NCIA Conference 2019 was notable. The event brought together more than 10,000 participants, and also became the final event to which actor Jim Belushi was invited. This NCIA show was done in the blues style.

The conferences that have taken place in the past two years are NCIA Conference 2021 and NCIA Conference 2020. They were held with great success due to the fact that the organization attracts a large number of NCIA followers to the educational movement and expands its circle of participants.

NCIA Membership

NCIA Membership

Once you get into the organization, you would be faced with many tasks that need to help solve and contribute.

NCIA actively promotes the benefits of cannabis and wants to convey to the world that it helps to heal or alleviate serious diseases. They also want to attract more people to promote their vision with the NCIA caucus.

Contact Details

It is very easy to find and contact an organization. We would leave for you a link to their website, as well as phone numbers where you can contact and get all the information you need about the cannabis association.

NCIA Website: https://thecannabisindustry.org/about-us/

NCIA Number: (888) 683-5650

If you live in Denver, you can easily visit their office if you want.

NCIA address: 575 Logan Street, Denver, CO 80203.
The blog authors would like to advise you to head over to the NCIA website for more information on upcoming NCIA social events. If you are a cannabis lover, then be sure to try participating in one of the conferences.

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