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Must-read books about cannabis

reading books about cannabis

Reading books about cannabis gives a lot of interesting ideas, reports many important and interesting details about your favorite plant. It is possible that in some cases it will lead to a fundamental review of not only marijuana cultivation, but also its consumption. The world’s cannabis culture is multi-layered and diverse, based on centuries-old traditions, sacral meanings, and philosophical views. The following books will undoubtedly help cannabis growers, enthusiasts, and amateurs.

Jorge Cervantes “Marijuana Horticulture”

One of the best known, most complete, and most competent books on growing marijuana. A real encyclopedia of hemp! In 1983, when the first edition of “Marijuana Horticulture” was published, the “war on cannabis” declared by the American government was in full swing and it was not safe to reveal the real name – George Van Patten. To comply with the secrecy, the first editions of the book were published under the pseudonym of Jorge Cervantes. Later this name became a brand and now, after significant advances in the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana, it is used more like a tribute to tradition.

The book describes the whole process of cannabis cultivation, from general questions of cannabis biology to specific recommendations (or even step-by-step instructions) for various farming techniques.

William Texier “Hydroponics for Everybody”

This work can hardly be called a book on marijuana, but for growers, it is undoubtedly one of the most important manuals on methods of progressive crop production. Different types of hydroponic systems, their advantages, and disadvantages, applicability for different growing conditions are discussed here. The author evaluates different substrates, gives recommendations for the composition of nutrient solutions, provides information on modern devices and components for hydroponic systems.

William Texier, a recognized authority in his field, is one of the pioneers of soilless plant cultivation.

Terence Mckenna “Food for the Gods”

The book is about the influence of plant psychedelics on the development and culture (and possibly on the evolution) of mankind. It tells about human relationships with these substances, starting with archaic shamanism. “Food of the gods” is an advance of the philosophical theory that cardinally reconsiders the reasons for the formation of abstract thinking, imagination, and creative abilities of people. Vegetable hallucinogens are regarded as the “catalyst of consciousness” that triggered intellectual evolution. A significant part of the book is devoted to cannabis, it is described as a cultural phenomenon among other psychoactive means.

Jack Herer “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”

The Emperor Wears No Clothes examines the history of cannabis as a raw material for the textile and paper industries as well as the nutritional value of cannabis grains and hemp oil. It reveals the secret levers of influence that led to the complete ban on marijuana in the first half of the 20th century. The book tells how lobbyists from pharmaceutical, chemical, and forestry companies prohibited marijuana and what their true goals and benefits were.

Lynn Zimmer, John P. Morgan “Marijuana Myths Marijuana Fact “

The authors of the study debunk stereotypes about the consequences of marijuana use, its impact on physical health, psyche, and social behavior. Despite this serious approach, the book is easy to read thanks to its clear structure of information: myth, fact, scientific reasoning concerning sources. The publication considers and refutes almost all arguments of opponents of marijuana legalization. Each statement is confirmed by dozens of documents: the results of medical research or statistical data.


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