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How to Mix Weed Correctly? Mixing Sativa And Indica Strains For A New Incredible Taste

mixing weed strains

Mixing weed allows you to create a kind of “salad” that has not only a unique palette of tastes but also an effect that differs in quality and depth from the plants used in its preparation. This blend contains Pink Jesus, Diablo Wind, and Cereal Milk.

What Does the Term “Marijuana Salad” Mean?

In fact, everything is extremely simple. Even if you haven’t heard such a definition before, as a cannabis consumer, you’ve probably already tried such a “dish” without realizing it. Naturally, we are talking about mixing weed strains, in particular, of plant inflorescence, in order to obtain a new bouquet of aromas and effects from its various varieties and hybrids.

“Although the first term for this phenomenon did not appear until 2009, judging by the Urban Dictionary site, in fact, cannabis lovers have long been mixing different varieties and types of plants for use,” says Michael Bakes, author of The Hemp Pharmacy. “Of course, now this term, or it’s other, even more, awkward synonyms, means the practice of using several varietal varieties of cannabis, with the aim of combining the effects of two or more plants to improve their overall taste and psychoactive effect. Previously, before this fashion, and the freely available varietal hemp, mixing strains of weed was more of a desperate measure to exacerbate the emissions of an affordable street product. Now, at least here in the United States, as well as in Canada, people can afford to experiment with cannabis, on which they do not have to spend large sums and, most importantly, a valuable and rare product. Accordingly, in places like California or Washington, home parties have gained popularity, where each guest can bring samples of their favorite plants, which are subsequently combined with a huge variety of other similar specimens, in different concentrations and quantities, to the delight of everyone present.”

Cooking “hemp salad” aims to create something new, unique, high-quality and, most importantly, holistic, from disparate parts, which, in total, will significantly surpass the properties of individual parts of the mixture. A similar opportunity has always been available to cannabis lovers, however, truly practical, this occupation has become precisely in our current era, providing the ordinary consumer with almost unlimited access to a wide range of high-quality cannabis products to conduct such taste experiments mixing sativa and indica.” Many people think is it bad to mix weed? Of course not. This is a way to get something new and experiment.

Inspired by his personal experience of this practice, Mr. Bakes opened his own brand, Perfect, which specializes not only in the sale of varietal hemp but in providing consumers with access to ready-made, verified mixtures of different quality plant species.

A few words about what exactly “weed salad” is and what is not:

• Hemp salad is exclusively a mixture of inflorescence of different plants, not a mixture of cannabinoid extracts, or dishes with the addition of hemp.

• Hemp salad is also not a mixture that contains impurities, that is, leaves of tobacco or other plants that can be smoked or evaporated.

Basic Principles and Characteristics Of Mixing Weed

Basic Principles and Characteristics Of Mixing Weed

The basis of all mixing marijuana strains practice is, of course, the difference in the combination of terpenes, which differ in the mixture for each unique variety and subspecies of cannabis. Actually, any cannabis connoisseur understands that the characteristic aroma and taste of varietal hemp are provided not by the cannabinoids themselves, but by various volatile compounds called terpenes, which give similar qualities to both hemp plants and all other varieties of vegetation.

In other words, terpenes impart a unique bouquet of aromas to each unique cultivar of decorative flowers. These substances give a palette of flavors to the different types of vegetables, fruits, and condiments that we eat.

As volatile compounds, terpenes evaporate extremely quickly from bound products when stored under standard room conditions. Actually, for this reason, for the preparation of “hemp salad”, you should use properly dried and cured buds, which fully reveal their characteristic bouquet of terpenes when consumed.

To keep the terpenes intact for as long as possible, the product should be stored in vacuum containers, tucked away in a dark, cool, dry place, isolated from sunlight. It should not be forgotten that even if all storage conditions for inflorescence are observed, terpenes are not stored for a long time, because, by their nature, they will still be subject to natural processes of metabolism and decomposition, thus providing a maximum period of no more than 3–3.5 months. After this line, some terpenes will inevitably decompose into other substances.

When using cannabis salad, the product should be gently grinded in a clean grinder, one by one, and all selected varieties mixed in a separate container, from where the salad will already be charged into your preferred device for consumption.

The resulting salad itself should be consumed as quickly as possible, since in a crushed form, the mixture will actively exude terpenes and cannabinoids, that is, it will lose active substances. For the same reasons, before preparing the product, you should roughly calculate the portion required for consumption.

Tip 1: Mix Varieties by Combining Similar Tastes / Aromas or Closely Related Hybrids and Plant Types

Mix Varieties by Combining Similar Tastes / Aromas

Regardless of other key qualities, varieties can be combined into one family according to the corresponding aroma. Some plants are classified as “harsh” varieties because they have a distinctive diesel odor, or skunk or rotten smell, while others are classified as “citrus” or “vegetable” varieties. At the initial stage of experimentation, you should try to combine just such close relatives, which guarantees a more or less acceptable taste and a tangible psychoactive effect.

Choose a few of the varieties you like most, with similar flavors, or consult the sommelier of the nearest legal cannam store on their purchase from the sommelier and start experimenting. With materials like this, it is extremely difficult to get a marijuana mix that is unpleasant to use.

For example, a blend of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, which are both pungent strains, produces an overall effect and aroma that is very similar to Headband. For example, a mixture of pungent-smelling plants like Larry’s Breath and Supreme Diesel hits the head not only with the concentration of THC, but also with its extremely pungent, odorous diesel smell. A similar effect can be achieved with literally related plants like Girl Scout Cookies and Wedding Cake. However, mixing marijuana strains that are similar can get boring pretty quickly.

From the best strains to mix, you can highlight the combination of Super Lemon Haze and Tangie or Papaya with Pineapple Express and Grapes of Wrath. In this regard, it is best to use families rich in a variation of different aromas, like the Hayes or Dream varieties, among which you can find hybrids with a wide variety of aromas and flavors.

Tip 2: Mix Complementary and Complimentary Scent Types

It is difficult to find varieties that do not at all match each other in taste and effect, which, accordingly, provides wide enough scope for experiments in the selection and combination of qualities of different hemp varieties that belong to radically different flavor and aromatic groups.

First and foremost, following the cooking analogy, you can try to combine varieties with flavors that complement each other well in the culinary field. For example, you can try to create a contrast between tart and sweet flavors by mixing diesel or other odorous flavors with a plant that has citrus, sweet or fruity flavors. Also, tropical and sweet tones contrast perfectly with neutral flavors and sour plants. However, the really versatile variety for creating such contrasting combinations is Tangie.

Tip 3: A Combination of Diametrically Opposed Aromas and Flavors

Combination of Diametrically Opposed Aromas and Flavors

In this weed blend, сannabis varieties should be selected with the expectation of a combination of terpenes that do not occur in combination with each other in nature, which will result in a mixture with truly exotic tastes. Of course, given the serious discrepancies in the aromatic qualities of the components of such mixtures, it is quite likely that the result will be a rather unpleasant-tasting combination, however, with due experience, attention, diligence and luck, you can stumble upon truly unique, and not just impressive samples.

The creators of the blog were happy to share with you useful information about mixing cannabis strains, as this topic is very relevant at the moment and our readers love to experiment.

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