Marijuana Legal In Florida: Marijuana Decriminalization And Changes In The Law

Marijuana Legal In Florida

Is marijuana legal in Florida? Since the start of this year, recreational marijuana has become legal in only one state, Illinois. Other states may follow suit during 2021. There may even be changes and marijuana recreational Florida included in the ballot. But at the federal level, cannabis is still considered an illegal substance.

What to Expect?

It is likely that several states would vote on measures to use recreational marijuana Florida in 2021, while others are drafting similar laws. According to polls, more than 65% of Florida voters “want to expand access to cannabis for 21-year-olds and older.”

However, this milestone seems to have fallen into a trap. Make It Legal is suing the state, arguing that new marijuana Florida laws imposed restrictions on the voter initiative process, limiting their ability to collect signatures. The state has confirmed 219,290 signed petitions from Make It Legal – just 28% of the total signatures.

The Incident That Shook Marijuana Legalization in Florida

In 1933, Florida resident Victor Licata killed his entire family. He hacked his parents, brothers, and sister to death with an ax while they slept. Even though Likat’s mental illness was previously identified, the press and the police ruled that marijuana addiction was to blame. Now, the fact of using cannabis is associated with the fact that a person can start killing and his consciousness is very distorted.

Many at the top of the government said they would do everything to “stop this killing smoke.” Since then, the reputation of marijuana as a soft drug has been further shaken and the ban on it has become a necessity so that young people do not go mad, and the question “Is marijuana legal in the state of Florida?” for a long time did not rise.

Others argue that they see nothing serious about smoking weed and believe that the mania for murder has nothing to do with using marijuana. It all depends on the person himself and his inclinations, and cannabis cannot be the cause of illegal and cruel acts.

Legalization of CBD Oil

2014 was one of the first moments in the history of marijuana legal in Florida. Rick Scott signed into law a bill to make low-THC, high-CBD oils marijuana in Florida legal for people suffering from cancer, epilepsy, and other medical conditions. A cannabis strain called Charlotte’s Network has been authorized.

Failed Medical Initiative

Marijuana Decriminalization And Changes In The Law

A year earlier, in 2014, many supporters of Florida marijuana legalization and constitutional amendments began collecting signatures to put the issue on the 2014 ballot. 745 613 signatures were collected out of 683 149. The Florida Supreme Court then ruled that the initiative was a success. But the moment Amendment 2 was put on the ballot, it failed. A 60% qualified majority was required for the Amendment to be adopted, but only 57.6% of the vote was won.

The defeat was not because people were against changes to legalizing cannabis. The well-known casino magnate of the time, Sheldon Adelson, donated a whopping $5.5 million. This money was invested in the opposition campaign of this initiative. The main sponsor was John Morgan, with an investment of US $4 million.

Lucky Medical Cannabis Initiative

In 2016, proponents of legalization changes to the constitution made a second attempt to amend. This time, they were determined to do everything to legalize cannabis in Florida. On November 8 of the same year, Amendment 2 was included in the ballot and won 71.3% of the vote.

The initiative has helped legalize medical cannabis for use by people with cancer, HIV and AIDS, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and more. This should help them in treating such serious illnesses or relieving their symptoms.

The adopted Amendment 2 states that a patient can get cannabis in a special dispensary or pharmacy if the doctor decides that the benefits of Florida legal marijuana in this case are more important than the possible health risks from the disease. The original law was that you shouldn’t smoke marijuana, but you can consume the marijuana product in the form of oil, pills, sprays, ointments, and vapes. But 2 years later, in 2018 on May 25, a ruling was issued stating that the ban on smoking cannabis is unconstitutional. This decision was made and a year later a law was signed to lift the ban on smoking cannabis. The marijuana laws in Florida 2021 may also see some changes, perhaps for the better.

Now seriously ill people have the right to legally smoke cannabis, and not just drink pills or smoke vape with its content.

Cannabis Permit in Florida Sports

The Florida Athletic Commission has removed marijuana from the list of prohibited substances. Marijuana would no longer be considered doping. The Florida State Boxing Commission announced that marijuana should be removed from the list of prohibited drugs for boxers and MMA fighters. Note that in 2017, the Nevada Athletic Commission also discussed the removal of marijuana from the list of banned substances, but decided only to remove the athletes for a shorter period.

Previously, if traces of marijuana were found in a fighter’s body, he was subject to a fine and suspension, and the fight with his participation was declared invalid.

In 2020, a study was conducted, according to which about 45% of professional MMA fighters use marijuana for the purpose of rest and recovery, and about 5% have used marijuana in the past. At the same time, almost 77% admitted that they use various cannabidiol-based products for recovery.

Florida Marijuana Decriminalization

Florida Marijuana Decriminalization

Recently, in Florida, several organizations began collecting signatures for the marijuana decriminalization of Florida by voting during elections to be held in November. They are now seeking to enlist the support of the elderly, who make up 18% of Florida residents.

Katie Jordan smokes marijuana every day. Her husband Robert Jordan usually makes her a cannabis cigarette in the morning, so she can smoke it along with a cup of coffee.

“When my wife uses marijuana, she feels good, and when not, she feels very bad. Her appetite disappears completely. If she hasn’t smoked marijuana for about two weeks, then she gets so bad that she can’t even get out of bed, “says Robert Jordan.

Katie Jordan, 64, has a motor neuron disease that makes it difficult for her to move and speak.

Katie Jordan doesn’t understand and is interested in «is marijuana illegal in Florida?» and supports the legalization of medical cannabis. She belongs to an increasing number of post-war cannabis smokers.

A new poll showed that 60% of Florida residents are willing to support the legalization of marijuana. However, will medical marijuana be legal in Florida for recreational purposes would become clear later?

The Fight to Legalize Marijuana

Is marijuana legal in Florida 2021? The answer is still ambiguous. Members of the Florida-based Cannabis Action Network are calling residents of the state asking them to support a proposal to legalize medical marijuana in the upcoming elections. According to the Pew Research Center, about 80% of people in the post-war generation are convinced that cannabis has medicinal properties.

“The hemp plant can have a beneficial effect on the human body. The substances contained in it can be used to prevent many chronic diseases. Moreover, hemp juice does not have a psychotropic effect, and thanks to the antioxidants it contains, it is good for health,” explains the executive Jody James, director of the Cannabis Action Network in Florida.

The National Health Report of the United States that marijuana smoking among people aged 60 to 64 has increased from 2% in 2007 to 4.5% in 2012. However, representatives of anti-drug organizations are convinced that older people are mistaken about the medicinal properties of cannabis.

This suggests that those who are for the legalization of cannabis and those who are against it are fighting and defending their point of view.

When Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Florida?

When Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Florida

As you know, in November 2016, the Florida law marijuana legalization of medical cannabis was adopted, and the rules for its use are still being developed. But why is Florida dragging out the full legalization of medical marijuana?

Some restrictions were recently introduced, but it is still impossible to control everyone who uses medical marijuana legal Florida for medicinal purposes and not only.

And while marijuana use in Florida remains illegal under federal law, 28 states and Washington, D.C. allow the use of medical marijuana in some forms.

The two largest centers, California and New York take a different approach to this issue. Arizona is a demographic similar to Florida – with a predominantly elderly population – is intermediate in the severity of prescribing and using medical marijuana.

Florida’s lawmakers are taking the New York grower and production model as a basis, limiting the number of producers to a family, although the Senate is proposing 12 more licenses and increasing the number as it grows to at least one for every 75,000 patients. The number of points of sale is also not planned to be limited.

Senator Bradley says he doesn’t want to turn Florida into a place like California – it is necessary to limit advertising and promote marijuana only as a medicine and ensure its appropriate use. He also advises taking the new marijuana law in Florida only in relation to the use of medical cannabis. The creators of the blog have collected all the relevant information about the legalization of cannabis in Florida. But to be for or against these measures, of course, you choose. Knowing about the decriminalization of marijuana in Florida would be very helpful for those who smoke weed.

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