Marijuana Coconut-Oil Recipe: Read Our Article Now to Be Well Informed

make marijuana oil

Are you a lover of marijuana? Do you like cooking also? So, we have prepared an article with marijuana oil recipes for you! Read now!

Marijuana cooking oil has excellent qualities. It consists of 85% saturated fatty acids and ensures good absorption of cannabinoids.

How to Make Marijuana Coconut Oil?

The cooking process is not complicated: you need to prepare a large pot of water, hemp, and coconut oil.

The properties of the oil will depend on the amount of hemp used and the content of active substances.

However, there are some highlights to keep in mind during making marijuana infused coconut oil:

  • to enhance the healing effect and, accordingly, to prepare oils with a high CBD content, hemp varieties with a high CBD content are chosen;
  • for a greater psychoactive or recreational effect, resinous flowers of any kind of marijuana or hashish are used at a dosage of 1 g of grass per 5 g of fat, and to increase the concentration, the amount of grass is increased.

The marijuana coconut oil recipe is very simple.

When you will make marijuana oil it is strongly recommended to let the dry hemp steep in water and absorb enough moisture to avoid absorbing excess fat later on.

To do this, you need to do the following:

  • let the grass brew for a few minutes, then strain, drain the water, and fill the grass with clean water (this will “whiten” the grass – the lost part of chlorophyll, the grass will acquire a lighter color and softer taste);

This process can be repeated several times as needed.

If the plants used have already lost their chlorophyll during drying, then this procedure can be skipped by adding coconut oil immediately to the pan.

How to Make Marijuana Oil for Cooking?

Coconut oil is solid at temperatures below 25 ° C, so it must be brought to a liquid state in a water bath. Then cover the pot of coconut oil and hemp with a lid and cook for 1.5-2 hours, stirring constantly, to ensure optimal dissolution of the oil in the hemp.

After that, strain the mixture and cool – the oil rises to the surface and takes on a solid form. Keep refrigerated.

We are sure that after reading this recipe you will not have a question: “how to make marijuana-infused coconut oil” anymore.

Here we have also prepared for you one more recipe of marijuana-infused oil:


  • 1 ounce (28.3 g) dried buds (or 3 ounces – 85 grams of dry manicure trim)
  • 1 lb (453.6 g) butter Gauze.

Marijuana Oil Recipe

marijuana cooking oil

Stage 1 – Decarboxylation

This step is very important as it makes the oil more potent, especially when using recent buds.

  1. Preheat oven to 105-110 ° C and line baking sheet with foil
  2. Chop the cones (trimmings) a little and spread them over the foil on a pan
  3. Put the buds in the oven for 1 hour. Be prepared for a very, very strong smell in the kitchen.
  4. Remove the cannabis from the oven and crush the large pieces with your fingers. It will look brown, which is fine too. You do not need to grind it to a powder state, but there should be no large pieces either.

Stage 2 – Cooking Cannabis with Oil and Water – Is an Important Step When You Will Make Marijuana Cooking Oil

  1. Boil 1 L of water in a saucepan or saucepan.
  2. Reduce heat to medium-low and add oil. Stir until it dissolves completely.
  3. Add decarboxylated cannabis. It will float on the surface, and there should be at least a 3-5 cm distance between it and the bottom. If it is less, then add more water.
  4. Cook over medium-low heat for 90 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Stage 3 – Separation of Oil from Water and Plant Matter

  1. Line a large bowl with two layers of cheesecloth. With its help, we will squeeze the vegetable mass from the oil.
  2. Pour the oil, cannabis, and water mixture into cheesecloth. Now you need to squeeze the deciduous mass to separate all the water and oil.. After it cools down a little, then apply force and squeeze it very well with your hands.
  3. Cover the bowl with the oil and water mixture with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. All nutrients are contained in the oil, which will collect on the surface. Water and plant residues will sink to the bottom. After the oil hardens, it will look lighter.
  4. Pry the butter with a knife and pull it out of the bowl.
  5. Marijuana oil for cooking is ready – store it in a closed container. You can turn the piece of butter over to dry the underside.
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