marijuana fights heat

How does marijuana help to fight heat?

If you don’t like a lot of other ways to fight the heat (like a cold beer or ice cream),...


5 cartoons for smokers

Animation features, bizarre characters, outrageous or illogical storylines enhance the inspiring cannabis effect. We invite you to boldly indulge in...

cannabis cones

Legal marijuana analogs

Legal marijuana analogs can be divided into two categories. The first category includes various supplements (food and non-food substances) and...

weed plant

Natural herbal marijuana substitutes

Plant analogs of marijuana can be easily found in a dried form on the shelves of pharmacies or cut in...

mike tyson weed

Top 5 best Tobacco substitutes for your joint

Sunday 31/5 was the international “No tobacco day”. Tobacco usage has increased sharply over the last century and became an...

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