marijuana growers

The Most Audacious Cannabis Growers Were Caught in the Centre of London

Police officers tracked down large and very brazen cultivators of an illicit plant. They confiscated more than eight hundred marijuana...

marijuana and beer

Weed and Beer

There is a category of stoners who, contrary to scientific advice, combine smoking weed and drinking beer. Scientific studies warn...

things to do while high

Things To Do While High

The state of altered consciousness that marijuana brings is characterized by quite vivid sensations. Your senses are heightened considerably. Moreover,...

happy new year smokers

Happy New Year, Smokers

Dear Bong and Blunt Killers! We had a great year at home. We smoked a lot being even more isolated...

marijuana makes you lazy

Does Weed Make You Lazy?

There is a stereotype that weed makes you lazy, but is it true? We’ve done a lot of research on...

best way to smoke without smell

How to Not Smell Like Weed?

No one wants smelling like weed. It can cause problems with the law, family disapproval, and just push strangers away....

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