How to Make Cool Filters for Joints: Interesting and Useful Tips You Need

How to Roll Cool Joint Filters?

Joint filter art recommendations for weed have evolved throughout time, just as cannabis has. Although many pre-rolls still employ paper or glass filters, new marijuana filter tips are developing that provide even more advantages than prior popular options. So let’s look at the most popular joint filter designs, as well as filter art joints. Read on to know how to make cool filters for joints.

Hemp Filter Tips

joint filter tip designs

You have to be cautious about what’s on marijuana filter tips. One hemp filter tip label may say that it is chlorine-free, leading you to believe that other filter tips may contain chlorine. Hemp filters with hemp oil coating are available on the market, making it a more natural option.

You’ll need to know how to construct a filter tip for this hemp filter tip option. But don’t be concerned! With a little practice, you’ll be able to roll your own creative filter tip designs in no time! Paper filter tips come in a variety of elaborate patterns that may be obtained online and on social media sites.

Unbleached Paper Rolling Tips

joint filter art

In authorized states, disposable paper filter tips are frequently utilized with pre-rolls. They’re inexpensive and, if you know how to fold some weird filter tip patterns, they can do a terrific job. Weed filter tips that have previously been rolled are also available. Raw and Hornet are the two most popular brands of paper filter tips on Amazon. To provide an organic, smooth smoke, the Hornet brand incorporates natural grain fiber in its filters. Raw tips also employ natural fibers, but they also have a variety of additional possibilities.

Silicon Marijuana Filter Tips

how to make cool filters for joints

Silicone joint filter tip designs aren’t very common, but they can help keep cannabis out of your mouth. It’s simple to smoke the full joint without burning your fingers using silicon filter joints. Any resin build-up is simple to remove because it is easily washed away with alcohol. Silicon marijuana filters are also inexpensive, usually costing less than $1 each on the internet.

Silicon and Glass Combined

how to roll cool joint filters

One company’s joint tips are a combination of silicon and glass, and they look amazing. This filter tip option will keep your joint in place, while the glass portion will serve as a mouthpiece. Unfortunately, you can only utilize this design if you’re smoking a joint or a blunt; it won’t work with backwoods. However, it will save you from burning your fingertips while attempting to land that final hit.

Organic Corn Husk Filter Tips 

joint filter designs

The smoke that goes through the corn husk filter tip will be cooled, much more so than compressing it. They’re a lot more robust than glass filter tips, and they won’t shatter if you drop them on a hard surface. The natural shape of the corn husk makes it extremely effective at keeping weed from dropping out. King Palm offers two different sizes of corn husk rolling filters. Their “9 mm” size is suitable for rolling joints or blunts weighing 1-2 grams. The “10 mm” size is suitable for rolling with a weight of 2 grams or more.

Corn husks are not only fantastic filter tips for marijuana smoking, but they are also good at delivering taste. King Palm offers a variety of flavored pre-rolled cones, with the taste concentrated in the cornhusk filter tip. The flavored filter tips are very simple to use: simply pop the capsule into the filter to activate the taste. The terpene-infused food-grade essential oil will be released from the capsule. Some of our clients compared their experience to the smooth and tasty inhale and exhale of vaping because of the mix of taste and smoother smoke.

These filters are extremely inexpensive, making them an excellent choice for stoners trying to improve their pot-smoking experience. Smoke shops and convenience stores around the United States sell a pack of two flavored filter tips for roughly $1.29-$1.49 each. To find a King Palm filter tip near you, use their handy shop finder. If you don’t feel like traveling to the store, King Palm has an online store where you may purchase filter tips.

Food Grade Plastic And Silicon

Inside this cannabis filter is a chamber with silicone beads through which the smoke must pass, catching the tar and chilling the smoke at the same time. Many individuals, however, have complained that they only get one excellent usage out of these joint filter tips, which is something to consider given its high price tag.

Glass Filter Tips

joint crutch designs

Glass weed filters will enhance the quality of any joint or blunt. This is especially true when purchasing pre-rolls in locations where marijuana is legal. When it comes to glass joint filters, there are a variety of interesting designs available for purchase online—perfect for all sorts of stoners. Glass weed filter tips can be effective depending on the design. The glass will also aid in the cooling of the smoke that goes through it. To avoid mixing your cannabis with shattered glass and spoiling your smoke session, don’t drop a joint or blunt with a glass filter.

Marijuana filters made of glass will usually survive until you lose or break them. Because they are constructed of such a delicate material, they are quite inexpensive, costing only a few dollars apiece on average.

Charcoal Weed Filter Tips

You may not be aware of charcoal weed filter tips now, but you will be soon. These are essentially rolling filter tips with little charcoal bits within, ready to be activated. Charcoal, being a natural filter, has several advantages that can improve your smoking experience. The ability to deliver a smoking session without harshness is why many pick charcoal tips. They also assist to keep your hands from smelling like a cigarette. Clogging difficulties and black sludge pouring out is, however, among the most popular complaints on Amazon. The majority of evaluations, on the other hand, compliment these sorts of joint filters for their overall seamless experience.

Ceramic Weed Joint Filters

Joint filter tip designs made of ceramic are another popular option for preventing choking on any unexpected weed. Ceramic rolling filter tips are popular because they are long-lasting and effective. Depending on the thickness of your ceramic filter tip, it may not break as readily as glass.

Some ceramic filter tips will fit in hand twist-rolling machines, but not all. When compared to normal paper cannabis filter tips, ceramic joint tips are a superior alternative since they keep the mouthpiece dry and the smoke cold. A ceramic filter tip offers a pleasant smoking experience and is simple to clean by soaking in alcohol.

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