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Jamaica marijuana

is weed legal in jamaica

Smoking marijuana in Jamaica is different from other countries.

To begin with, marijuana here is not a way to get high. This is a way to relax, open your mind, get to know the world and people.

It so happened that Jamaica became the birthplace of the Rastafari movement. And Rasta is said to have read in the Bible that marijuana is the herb of wisdom that grew on the grave of King Solomon, the wisest man. I don’t know if it’s true or not. However, it is believed that marijuana was given to people by God himself (Jah). And God will not advise badly.

Smoking weed in Jamaica

buy weed in jamaica

Rasta herb is used for:


The grass is said to be the bond between man and God. The grass allows you to know the world, penetrate the secrets of the universe, and all that.

Communication and acquaintance

Again, they say that when new Rastas get to know each other, they put a pipe filled with marijuana in a circle. The grass is relaxing, people say whatever they think. No misunderstandings or secrets. Plus, the common cause unites.

By the way, marijuana did not grow in Jamaica initially. It was brought by the Indians who “came in large numbers” to the island in the mid-1800s.

The word “marijuana” itself is from Mexico. In Jamaica, the herb is often called ganja, a word originally from India.

Weed legalized in Jamaica

In 2015, marijuana in Jamaica was decriminalized and allowed for religious use.

Yes, not in medical ones, as in some countries, but religious ones. After all, marijuana is part of the Rasta religion. And its prohibition is an infringement of rights. The Rastas have long sought legalization.

Is it legal to smoke weed in Jamaica?

jamaica marijuana laws

You are allowed to carry 2 ounces of marijuana. This is approximately 60 grams. However, it is a felony if you are found to have more than 2 ounces of the herb. It is allowed to grow no more than 5 bushes of grass for personal use.

It is forbidden to buy and sell marijuana. Can be sold subject to license. Tourists can buy if they have a permit (if a person is prescribed marijuana for medical purposes, then they must submit a request to some ministry and obtain permission to purchase). You can smoke marijuana only in specially designated places (such as coffee shops). Well, or at home.

Buy weed in Jamaica

Everyone who needs it is buying and selling too. Almost anywhere. They smoke wherever they want. The police will find only those who are completely insolent, smoking grass in the city center, near public institutions (hospitals, police stations, schools, banks).

Marijuana is part of Jamaican culture. Fighting this is not only useless but also wrong. Strangely, it was legalized relatively recently.

Of course, the grass is smoked here not only for religious purposes. The herb is relaxing. The grass is cheaper than cigarettes (it grows in the yard). According to Jamaicans, marijuana is safer than tobacco.

Many people smoke marijuana. Someone 10 shoals a day, someone 2-3. Someone smokes one joint for two with a friend once a month at a party. Or at home, taking a break from every day worries.

However, if you take the adult population of Jamaica (over 16), it turns out that about half of the grass does not smoke (personal observation). And he doesn’t smoke cigarettes either. And he doesn’t drink alcohol. This is especially popular now among young people – the movement for a healthy lifestyle.

Is marijuana legal in Jamaica for tourists?

Anyway, most of the grass in Jamaica is smoked by tourists. According to The Jamaica Gleaner, there are plans to set up kiosks at Jamaica airport where tourists can legally purchase permits to purchase marijuana, thus capitalizing on the booming weed industry. The permits will be available to all travelers as a prescription for medical marijuana, allowing them to carry up to 56 grams in Jamaica. The cannabis licensing authority is already preparing a formal proposal, which will be presented in a couple of weeks.

Jamaica marijuana laws

jamaica cannabis laws

The Jamaican Cabinet has approved a bill that would legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana, the BBC reported.

This means that the Rastafari community that uses marijuana for religious purposes can now legally smoke it. The bill also provides for the creation of licensing authority for the cultivation, sale, and distribution of marijuana for medical and therapeutic purposes. The bill is due in the Senate this week. The bill also suggests that smoking marijuana will be banned in public places.

Is it legal to smoke weed in Jamaica?

The debate over the legalization of marijuana intensified in Jamaica after its cultivation and use were legalized in several states in the United States. True, coming out of the shadows, many manufacturers found that they could not invest in a bank – at the federal level, selling marijuana is still a crime. Drug dealers get out of this situation in different ways: many “launder” money by buying expensive “bongos” – glass pipes for smoking marijuana, after which they sell them by bank transfer.

Jamaica cannabis laws

In 2015, Jamaica decriminalized small amounts of marijuana, joining the list of countries and states in the United States in a movement to loosen cannabis laws. Legalization support has argued that a regulated pot industry will boost the island’s economy and medical research sector while reducing substance-related violence and arrests.

Jamaica pot laws

The Jamaican State Commission has recognized marijuana (“ganja” or “kaya”) as part of the local culture. Almost everyone here, everywhere, and at any time, smokes “weed”; the authorities practically do not prosecute for smoking. Therefore, you should be especially careful when smoking all local cigarettes – many of them are still filled with “grass” at the factory.

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