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Israel and Marijuana study and acceptance

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Israel is a leader in the study of marijuana, its healing properties, and its effects on the human body. At the Weizmann Institute of Science, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was first isolated and defined as the primary psychoactive substance of cannabis in 1964. Back in 1994, Israel was among the first legalized medical use of marijuana.

Doctors prescribe cannabis for cancer, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, and post-traumatic syndrome. And rabbis have explained religious Jews that using marijuana for medical purposes does not contradict the strict rules of Halakha, that is, it is a kosher product.

The Israelites grow cannabis for medical and scientific purposes in the north of the country, near the city of Safed. The plantations owned by Tikun Olam, which also breeds them. One of the achievements of local geneticists is the medical strain Avidekel, with a CBD content of 15.8% with THC below 1%. Since January 2019, the government has allowed the export of medical marijuana, which should lead to a significant increase in its production.

Public attitude toward marijuana

Israel has one of the highest levels of legal per capita use of cannabis herb among Western countries: more than 21,000 people have a medical license to use cannabis. It means that people do not treat marijuana as something unacceptable, harmful, and deadly. They see the plant as a relief to the sick

Israel is still a Middle Eastern state, and there are traditions of using it. It borders Lebanon in the north, which is famous for its quality hashish, and in the south has a long border with Egypt. In Israel itself, the climate is conducive to growing, including in the almost police-free Palestinian territories. So the local consumers are not in deficit.

Steps towards full or partial legalization of cannabis are part of the election programs of almost all political parties – politicians understand what their people will support. And a couple of years ago, a bag of weed was found in the toilet of the Knesset (local parliament), which is intended solely for official use. And there was no scandal, no one was outraged or apologized, no one was fired or reprimanded.

1st April — the day of marijuana legalization in Israel

Recent changes in legislation also follow the key to loyalty and tolerance of cannabis. Since first April 2019, a law partially legalizing the use and possession of marijuana in Israel came into force. Now it is possible to store a small amount of cannabis at home (the authorities suggest focusing on 15 grams), and it will not be a violation of the law.

However, the punishment for using in a public place is in force, but it changes from a criminal offense to an administrative offense. The first time the penalty is $275, the second time the penalty is doubled, and only the third time a criminal case can be initiated.

Laxation does not apply to soldiers, minors, and prisoners in Israeli prisons. It is known that the percentage of marijuana users in the army is probably the highest.

The experience of the country with the best medicine is an excellent argument in the debate about the benefits of legalizing marijuana.

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