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Vegan Weed: What Is The Difference Between Regular Marijuana And Vegan

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Vegans each time have to check the composition of the food and drink that they consume so that they do not contain animal products. This rule should not be ignored by cannabis either, because you must know that you’ll be smoking. Let’s take a closer look at whether cannabis is vegan and there are a lot of interesting things about this topic.

Is Weed Vegan?

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Since cannabis is a plant, it immediately becomes clear that it is vegan and does not contain animal products. In fact, this statement is very ambiguous.

The fact is that for the cultivation of cannabis, producers use fertilizers that they received from animals and most likely tested on them.

Thus, while smoking cannabis, you are not directly inhaling 100% animal product. But it should be remembered that this herb was still grown on derivatives from animals and is not exempt from cruelty.

The definition of vegan cannabis is also that it is impossible to know and determine exactly which fertilizers were used to grow cannabis, especially when buying weed in pharmacies and dispensaries.

What Is 100% Vegan Cannabis?

Let’s see how to grow fully vegan cannabis. As we said earlier, various fertilizers are used to grow grass. These fertilizers also contain nutrients: chicken and pork blood, bone meal and manure. Many people think that cannabis can only be grown using fertilizers with mineral supplements.

Is it really necessary to stop using fertilizers to grow 100% vegan? It is not at all necessary to do this, believe me, there are enough alternatives that do not contain animal products. Vegan fertilizers can be found on the market, but you have to try very hard.

Vegan Method of Growing Cannabis

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First of all, vegans make sure that any production activity that they consume is not harmful to living beings and is cruelty-free. Some farms are already using the practice of plant-based agronomy. Their marijuana products are usually labeled “vegan”. But unfortunately, the trend towards vegan farming is in its infancy. Buying such products whenever possible is the best contribution to expanding this market. After all, the most powerful tool to support vegan agriculture is your money. Ask cannabis sellers about such products, because demand creates supply. Private vegan weed producers can respond more quickly to customer requests than large companies. Either way, the issue of vegan products would raise awareness and bring results over time.

We have come to the conclusion that cannabis farmers need a fertile soil that can be fed with nutrients for the weed using fertilizers. But there are vegan farmers who make sure that their activities do not harm the animals and that their cannabis is vegan. Let’s find out how they grow vegan weed?

Choosing a Vegan Fertilizer

Vegan farmers carefully select fertilizers to ensure the growth and health of the cannabis plant. To do this, they use inexpensive feeding systems that completely supply the grass with all the nutrients.

A Healthy Balance of Soil Microbes

Surely newcomers to cannabis cultivation have not yet heard of such a concept as soil microbes. They are very important for a rich marijuana crop. The role of microbes is to break down nutrients in the soil so that plants can better absorb them. If the soil microbes are not enough, the veganic marijuana won’t grow as well.

Vegan Fertilizer

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The most popular vegan fertilizer is compost tea. It is made in such a way that the compost is soaked in carbonated water. After such a procedure, you can get a unique fertilizer with a large number of microbes, which is incredibly rich in nutrients for a healthy and strong marijuana plant. Let’s take a look at some of the best vegan fertilizers on the market:

Potash Fertilizers for Weed

Cannabis needs potassium throughout its life. This macronutrient is responsible for metabolic processes inside the plant and helps to strengthen the immune system. With a sufficient amount of potassium in the soil, cannabis tolerates interruptions in watering and lighting, fluctuations in temperature and humidity, as well as any other stressful situations much easier. Potassium is also responsible for the taste and aroma of the finished product, so it is better to avoid a deficiency of this element. The most common potash fertilizers for veganic cannabis are potassium chloride and potassium sulfate. You can find them in absolutely any gardening store.

Nitrogen Fertilizers for Weed

Nitrogen is a nutrient that is consumed in particularly large quantities in cannabis. It participates in the process of forming new cells, and it is due to nitrogen that all this lush green mass of the bush is formed. It is found in chlorophyll, enzymes, proteins, nucleic acids and more. With a lack of nitrogen, the plant will be frail and unhealthy, so while the bushes are gaining mass, nitrogen must enter the soil in sufficient quantities. Nitrogen fertilizers can have various names. It can be urea, ammonium nitrate, sodium nitrate, ammonium chloride, etc. In fact, all these fertilizers, after entering the soil, will turn into bioavailable nitrogen, which will be assimilated by cannabis.

Phosphate Fertilizers for Weed

Phosphorus is especially needed by cannabis during flowering. It is he who participates in the formation and growth of marijuana inflorescences. There would be no phosphorus, no cones. In addition, this element strengthens the root system and increases the resistance of the bush to drought. Considering that by the time of flowering, the air humidity should be reduced to 40% so as not to provoke rotting or mold on the buds, it is quite difficult to establish high-quality watering during this period.

Vegan Cannabis Stimulants

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On the shelves of fertilizer stores, you can find many jars called stimulants. These can be stimulants of root formation, growth or flowering. They very rarely use animal products. They are added to the nutrient solution, but they have no nutritional value. Such complexes contain vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, fulvic and humic acids, as well as other biologically active components that help hemp to develop. Stimulants are not nutritional for cannabis, but they make the process of assimilating, transporting and storing nutrients easier.

Stimulants, as well as fertilizers, can be organic and mineral, but for growing veganic weed it is better to choose mineral.

What Does Vegan Cannabis Taste Like?

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Many smokers who try vegan cannabis for the first time do report its pure taste and smoke, as well as the absence of residues. The fact is that with the vegan method of growing marijuana, no toxic substances accumulate in it, which can cause a cough when used. Vegan herb is much milder than regular marijuana.

You may also have noticed that many vegan cannabis strains are very often awarded for their outstanding clean taste and delicious smell.

Vegan Cannabis Edibles

Vegan Cannabis Edibles

In addition to the usual smoking session of marijuana, stoners love to try cannabis edibles. It is very important to test not only cannabis for animal products, but also other ingredients of your meal.

All ingredients in cannabis edibles must be vegan and grown using a vegan process. Please do not neglect this and be sure to check everything.

It is best to prepare vegan weed edibles by yourself, then you can check the origin of each product and be sure that your food is 100% vegan.

We would like to advise you on how to prepare a vegan cannabis sandwich. Use vegan butter, not regular butter. You can also try baking vegan cannabis cookies or muffins.

If you love sweets, then you must have enriched your attention on gummy bears in dispensaries or pharmacies with marijuana. Don’t buy them as they are not vegan because they contain gelatin.

Many online stores also sell cannabis edibles. Popular products include muffins, cookies and candy. Before making a purchase, do not be lazy to check the composition of all products and make sure that they are 100% vegan.

The authors of the blog advise all our readers, vegans and just lovers of marijuana, to try to grow cannabis in this way or buy ready-made, we hope that our tips helped you.

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