Is Weed Legal in Spain?

is weed legal in spain

Marijuana in Spain seems as common as the sun and the sea. Perhaps these factors have provided the most tourists in this hot European country. However, marijuana laws in Spain are quite complicated and confusing, which causes many contradictions and misunderstandings.

There is no simple answer to ‘is marijuana legal in Spain,’ there are nuances here that need clarification. But before we get to them, let’s summarize the basic tenets.

In Spain weed laws prohibit

  • To buy or sell
  • Carry
  • Consumption in public places

At the same time, Spanish cannabis laws allow

  • Use on private premises
  • Be a member of a cannabis club and consume on the premises
  • To grow 2 bushes on one’s private property out of sight of other people.

It is also allowed in Spain to buy and sell seeds and some other cannabis products.

Weed in Spain Today

legal countries to smoke weed

Selling and importing any amount of marijuana is illegal, a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment. The purchase, possession, and consumption of cannabis in a public place is an offense punishable by a fine and confiscation of the product.

Consumption of marijuana by adult citizens in a private space is legal, as is growing it for one’s own consumption. That is, marijuana is in fact decriminalized for personal consumption, but only on private property.

Cannabis plants that are in public places or visible from the street (including from the balcony) are considered a serious administrative offense, which carries a fine of 601 to 30,000 euros.

While personal use of marijuana is decriminalized, Spain has no system of medical marijuana use, so no doctor in Spain can recommend or prescribe cannabis.

As we can see there is a significant separation of private and public law in this matter, and respect for privacy is respected in Spanish law.

Cannabis Clubs in Spain

The existence of cannabis clubs is possible because of two legal norms of the Spanish constitution: the right to private space and the right of association.

As far as private space is concerned, the point is that according to Spanish law, you can do whatever you want in your private space. The main thing is that your activities do not interfere with others – it is a constitutional right to privacy.

Also, according to the laws, people have the right to associate in interest associations.

Cannabis laws combined with these two legal points allow cannabis clubs to exist within the legal field.

How are cannabis clubs organized in Spain?

marijuana in spain

The clubs accept people over 18 (sometimes 21) years old, by recommendation or by pre-application, such as through a website.

Clubs are non-profit organizations, and they are not allowed to advertise or sell marijuana. Formally speaking, club members delegate their right to grow cannabis to the association, and they pay a fee for doing so.

Now let’s Look at What Actually Happens

Marijuana is offered right on the streets, usually by tanned sellers of glasses, watches, and handbags. So do the promoters of all sorts of dubious establishments. We remember that advertising marijuana is illegal, hence the activity of these characters.

They usually offer tourists to join the club by paying a few tens of euros as a fee. At that time they lead you through shady streets to an unknown place, which should turn out to be a space where you will finally get a little smoke.

We recommend that you avoid using their services, because the product they have, as a rule, low quality and overpriced. Besides, by contacting them, you immediately realize that you are dealing with a criminal, but you can not know how far their criminal tendencies.


Although the situation with the legal status of cannabis in Spain may seem complicated to you, the truth is that legal cannabis clubs allow you to consume cannabis in Spain legally and affordably.

This means the only way for the tourist to enjoy the favorite plant without breaking the law is to overpay the suspicious members of the so-called clubs. It makes weed in Spain quite affordable and a little expensive.

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