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Is Weed Legal in France?

is weed legal in france

France is one of the few European countries where marijuana use is still not decriminalized. It, of course, does not mean that the violator will be immediately put in prison for one cigarette, but the fine will have to be paid. Not so long ago it was a large sum – 3750 euros, but now you can immediately pay 150-200 euros. The important thing is that you have to pay exactly where you are. You shouldn’t go with the police to the station where you have a lot of problems. It may include removal from the country (or, more likely, the obligation to leave the country at a certain time) and a ban on entry into France for five years.

In June 2019, the French Economic Analysis Council submitted a report, the main conclusion of which was a recommendation to legalize recreational marijuana in France. According to scientists, the direct benefit of such a decision (in the form of tax revenue) will be 2 billion euros. Legalization will create about 80 thousand jobs and save about 1 billion euros on the reduction of anti-drug services, which are currently focused on combating cannabis, instead of preventing the spread of heroin, crack, and synthetic drugs. The war on marijuana has been going on since 1970, but that the number of cannabis users has increased 50 times over the years.

However, the authorities’ attitude remains conservative. For the time being, only buds with extremely low THC content or CBD oil legal in France. Cannabis can also be purchased only with a prescription from a doctor. Recreational use is still illegal.

The attitude of the population towards marijuana

legal weed in france

Thoughtless prohibitions that are stubbornly imposed against reasonable grounds are generally not respected in society. The French see successful examples of marijuana laws in Europe where the attitude of the authorities to the use of cannabis is more tolerant, and nothing terrible happens. At the same time, France, with its strictest anti-drug legislation, is the leader in drug use among European countries.

Most French people are quite loyal to the use of marijuana. According to numerous surveys, many people are not against it. Teenagers consider cannabis to be less harmful than tobacco, and most of them see cannabis culture as a positive experience.

The police can hardly be said to be friendly to smokers, but they are also not very zealous in this regard. Of course, you should behave cautiously, and shouldn’t rate police patrol streets as the best places to smoke weed, but do not be paranoid: no one will hunt for you.

We see an inefficient France marijuana law, clumsiness of the bureaucratic machine, conservatism of individuals, and most likely corruption at the highest level. Society is quite unambiguous about marijuana and does not consider it a dangerous drug, while the legislative bodies prevent its spread artificially. Who benefits from this? We can only guess. However, we know for sure, that the positive experience of leading countries, where marijuana has already been decriminalized, should one day lead to global legalization and the end of the era of demonization of the divine plant.


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