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Is Purple Weed Better?

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Marijuana, as a secret recipe for shamanic rituals, has always been wrapped in myths. The first consumers evaluated the useful qualities of this plant long before they could check the facts scientifically. They called cannabis a gift from the gods, demons, and a magical artifact in general.

Nowadays, the weed is still trendy, but its scientific research also can not answer all questions. It gives rise to ambiguous legal regulation and limitation of the studies, so half the world bans it, and the other half considers it a cure. We are still talking about the usual cannabis with green buds. When it comes to the purple weed, everyone loses their heads. Even experienced marijuana enthusiasts believe in the myths about the origin and unique effect of the purple flower weed.

What is Purple Marijuana?

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It is a plant that is no different from ordinary marijuana except its color. It may sound shocking, but it is. Just as plants take on different shades in the fall, so cannabis flowers may tilt from yellow to red when they ripen. It depends on the content of anthocyanine in the flowers. It is a flavonoid that is inherent in plants whose fruits have colors from yellow to red. Chlorophyll, in turn, makes plants green. This color is necessary for photosynthesis and active growth. Therefore any strain of marijuana will be green initially, and desirable color will show closer to harvest.

In natural conditions, these processes occur with changing seasons. As temperature and lighting conditions change, the green chlorophyll color replacing by a variety of shades of anthocyanine. More details about this below.

We can’t even say that the weed with purple flowers is purple. Since anthocyanins are responsible for a variety of shades, the resulting color of flowers can only resemble purple. In any case, the perception of color is subjective, and if you want to see purple, you will see it. So we claim that purple bud is more of a brand than a color. This number of factors inevitably generates myths that smokers tell each other.

Myths About Purp Weed Plants

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The paramount myth, of course, is an unusual high. It comes from those friends who have tasted the purple bud and now can not find anything like this. These purple weed connoisseurs note that their trip was different from what they usually feel. Judging by their words, this is the next level of marijuana, and green flowers can never compare with it. Some also note an improved flavor of smoke compared to conventional plants.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Since the world of marijuana is more of a personal journey than objective data, each user gets a unique experience. So purple flower weed create an expectation of something special. It can look spectacular and remain in memory. Thus, we responsibly declare: the unique consumer qualities of purple marijuana are invented by inexperienced users under the impression of an unusual appearance.

The second myth is that the weed with purple flowers growing requires special cultivation techniques. Actually, it is a half-myth, because some factors during the ripening of the plant may still affect its color. However, you should consider the fact that if your seeds do not have the potential to color the flowers in purple, then no technique will fix it. You may encounter common misconceptions about lower temperatures, lower oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, and other stressful conditions that are expected to turn an ordinary bud into a cosmic one. These actions will harm yields only. However, some of these tips do make sense if you are concerned about the genetics of your plants and are willing to grow purple marijuana at all costs.

How to Grow Weed with Purple Flowers?

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The first task is to find the right seeds. Fortunately, strains with a predisposition to purple have the desired ‘Purple’ in their name and even have a colloquial ‘Purps’ title. All you need to do is compare your skills and equipment with the requirements of a particular strain and choose the one that suits you best among the Purps. Of course, it is better to order some seeds from a famous seed bank. It may cost money, but the right genetics is the key to success. If the plants are not predisposed, they will not become purple no matter what you do.

The second step is the autumn light and temperature regimes. As we wrote above, the color changes because the anthocyanin replaces chlorophyll in the plant. It is due to climate change, and you can help the plants that you grow to understand that autumn has come.

To begin with, change the day and night cycle. We remind you that in the days get shorter and the nights’ longer. It is a standard procedure when growing photoperiodic plants, so experienced growers will not experience any difficulties at this stage. The most convenient way to implement this is to install lamps with a timer. The ratio of light to darkness should be 50/50, which is 12 hours of the ‘day’ and 12 hours of the ‘night’.

If you have auto-flowering plants, the situation may be a little confusing. On the one hand, they don’t need a special light regime for flowering, and you can leave 18/6 until the harvest. This way, you won’t risk your yield, but you may lose the desired purple shades. After all, our goal is a potent weed, not a beautiful one.

The second factor in autumn is temperature. It should be low, but not too much for your plants to change their mind to ripen, but not above 10 degrees Celsius during darkness. Since part of the temperature depends on the lamp, turning it off may be enough. It depends on where you grow. A small grow box with a little air may not have time to cool down, and a large hangar does not rely on the heat from the lamps so much. So it’s better to use a heat sink to regulate the air condition as accurately as possible.

So to grow purp weed plants, you should use only three tips: choose the right seeds, observe the lighting mode, and not leave the air temperature too high at night.

Purple weed is real. It can be of high quality and may even have a pleasant taste, but not better than the nugs of green. It means that if you get purple flower weed in your hands, you can count on quality, compared to the mids, but do not expect another level of cannabis. After all, this is a fashion trend, and we may see strains of all rainbow colors in the future.

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