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Is high sex dangerous?

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When it comes to high sex, it’s hard to do objective research. When the senses are studied, it becomes almost impossible to obtain detached data. The perception of a person can change as a result of an infinite number of factors. It directly affects the purity of the result.

However, researchers are trying to find reliable answers about sex while stoned since the middle of the last century. Hippies have revived public interest in marijuana and have shown that smokers are not dangerous. The sexual revolution that followed required a scientific response.

Scientists had to determine what happens during high sex under the influence of the most popular recreational substances – marijuana and alcohol. Although a lot of time had passed since then, time could not compensate for the ineffective legal regulation. Thus, we have much more research on the effects of alcohol than any other substance.

Is weed an aphrodisiac?

Many people don’t even need scientists to do that kind of research. Most adults have experienced sexual intercourse under the influence of alcohol at least once in their lives. Since the harmful effects of alcohol have long been beyond doubt, drunken sex is also not perceived as approving. But what about marijuana?

First of all, we should recognize the fact that marijuana is more beneficial than harmful. It is used to relieve pain, relieve the symptoms of many chronic diseases, and improve emotional health. Many consumers claim that cannabis enhances sexual pleasure. And since the study was not a joke, the interviewees were not just random people.

The origins of scientific research were not so deep – around the 60s of the last century. The research by Erich Hood, Professor of Sociology at Stonebrooke University, showed the following results:

Several hundred people were interviewed. About 80% of them said cannabis increases arousal, while about 70% said it increases the pleasure of sex on weed. Respondents showed that marijuana removes stiffness and liberates. Having sex while high arouse new sexual fantasies, and pushes to the new experience.

A recent study by sex educator and writer Ashley Manta practically confirmed the research of the 60s. Manta noted that the main advantage of sex while high is the ability to turn off the brain and turn on the body. It is impossible not to agree with Manta!

However, she emphasized that the dose is defining here. Small amounts of THC have a beneficial effect on interpersonal relationships and improve understanding between partners. Excessively high levels of THC can cause paranoia, nausea, or general nervousness incompatible with relaxation and pleasure. Therefore, use this aphrodisiac with a proven partner or with great care. However, paranoia is not always a bad thing…

Paranoia can be beneficial!

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Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Johns Hopkins University Matthew Wayne Johnson says: “Despite the liberation that marijuana and alcohol give, unprotected sex under alcohol is much more common than under cannabis.”

Of course, the number of people tested for alcohol and cannabis varies greatly. Approximately thirty times more data is available on the effects of alcohol. However, even the available facts allow us to draw the following conclusion.

Alcohol use reduces the likelihood of condom use in different sexual scenarios. When talking about sex after cannabis use, people were less likely to have high sex with a risky partner.

The reason for this is paranoia. Of course, no one says that everyone is afraid, but a certain amount of doubt makes people dodge the risk more often than they go for it. Johnson says that cannabis can make some people more worried about the possibility of catching STDs, while alcohol dulls the anxiety about possible negative consequences.

Moreover, alcohol significantly reduces the ability to control premature ejaculation. At the same time, marijuana aggravates the feelings, and you can complete your act of love significantly earlier than usual, but you will feel it! Despite the lack of statistical data, we can assume that alcohol increases the risk of unwanted pregnancy compared to marijuana.

So cannabis won once again. Cannabis use will force you to assess several times the situation you are in; to appraise yourself and your partner. Think about it a little more. Understand that it hasn’t been long since you’ve doubted and made a decision. Such vigilance, natural for stoner sex, will help keep you healthy and even alive.

The quality of sex itself will not suffer if you and your partner use it moderately. Since marijuana does not cause irreversible damage to the body, we can consider its use safe and recommend it as an aphrodisiac for those who want to try something new.

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