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Incredible Hemp Fiber

hemp fiber

Hemp fiber is a cheap, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, waterproof, and durable material that can help us in almost all areas of life, but we neglect it for some reason. In this article, we will try to list all useful hemp fabric properties, find out how strong is hemp and answer why it has not yet received the deserved attention.

Hemp is an incredible plant. Being a weed, it spreads effortlessly in almost any climate, not being afraid of low temperatures or lack of irrigation. With proper care, ruderalis bushes can grow a few meters high. Such unpretentiousness to growing conditions and fertility determines the cheapness of hemp fiber.


hemp fiberglass

Wool, cotton, flax, or any other material from plants, which are used to make the fabric is much more expensive in production. Usually, plantations require strict compliance with the temperature regime, the amount of water received, and protection from insects and weeds. It calls for money and resources. To grow quality textiles, you need agricultural professionals, greenhouses, and expensive equipment.

Hemp fibers only require a place in the sun. They grow fast and request minimal processing to become textiles. It means that the cost of hemp fiber per pound is lower than other materials. What’s more, hemp fiber is treated with almost no waste.


hemp fibre

Wool production is a very complex process: a small sheep must grow and consume the tones of the feed to produce textiles. Artificial fabrics are produced from refined oil and do not decompose, and if they are burned, they release smog into the atmosphere and thin the ozone layer. In other words, other materials consume too many resources in production compared to hemp fibers.

Eco-sustainability is the ability to produce something without significant harm to other ecosystems, and this perfectly describes hemp. Its production does not affect other areas of nature and does not leave much waste. Almost all of its constituent parts have useful properties: grains and roots are edible and very healthy for the body, leaves and trunks can become material for paper and hemp fiberglass insulation. Of course, hemp oil is another valuable energy resource. Among other things, it helps to relieve inflammation, such as allergies, which, incidentally, hemp fiber can not even cause.


how strong is hemp

Resinous hemp stems do not produce particles that can become irritants and allergens as they mature, making hemp fibers an ideal choice for those who suffer from their immune system. Unlike animal tissues, hemp fibers are suitable for everyone and do not irritate your skin or mucous membranes.

Moreover, the essential oils contained in the plant have anti-inflammatory properties, which will help relieve an allergy attack.



Sailors used hemp fibers to produce ropes from the very beginning of navigation. The main feature of this material was its complete immunity to moisture. Ordinary fabrics inevitably began to rot in the harsh conditions of sea voyages. The resinous structure of hemp made it water-repellent and thus ideal for marine conditions.

But this is not the only reason to make ropes and coils out of hemp. They were also very durable.


hemp fabric properties

How strong is hemp? Again, the oily base keeps the fiber as a natural glue, thus turning the whole plant into a natural rope. These features make hemp fiber the most tensile strength of all plant materials. That’s why the ropes, cords, and harnesses made of hemp are the strongest.

But why do we still barely use hemp fiber? We are beginning to re-invent this valuable resource, restoring its legitimate reputation. Look at the criminal code of your country, most likely among the other crimes such as theft and murder, there will be the cultivation of several bushes. Even if you want to engage in the production of 100% harmless technical cannabis, you will have to obtain hundreds of permits and go through bureaucratic hell. Who benefits from this? Everyone who produces paper, fuel, clothing, and, of course, alcohol and tobacco.

We believe that the widespread use of cannabis would help to change the ecological sustainability of our planet for the better.

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