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How to Store Weed

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The method of marijuana storage determines how long your buds will remain potent and fragrant. What is the best way to store weed? Do I need to vacuum the buds? Can the nugs be frozen without losing their properties? We will try to answer these questions in this article for you to store weed properly.

Proper weed storage makes buds look bright and rich – most often, flowers are green with orange hairs, although sometimes you can find other colors – purple or brown.

Wrongly stored buds become more brown and brittle (brown is not always a wrong color, as well as treated cannabis also loses color, but brown and brittle flowers are a clear sign of improper storage).

If you grow a lot of cannabis at one time, you should store it until the next harvest. Some growers harvest once a year, so they need to keep the buds until the fall! Fortunately, cannabis storage is effortless and cheap. You don’t need any special equipment except a sealed glass jar.

Where to Store Weed?

marijuana storage

Below are the main ways how to store marijuana, each with its pros and cons:

Plastic bags

Although small self-locking bags (zip-locks) is the most common way to store among non-growers, it is one of the worst. Buds dry out and crumble in plastic bags. The volume of the buds also decreases rapidly, and the bag itself provides no protection, which means that the buds can easily be broken or flattened.

Use plastic bags only for short-term storage, or do not use them at all. If you worry about marijuana shelf life, it is better to buy a special glass container with UV protection (it will also protect against smell leaks).


The buds stored in the refrigerator are more often affected by mold, even in airtight containers. Store the buds outside the fridge or in the freezer.

If the fridge is your only option, make sure the buds are completely dry so that the mold does not develop. It’s best to keep your stock in the bottom drawer, where the temperature and humidity drop is less. However, it’s better not to keep the buds in the refrigerator, as a regular shelf or drawer is better for this purpose.


Once you have completely dried the buds, you can freeze them to preserve their potency for many years. Some put the buds in special freezing bags, and then wrap them in foil. You can do this, but it is better to freeze the buds directly in glass jars. If you have a lot of buds to long term marijuana storage (several years), the freezer is the best way.

Do not touch the frozen buds as the trichomes become brittle and fall off easily at temperatures below zero. Let the buds warm up to room temperature before doing anything with it.

If the trichomes fall off, collect them from the bottom of the container and use them. It is the kif that falls to the bottom of the grinder. So do not worry — the trichomes will not disappear.

In the freezer, the buds retain their potency longer than at room temperature, so it’s up to you to decide whether to store them there or not. Growers store frozen flowers without losing the properties for many years, especially in the case of harvests in the outdoors, when they gather many kilos at a time.

Glass jar

best way to store weed

The sealed glass jar in the cool (15-20°C) dark corner is the best way to store marijuana and also the most popular among growers. You can find glass jars of about a liter with a screw in almost any store. They allow keeping valuable THC, protecting buds from moisture and air.

Glass jars also do not release odors and do not allow the flowers to deform. Fill the jars at least 3/4 of the volume so that there is enough but not too much air left. Weed shelf life in hermetic jars in a cool dark place lasts for years.

Features of glass jars

  • Airtight and odor-proof;
  • Does not stop, but supports the curing process, so the nugs in storage continue to gain strength;
  • Does not affect the natural aroma and taste of marijuana (as opposed to plastic, metal, and some types of wood);
  • Trichomes do not fall off due to static;
  • Flowers can be stored for a year or more in a cool dark place without losing THC.

Features of the freezer

frozen weed
  • If you freeze in bags (no glass jars), the buds may slightly lose their taste/scent due to polyethylene, and they may be easily damaged when frozen. Using glass jars will prevent these problems.
  • Always allow the flowers to warm up to room temperature before use so that the trichomes do not crumble.
  • Frozen buds remain potency for years.

Storage of buds is a case for experienced smokers or growers. If you are a casual smoker, you probably don’t usually have more than a few grams on you. This amount can easily fit in a ziplock and wait a day or two to be smoked.

It is not enough time for your nugs to lose their potency, smell, or any useful qualities. However, you still need to be careful about humidity and direct sunlight, as they act very fast.

For those who have accumulated a few dozens, hundreds, or even kilos of buds, the situation is quite different.

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