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How to Stop Being High?

Coming down from a high is not the most favorite moment for marijuana lovers, but perhaps the most long-awaited for those who experience a bad trip. Nausea and dizziness can scare and increase panic in your head. What to do?

First, breathe out. Second, enjoy our advice on how to sober up from weed. This article may not sober you up, but it will surely direct you. Just follow the white rabbit.

What to Do When You Get Too High

how to stop being high

For starters, let us determine that there is no concept of being too high. Since history does not know any case of fatal overdoses of cannabinoids, there is no limit dose. In other words, smoke all you want — you will not die anyway.

It was an optimistic note that you should have read to reduce panic. It is the psychological effects of marijuana that cause bad experiences most often. People who are not used to the flow of thoughts that falls on them after a puff can start panicking.

The anxiety that accompanies us in everyday life can be increased by feelings of guilt for irresponsible behavior. This thought is amplified by physical intoxication and perceived judgment. At this time, the super-fast transmission of impulses by neurons does not even give a chance to process these thoughts one by one and triggers a carousel of self-beating.

So one of the main ways to sober up from weed is to keep your head cold. In both senses.

Bad thoughts can occur for a hundred personal reasons, but you should understand that it is not the best time to think about it. You can just remember something unpleasant that happened to you during the day, and the accelerated brain will add a thousand little things that will make you think it is important, and you will feel bad.

Another scenario assumes that you will remember something that gives you a hard time in your daily life, and possibly something that makes you smoke at all. In that case, you will think that smoking is bad and start blaming yourself for escaping from reality, but it is also the wrong option.

When you’re stoned, your perception changes, so it’s better to postpone difficult decisions, perhaps that’s why you smoke. There is nothing wrong with relaxing. The best way out is to cut off all bad thoughts. Watch what you think and as soon as there are negative emotions — remove them. It does not mean that you should never be sad, but you shouldn’t do it while smoking.

Ways to Come Down From a High

In fact, there is nothing that will make you sober from weed immediately. Cannabinoids attach to receptors throughout the body and concentrate in the fatty tissue. That’s why any action to bring you back into reality is aimed at stimulating your nervous system to fight the consequences, not the causes of cannabis intoxication.

Here are some of the most common ways to sober up from weed:

sober from weed
  • Drink water — it may be simple and obvious, but marijuana causes dehydration, which impairs the whole body and causes unpleasant sensations.
  • Move — you may not be ready for exercise, but even a light warm-up will speed up blood circulation in the body and improve self-control.
  • Eat a sweet — a soda or chocolate bar is a large amount of easily digestible sugar that will get into your blood, split into energy, and breathe life into your hanging head.
  • Take a shower — if other ways do not help, but you urgently need to feel relief. Coldwater will irritate the skin, and it will wake up the nervous system, which sleeps after cannabis.
  • Eat sour or spicy — the smell will also help. Like all other irritants, our main goal is to get out of the fetters of nap and smoothness.
  • Drink strong coffee — the most affordable stimulant for the nervous system. It may not be the best option for those with heart problems.

As you can see, there are many ways to fight uncomfortable high. You can use mental meditation techniques or physically influence the body with sweet water. The result will be one – you are still stoned. The best solution in this situation is to let go of the problem and stop considering your high uncomfortable.

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