How to Make a Joint Burn Slower?

how to stop a joint burning

If you are a fan of joints, then most likely, you have already wondered how to make a joint burn slower. We wrote this article so that you can finally understand how to stop a common burning. Read on to find out what makes a blunt burn slower and how to make a joint last longer.

Here are some ways to make your blunt burn slower:

Grind Your Cannabis Properly

how to stop a joint burning

Cannabis that hasn’t been appropriately ground may significantly affect how your joint burns. The huge bits of cannabis flower, for example, will be difficult to ignite and result in an exceedingly uneven smoke if you haven’t ground your cannabis well enough.

If you’re attempting to smoke a joint with incorrectly ground cannabis, you’ll likely squander a lot of the common simply trying to keep it lit, much like if you’re trying to smoke cannabis that’s too wet.

Another issue is your joint burning unevenly, with small holes forming in the sides or only one side of the common burning (known as “canoeing”).

To correctly grind your cannabis, pick a robust grinder that grinds the flour uniformly so that all the tiny particles of cannabis are around the same size. It would be best to have a mound of fluffy-looking, finely ground cannabis in your hands.

Just make sure your cannabis isn’t crushed too finely to look like powder. Your joint’s ventilation might be stifled if your cannabis is too finely powdered. Your cannabis should not resemble little green stones or fine green sand when ground. Aim towards the middle ground.

Use Properly Dried & Cured Cannabis

how to make a blunt burn slower

How to roll a slow-burning joint? Here is another answer to this question. 

Curing is the next step in the cannabis production process after drying. This is when you store your newly dried cannabis in airtight jars for a lengthy time, which helps clear the cannabis of extra chemicals that impact how it smokes. Consider it the cannabis equivalent of maturing wine.

The amount of time cannabis flower has cured impacts how quickly and evenly it burns. Uncured or under-cured cannabis may still be too moist to burn correctly, resulting in you squandering most of your joint attempting to get it lighted.

Overly dry cannabis, on the other hand, can burn very rapidly. Finding cannabis that has been cured for the proper period is the key. Your joints will burn more slowly and evenly if you obtain well-cured cannabis.

Choose The Right Rolling Papers

how to make a joint burn slower

Do you want to know how to make weed burn slow? Then choose the proper rolling papers.  The significance of a good essay is frequently overlooked. Still, it will have such a significant impact on your abilities and end product that you’ll regret using those disgusting gas station rolling sheets.

Rolling papers are available in various forms, sizes, styles, and brands. Hemp, rice, natural sap, and even translucent cellulose sheets are all available. Overall, the quality of the product will significantly impact the quality of your rolls.

The general rule is that the thicker the paper, the faster the joint burns. As a result, avoid using thick rolling sheets that appear to be intended for writing on. On the packaging of your favorite brand, look for the words “thin” or “ultra-thin.”

Your joint smoking is influenced by the type of rolling paper you use. The most efficient rolling papers are those made from hemp. Not only will you be smoking hemp-rolled cannabis, but rolling hemp papers will also burn slower, more evenly, and with fewer burnouts.

Roll Tight Joints

how to stop a joint from burning

Your joint will burn rapidly and unevenly if too much air moves through it. As a result, rotating your joints tightly will help them burn more efficiently. You’ll want to take your time with the “packing” step of joint rolling if you want a tight joint.

This is when the cannabis has already been sprinkled inside your rolling paper. You press the two sides of the paper together back and forth until the cannabis within the paper begins to form a tight log shape.

It’s time to roll the paper up after you’ve got this tight log of ground cannabis inside. Bring the closest side of the form down until the top is flush with the top of the cannabis log within the paper.

Then, using one thumb, tuck the top of the paper over the cannabis, and with the other, coil the paper upwards to finish the joint.

It is only a question of practice to do this correctly. To roll a beautiful, tight joint, there is no mysterious method. All you have to do now is practice, practice, practice. Here’s how to roll a flawless joint, according to our experts.

Just be careful not to over-roll your joint. If your joint is overly tight, it will restrict airflow, making it impossible for you to inhale any smoke.

If rolling isn’t your strong suit, consider investing in a rolling machine that can produce precisely tight cigarette-style j’s in seconds! 

Use Hash Oil

how to make weed burn slow

Hash oil will not only make your joints burn more slowly, and it will also help you climb higher. After filling your rolling paper with ground cannabis, drizzle some hash oil over the top and evenly distribute it throughout the joint. Alternatively, if your hash oil is incredibly sticky, you may use your dabber to spread it around the interior or outside the paper, similar to butter on toast.

It’s entirely up to you whether you use hash oil on the inside or outside your joint. In either case, the hash oil’s thick, sticky nature will slow down the rate at which your joint burns. Just keep in mind that, as previously said, adding hash oil to your joint will dramatically increase its potency.

If you do add hash oil to your joint, it’s advised that you smoke less of it than usual, wait at least 15 minutes, and then continue smoking the remainder if you’re not as high as you’d want to be.

Add Honey

how to make joint burn slower

Honey is the answer to how to make a blunt burn slower.

According to some cannabis users, Honey is the ideal sticking agent for keeping your blunt wraps from uncoiling mid-toke. But what about a standard joint with honey?

With its thick and sticky nature, Honey might help slow down the time it takes for a standard joint to burn. Many people say it gives their joint a pleasant, delightful flavor.

The key to using honey in your joint is to do it in moderation. You’ve applied too much love if your rolling paper is sopping wet, sticky, and floppy after doused your joint in it. Keep the motto “less is more” in mind.

Drizzle a thin line of honey across the rolling paper before putting your weed in. Then spread the love evenly throughout the inside of the paper using your finger or a butter knife. On the inside of your rolling paper, there should be a thin coating of honey. After that, add your cannabis and roll your joint as usual.

PRO TIP: To ensure that your honey is evenly distributed, use a CBD honey syringe. Additionally, the CBD adds a unique touch.

Another approach is to roll the joint first, then apply a tiny layer of honey on the exterior. Many individuals do this, then roll kief or other ground cannabis on the sticky outside surface of their joint. This will undoubtedly add elegance to your joint while also reducing the time it takes to smoke.

Just take care not to spread the honey too far down the joint to the point where you’ll use your fingers to hold it together. You will end up with sticky, filthy fingertips if you do this.

Last Words

Following our tips, you will no longer need to google every time how to make joints burn slower. Just try one of our joint smoking methods, and maybe one of them will become your favorite.

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