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How to Smoke Weed for the First Time

smoking weed for the first time

Smoking weed for the first time can be quite dramatic. Like any ‘first time,’ it is associated with high expectations. Many expect an incredibly high and Stone Effect but don’t get what they expected.

Perhaps we know what makes your cannabis experience incomplete. Getting high for the first time is like the first sexual experience – almost no one does it cool the first time.

If you’re just getting ready for your first puff, we strongly recommend sticking to our first time smoking weed tips. If your first time was a few grams ago, read what you could have done better.

Smoke When You’re Ready

getting high for the first time

The main advice we can give about smoking pot for the first time is to do it at the right time. We have several factors in mind at once.

First of all, it is your age. Since marijuana is a fairly strong substance, you should be old enough to decide to use it. There is nothing worse than putting yourself in a situation where you do not understand anything, even without understanding what you are doing.

Baby smoking is an unhealthy phenomenon. A young body is still growing and developing when it meets weed smoke. This encounter can lead to physical development problems, which may appear despite the apparent harmlessness of marijuana. At the same time, mental health is in even greater danger. The euphoria given by the plant may cause psychological addiction. Even adults can push back their problems to smoke, and children can forget about the study or abandon their career. That is why we do not recommend smoking weed for beginners at a young age.

In addition to age restrictions, which are quite consistent with the law, we insist that you consider your emotional state. The right time means your mental state in general. If you feel anxious or depressed, you may want to avoid smoking.

While many claim that weed is a great cure for depression, it can make it worse. Marijuana works like a gas pedal for your thoughts. If you are in a good mood, it will intensify several times, but a bad mood can cause an avalanche of negativity. It is why the atmosphere is so important in smoking marijuana for the first time.

Smoke in the Right Environment

smoking weed for beginners

What around forms what is inside. So this rule also works for those who are trying weed for the first time. As you remember, you should avoid irritants that can make you nervous.

First of all, this is the place where you smoke. Most likely, you will feel uncomfortable for doing something wrong. Therefore, the best place to smoke will be a cozy home of your friends, where you can feel relaxed and not afraid that you will be disturbed by someone. It is also better to finish all urgent business and hold all important negotiations before smoking marijuana for the first time.

The second important factor in the environment that determines your experience are those who you smoke with. Being reckless kids, they can give you too much or make your experience worse with the anxious conversation. Friends with whom you have decided to try psychoactive substances should be the most reliable ones. It is best that they already have experience with marijuana and can prepare you too.

What to Expect First Time Smoking Weed

As we said before, expecting disappointment is a winning tactic in any case. In case of a negative or neutral experience, you will be ready for it and will not be upset, which can aggravate the feelings.

The weed can affect you, but you will not be ready to enjoy its action. It is quite common for smoking marijuana for the first time. Many debutants lose the feeling of time and go deep inside themselves without being able to interact with the world around them. It can happen to you as well. We advise you to avoid privacy and keep the conversation in the company doing something. It is the best way to spend time without the risk of a bad trip.

In case of a good experience, be prepared that you will like it too much. The usual positive effects of using marijuana are called heightened feelings. It applies to all feelings and thoughts. Music will penetrate directly into your head, making your body react to the rhythm. The eyes will see curious details in every object. Smells can cause dizziness, and ordinary chips will explode with a taste all over your mouth, forcing you to stuff your mouth full. The worst thing is that it will end and you won’t like it. You’ll want to repeat this feeling, and it may push you into addiction.

These were the basic things to know before smoking weed. They may seem depressing and discouraging, but we wanted to make this article as objective as possible. It was quite difficult to suppress the love of cannabis and not to encourage everyone to give up alcohol and other poison to smoke a common pipe.

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