What Are Moon Rocks: Let’s Find Out Where These Magic Stones Came From

What Are Moon Rocks

The origin of the Moon Rocks is uncertain, but rumor has it that the Starbuds 760 dispensary first invented them and legendary west coast rapper Kurupt popularized his own version’s product and brand name – Kurupt MoonRock.

What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks are the THC megazord – they are essentially cannabis buds (historically GSC, but any other variety would do), dipped or sprayed with hash oil, and then dipped in a keef. While the THC content in each batch of Moonstones varies and depends on how it is made / who produces it, the general consensus is that THC levels hover around 50% THC.

Most popular cannabis strains have THC levels between 17 and 28%, but MoonRock weed is close to 50%. Any variety is suitable for their preparation, but most often Auto MoonRock is chosen.

How much is a Moon Rock worth? Skittles MoonRock are also called hemp caviar because of their taste and high prices. Usually they are quickly swept off the shelves of dispensaries in spite of that.

How much does a gram of MoonRock cost? You need to know that one gram can cost about $50.

Moon Rocks Drug Effects

Moonstones have gained notoriety for being too powerful. The peak has been described as a vivid and somewhat psychedelic experience with marked relaxation. Patients may like this product because it is highly relaxing and pain-relieving. It is recommended to use it in the evenings or after the completion of all important matters.

Coming from Moon Rocks edible is one of those slow arrivals that you definitely feel right from the start, but after 30 minutes you realize you’ve reached the pinnacle of the parish that you might not have been ready to conquer. The impact is quite strong and can last more than 7 hours, so you should be prepared for it!

Moon Rocks Drug Effects

Moonstones should not be underestimated – they are not suitable for beginners and should be used with caution. The smoke from Moon Rocks is very thick, throats and tastes like dabs, and due to the high concentration of THC, unwanted side effects can occur:

  • anxiety;
  • paranoia;
  • dizziness;
  • acceleration of the heartbeat;
  • dry mouth.

To reduce the likelihood of their occurrence, start with a very small portion and take a few minutes break between puffs. One or two may be enough, even if you are vaping Moon Rocks regularly.

How to Make Moon Rocks?

Required Ingredients:

  • large fresh cannabis buds;
  • hash oil or other concentrate;
  • kif;
  • butter knife;
  • silicone gloves;
  • tweezers.

Step-by-step cooking instructions:

  • Make sure the tweezers are clean and wear gloves to avoid staining your hands with resin. If you have a thick or hard concentrate such as wax or shatter, you’ll need to soften it first. To do this, pick up a small amount with a butter knife and heat evenly from the underside with a lighter. Keep it at some distance so as not to accidentally ignite the concentrate. If you have liquid MoonRock hash oil, you don’t need to heat it up.
  • Remove all unnecessary twigs from the bud. Ideally, it should be large enough for the future moonstone to look like a ball. The best choice would be a dense bud that grows on top of the main cola. Take it with tweezers and cover MoonRocks with wax. To do this, you can use an eyedropper, a baking brush, or a regular pinky-wide art brush. The harder concentrates are easy to apply with a knife. Do not immerse the buds in a container of oil, as they’ll take too long to dry and can be more difficult to smoke. Wait for the layer to dry and dab another or proceed to the next step of preparing Moon Rocks.
  • 3. Dip the buds in the kief or sprinkle on top to make the surface look soft and fluffy. Place them on paper and let dry (leave them for at least 45–60 minutes). In a dry and dark place, where the sun won’t hit the moonstones, they can be stored almost indefinitely.

How to Smoke Space Nugs?

How to Smoke Space Nugs

Moonstones are already recommended for advanced cannabis users as they are incredibly potent. We’ll provide you with some tips on how to prepare for consuming Moon Rocks cannabis:

Do Not Use a Grinder

Moonstones are best crumbled with tweezers, small scissors, or, in extreme cases, with your hands. If you grind them in a grinder, it’ll become sticky and you would lose a lot of kief, which can reduce the power of the product.

Eat and Drink Water First

Snack cravings and dry mouth after smoking moon rock weed are common symptoms, so it’s important to take care of yourself early to prevent nausea and dehydration. Place snacks and water nearby as you may not want to get off the couch.

Use Glass Devices

Smoke MoonRock buds through a bong or glass pipe. The idea of ​​making a joint or blunt may sound tempting, but it would be very difficult to set it on fire, and it’ll be almost impossible to make a good puff. In addition, oil and tar can impair traction. If you definitely want to try this method, then put regular cones as a base and add a few pieces of moonstone to them. I highly discourage the use of e-cigarettes, as they break easily with prolonged use for wax or kief.

Find the Right Time and Place

If you are going to smoke Skittles Moon Rock, do it in a comfortable and inspiring environment for you, where everything around gives joy to your soul. You’ll be in “stuck mode” and all you need to do is sit back and relax! So, always be ready to drink Moon Rock!

Sun Stones

Recently, in addition to the Moon Rock drug, other potent cannabis products have appeared on the market. Sunrocks are now marketed by several manufacturers including Big Tray Dee and Apollo.

Sunstones are an improved version of Moonstones. They are more powerful and contain up to 80% THC. They are usually made from OG grades and coated with wax rather than hash oil. Most people advise using them in the same way as moonstones. If you rarely smoke, I do not advise you to try this concentration until your tolerance increases.

SunRocks retails for $550 for 28 grams, or about $25 per gram, which is less than the Moon Rock drug price. But in the end it’s not that expensive considering the quality of the product. Like MoonRocks, they usually give results at 60% THC. In the case of SunRocks by King Louis OG, they can go up to 80% THC.

Best Cannabis Strain for Making MoonRock

Best Cannabis Strain for Making MoonRock

Auto MoonRock is the newest autoflowering development from Divine Seeds for those looking for a new experience or moonrock. This variety gets its name from being especially well suited for making THC MoonRocks without pinning you to the couch after eating.

Breeders used Afghan and Nepalese genetics. The Nepalese sativa dominant, which served as the basis for Auto Moon Rock, was chosen for its persistence and special bright taste with notes of pine needles and feijoa. This genotype is perfect for any region due to the predominance of indica and captivates with expressive features of sativa: slightly elongated leaves and inflorescences and a cheerful effect that allows you to fight depressive states. Be careful and do not try fake Moon Rock weed – it has a very poor quality.

What is the action of Auto Moon Rock? So, if you are cracking Auto Moon Rock’s scented bud and your nostrils are tickled by its piney smell, then get ready to experience a mixed trip for 2–2.5 hours. As a relaxant and antispasmodic, Auto MoonRock is very effective – its invigorating effect does not cause any tension or paranoia at all. For this reason, the variety is recommended for the first experiments in acquaintance with the sativa states. For medical purposes, Auto MoonRock is effective in combating appetite disorders, nausea, anxiety and depression. In recreational use, this lunar prism gives strength in an unlimited range of situations: a serene picnic or a splendid concert, or a productive raid on work / creativity is guaranteed to you! Suitable for any time of the day.The authors of the blog have enlightened you on what is Moon Rock made of and how to cook these magic stones yourself at home. This is not such a complicated process, but if you are a beginner, it is better to postpone it.

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