How Long Do Pre-rolled Joints Last: All about Safe Storage of Your Joints

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We live in an age of instant gratification, and you can’t surpass the ease of a pre-roll. Your cannabis is ready to smoke anytime you are, with no need to roll or pack it on the spot. You have the option of rolling your cannabis or purchasing it pre-rolled from a vendor. Knowing how long pre-rolled joints last and how to save a joint for later will help preserve your joints. 

Let’s understand how long pre-rolls stay good and how you can save a joint for later.

What Happens If a Pre-rolled Joint Goes Stale

You don’t have to get rid of that old joint. It’s probably acceptable to smoke as long as it’s not moldy or damaged. It won’t have the same impact as something new, but it might still work. You’ll probably notice that it burns more quickly, has lost some strength, and is harsher.

Tips on How to Save a Joint Fresh

how to save a joint

While you can technically smoke that stale joint, it’s typically a wiser idea to keep it fresh. Proper storage is the key to preserving that freshness. There are a few easy methods to achieve this: store them in an airtight container, protect them from harm, and limit excessive light and moisture exposure.

Storing Them in an Airtight Container

The most crucial criterion for storage is that your container be airtight, but not all pre-roll storage containers are made equal. Although a sealed plastic bag is theoretically airtight, it offers little protection. You’ll be sad and sober if you put that baggy in your pocket and expect everything to remain in one piece when you try to smoke later.

The option of Doob tubes is also available. They are lightweight, reusable, and small enough to fit your pocket or handbag. Doob tubes have long been used to keep half-smoked joints and pre-rolls fresh.

Cigar tubes are a terrific alternative because they’re already sealed to keep the cigar that was formerly inside safe. 

Another method is to use glass jars, like mason jars, which are large enough to hold numerous pre-rolled joints. Sealing lids are included with Mason jars while latching lids are included with specific other glass jars.

You’ll probably utilize what you have on hand. If it’s a Ziplock, try not to take it with you or re-home it before you leave.

Protect Them from Physical Damage

If you intend on traveling, make sure you use a container that will protect your joints or joints, and be wary of Ziplocks, as previously noted. Damage is more likely to occur in a big glass jar or Ziplock bag. Your joints will move and shift until the glass jar is packed. As a result, if the glass jar isn’t filled, it might cause some harm owing to leftover space. The bag is fragile and incapable of providing adequate protection by its very nature. Putting it in your pocket or a bag of any type would certainly cause it to break.

Keep Away from Light and Moisture

long is a joint good

Even if you’ve never grown your cannabis, most people know its environmental impact. Even while it’s rolled, you want to keep it as safe as possible from its surroundings. It might deteriorate if exposed to too much light, and you run the chance of mold forming if it’s too hot and humid, not to mention undesirable flavor consequences. You should keep your cannabis in a humidified atmosphere with a 59 to 63 percent humidity level.

You’re undoubtedly thinking, “How can I manage relative humidity?” The good news is that humidity packs are easily accessible and can help you handle the problem. They come in various sizes, depending on how much you’re preserving and how big your storage container is. Humidity packs are designed to either release or take moisture from the air. You must use a humidity pack in an airtight container for it to operate. The pack might last anywhere from two to twelve months. You’ll want to keep an eye on it, and it will need to be changed if it turns dry or crispy.

We’ve established the importance of adequately keeping your pre-rolled joints, and we’ll show you some of the most effective ways to preserve your joints. Below, you can see a small list of what we recommend you buy to keep your joints safe.

A Saverette


The Saverette is a storage device you should purchase if you want to get high with a joint. It is multipurpose, as you can use it to keep both pre-rolled and half-smoked joints. When inserting your smoking joint inside the gadget, you will extinguish it in less than 5 seconds. This gadget is made of heat-resistant hard plastic and emits poisonous fumes.

Doob Tube

Doob Tube

Doob tubes are available in several forms and diameters to fit a variety of joint types, and they are also reusable and portable joint containers. The doob tube’s airtightness will assist keep the strong odor at bay, so consumers frequently return to this storage solution.

Torpedo Cone Tubes

buddies tube

These are lengthy tube-like containers that may safely transport your joint. The joints are protected by a thick coating of plastic that protects them from being twisted, crushed, or fractured. Torpedo cone tubes are available in various colors, including black, orange, red, yellow, and blue. They’re an excellent option for safely transporting your pre-rolled joint to your desired location if you’re always on the run.

Cigar Tubes

Cigar Tubes

As the name implies, Cigar tubes are used to store and keep cigars fresh. Cigar tubes may also include cigar wrappings used as rolling paper. These tubes are long enough to fit in most joints, and their sturdy construction prevents them from being damaged during shipping.

Pill Bottles

Pill bottles are meant to protect pills from moisture and breakage, so they might also be a good alternative for storing pre-rolled joints. Although they are not tall enough to hold complete joints, they are large enough to have little joints and half-smoked joints, depending on the bottle. Pill bottles, much like the tablets themselves, aim to keep moisture and free radicals out of your joints, allowing them to last longer.

Ziplock Bags

One of the most common means of keeping joints is the trusty Ziplock bag. When stored at home, ziplock bags are an excellent and inexpensive method to keep joints fresh. When fully zipped, it prevents air and moisture from penetrating the joint, preventing quick deterioration and mold growth. But remember that ziplock are not suitable for transporting joints, and Ziplock cannot provide such security as doob tubes.

A Glass Mason Jar


For longer-term storage, glass mason jars may have enough capacity to include a moisture pack. They’re typically used to store dried flower buds rather than joints, which doesn’t rule out the possibility of repurposing them to store pre-rolled joints neatly. If you appreciate having a lot of pre-rolled joints at home, this may be a good alternative. Simply make sure that the container you choose has an airtight closure. There are also a variety of glass jar-style containers designed expressly for storing dried cannabis flowers or pre-rolled joints.

Last Words about How to Store Joints

After reading our article and understanding how you can save a blunt for later, we hope that you have found the perfect way to save joints. You no longer have to worry about how long a pre-rolled joint stays fresh if you keep them properly. Share this article with your friends so that they, too, understand how long a joint is suitable for.

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