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How to roll a joint?

Even though the industry is rapidly moving forward, some smokers remain true to the good old tradition of weed roll-up. Perhaps this is a way to honor ancestors or a habit that came from cigarettes. In any case, it is a ritual that makes your experience individual.

At a time when you can hear the names of new smoking devices everywhere, the ability to roll a perfect joint is still highly valued. If you want to acquire this skill, we will tell you everything we know about weed rolling in a few minutes!

Advantages of weed roll up

weed rolling

Why some still roll weed with paper when there are so many devices? Even if you want to feel the vibe so much, you can buy prerolls. So, there are at least four reasons why smokers prefer joints.

  • Freedom of choice. You pick up the weed strain and its potency, size, and paper material. Also, there is a choice of sheets of paper with or without flavor. If necessary, you buy filters. This preparation process makes smoking a real pleasure, not a bad habit.
  • The contents of the joint. Prerolls are unlikely to contain the best product. Making a joint yourself, you are always confident in its components.
  • Manufacturing process. Since you need to spend your time to get a ready cigarette, this procedure is a kind of ritual. You can take your mind off the daily routine and do what you like.
  • Rare smoking. It takes time to make each joint. However, smoking less, but for fun – is also an important plus.

Now that we have found out the roll a joint advantage, we can get ready to make it. We will need to prepare all the necessary components for it.

  • Buds
  • Shredder
  • Paper
  • Filter

It is important to grind your flowers just before you start because they must stay fresh. Ground cannabis can dry out, and this will cause the joint to burn rather than smoldering. Or it may get wet, then you won’t be able to smoke at all. Take responsibility for the choice of the raw material, as it is a quality of your experience.

The color of the taste and smell of the paper does not matter, but the size does. Since you are a beginner, you will be more comfortable with regular size paper. As soon as you feel confident, switch to XL.

Once you have collected everything you need, we can roll a joint!

Rolling a joint without a filter

roll a joint

In this guide, we will use only our hands and no additional mechanisms. If you do decide to learn how to roll a joint, then you need to master the process itself. To make you understand roll a joint by hand, you should do it in the following order:

  1. Take out the paper and put it on the side with glue to the top. It may seem strange to a beginner, but most manufacturers make the paper too wide. It means that you can gently tear off a strip one centimeter thick on the opposite side. This way, you can roll a good joint without any extra paper.
  2. Put the paper on three fingers of your left hand and press with your thumb in the middle to make the sheet take the shape of a bucket. A strip of glue should look inside now.
  3. Place some cannabis on the paper. Distribute it evenly along the length of the sheet to ensure an even burn. Many people prefer to roll a piece of cardboard now, but we will roll a joint without a filter.
  4. Roll up a strip of paper, with a substance. Roll it until you get a joint Wet the glue with your tongue and seal the joint. Already close, but it is not over.
  5. Now you have an open joint on both sides. You need to squeeze the paper on one end and turn the joint, repeat so several times. On the other end, you need to insert a filter. Since it is rolled, it can take any diameter, so you can add it when you are ready. It will sit perfectly anyway.

You can take the small rocket anywhere you want.

We recommend to roll a joint with a filter as this ensures its structure, keeps the ground flowers from falling off, and allows you to smoke the whole cigarette and not burn your lips.

As you can see, the process of weed rolling is not difficult, but you will have to practice. A few dozen of the first cigarettes will be a little sloppy, but then you will learn how to roll a perfect joint and become a welcome guest at every party.

Later, when you have gained some experience, you can customize the joints to your liking. The market offers hundreds of kinds of papers and filters of different sizes and tastes. Perhaps you will be inspired by the story of Tony Greenhand, and you will also learn how to roll smoky character figures.

The weed rolling world is very deep, and you will love it. It is one of the oldest, most harmless, and compact ways to smoke. It will survive many years and novelties, so you should appreciate its merits.


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