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How To Roll A Cross Joint: 7 Easy Steps To Create A Tight Cross Joint For Yourself

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For many uninitiated people, twisting joints or joints can be a daunting task. This is a really serious skill that comes with experience. Of course, for the lazy, there are even special machines that take on all the confusing work. But, everyone knows that a real weed lover is not looking for easy ways and shows his stoned creativity at every opportunity!

There are a million YouTube videos with workshops, and even a whole 250-page book on how to roll a cross joint. This is a real art that sometimes takes extremely bizarre and even extreme forms! Making a jamb in the form of a cross is considered the highest level in this matter.

Thanks to the ubiquitous Instagram, we can contemplate a huge number of truly unique, completely “smoking” creations of joint-rolling masters: scorpions, dinosaurs, Spidermen, Hulks, Eiffel Towers, Pokemon and others. One of the “professional jammers” Tony The Green Hand has reached the cosmic level with his almost eight-kilogram (I can’t even call a joint) creation in the form of a huge watermelon. His hand-made smoking cigarettes are now sold all over the world for thousands and thousands of multi-colored banknotes. – says another creative stoner Nick, who was inspired by the creations of Green Hand and began to try his hand at splifomaking himself. His works are just as enchanting: detailed and colorful hummingbirds, airplanes and comic characters. “For me, first of all, the functionality of the joint is important,” explains Nick, “so I pay great attention not only to visual appeal, but also to how this cross joint blunt will be smoked. I started small – I twisted the classic initial “rolligami” – a joint pigtail, a tulip, a pipe and, of course, a joint cross. And then I moved on!”

How to Make a Cross Joint?

How to Make a Cross Joint?

Today we will talk about how to roll cross blunt with your hands. How else can you gain respect in your community of like-minded people if they all smoke weed? This is the only way – a high-quality and cool cross-like joint.

Such manual work is an indicator of your development and strength, like “twisting” jambs. It’s a means of reaching a certain level – gaining status, praise, and respect for whoever you share your joint with.

Ask yourself: What would Jesus smoke himself?

The answer will be obvious: Cool jamb!

Who would he share this with? Definitely with you!

So don’t let these titans of cross joint smoking culture impose their own joint twisting style on you. Here’s how to roll a cross blunt step by step!

What you need for a blunt:

• Grinder (or pre-ground cannabis, the one that rushes will do);

• The largest papers for jambs;

• Small roll papers;

• A needle or any other sharp, thin object of comparable size.

Detailed Cross Blunt Instructions

Detailed Cross Blunt Instructions

Step 1

The first step to a good cross join in a jamb is to get the parts together correctly. And this is good, I mean a large joint per company. Use your royal rolls for this. This will be the large vertical and main part of your jamb-cross. Therefore, it must be wide enough to connect to the other component. Try to fill this compound with as much hemp as possible. For this junction, it is more important for the joint to be thick than long but thin.

Step 2

Next, you will have to twist a much smaller, thinner joint. This is the joint that will eventually need to be pushed through the first, thicker joint, thus completing the cross shape. Roll this joint with small paper and make sure it’s thin enough. The key to making this joint will be that both ends of it are set on fire at the same time.

Step 3

Now it’s time to poke a hole at the top of your thicker joint so you can thread the thinner one through. Do not place the opening for the small jamb too close to the top of the future jamb with a cross or too low. Think about where the horizontal axis is in a regular cross, and try to keep the proportion. Push the needle / pin all the way through the thick joint and twist it several times to create a hole for the smaller joint. Then pull out the needle.

Step 4

Next, punch a hole in the very center of your thinner jamb. This hole will eventually allow the smoke to flow out of the thin joint through the thick one, straight into the smoker’s mouth. So be careful and do it right! Make sure the hole is on the part of the joint that will be inside the thicker joint. If the hole is not made in the right place, everything done earlier will be in vain. Just push the pin through the jamb all the way and twist it a little to widen the hole.

Step 5

Next step, animate your cross. Gently push the thin joint through the hole you created in your thicker joint. Line up the hole you created in the thin jamb so that it points towards the fire and inhalation inside the thicker jamb.

Step 6

And to complete the picture of the future cross-like jamb, we will strengthen it. To do this, tear off thin strips of paper, about half a centimeter wide. Wrap them around the part of your cross jamb where they join. This will prevent your joint from leaking. Without lighting it, try pulling it with a sidelining. If it is sealed, you will feel and hear the paper squeeze and wriggle. If it doesn’t, and you can draw air through the mouthpiece, it means there is a hole somewhere that is obstructing the airflow in the joints. In this case, find the hole and cover it with another thin strip of paper, moistening it with saliva, for example.

Step 7

Once your double cross joint is sealed, it’s time to ignite this piece of art! Since people usually don’t have three hands, you will probably need your company to help you. Therefore, show your friends your cant, show off your work done and go ahead – share your wealth! Alternatively, you can use a candle to light the end of the joint, while you use lighters to light the two smaller ends of the joint and smoke the whole thing yourself.

Some Interesting Information

There are so many professionals in the field of jamming. They create smokable masterpieces. Their work sells for a lot of money, but why? The point is that they make jambs in different shapes. It can be the shape of a rose, AK-41, an animal, a famous character. These people have turned their gift of ganja twisting into not only high art but also a personal brand. So it is possible that you will be able to become the same professional in twisting joints.
The authors of the blog told what is a cross joint and presented you with instructions on how to twist a joint and smoke marijuana in an unusual way. It’s never too late to try yourself and your creative powers in this difficult, but so exciting business! With a little practice and perseverance, maybe after a while you yourself will be able to participate in the famous league or sell your work for large sums and become rich!

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