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How to reduce your marijuana tolerance?

marijuana tolerance

If you have been using marijuana daily for months or even years, you may no longer feel the effects of cannabis you used to. You think back more and more often and wonder why marijuana does not affect you the way it did before.

Most cannabis enthusiasts temporarily give up on marijuana as cannabis receptors (especially CB1 receptors) begin to inhibit the absorption of THC in the body during frequent and intensive use. The body tries to adapt to the constant flow of THC and takes it as the standard. So your body seems to say, “Well, if that’s how I’m going to feel a lot, then I’ll adjust to that state. Your body tries to keep you safe after THC intake, as it happens every day, or a little less often.

Studies have shown that CB1 receptors begin to recover after two days of interruption in cannabis use. Full recovery will take 3-4 weeks, after which the receptors will be ready to perceive THC again as before.

We recommend a precise time frame

Refusal shouldn’t be something like: “I’ll stop smoking, but if I want to, I’ll do it again.” Set accurate dates, so you always have a reference number in your head. It’s crucial to know how many days there are left. In this case, the additional motivation will be the distance covered and the proximity of the final date.

Try to find friends who are not using or want to refuse with you. In sober company, it is much easier to do it, and your smoking comrades will not provoke you.

It will be a difficult task, but the goal justifies all means. Be 100% honest with yourself, and always remember why you do it. You’ll hate to spend a couple of days without marijuana, and then blame yourself for the weak will by getting high.

Your body will get used to the absence of THC, which has previously been a regular occurrence. It cannot be compared to giving up alcohol because marijuana does not contain substances that are physically addictive. All sensations will be purely psychological. You may encounter a mild depression, but don’t worry – after 10-14 days, everything will be fine.


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