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How to Not Smell Like Weed?

best way to smoke without smell

No one wants smelling like weed. It can cause problems with the law, family disapproval, and just push strangers away. The truth is that most people find the flavor of cannabis rather unpleasant. Only a narrow circle of your bong-friends can take your wild scent.

It is why you should think about disguises. They will help you to avoid embarrassing situations, and you will feel more confident. However, the best way to solve the problem is to prevent it. Even the best cologne will not remove the scent but only hide it. We have found ways to smoke weed without smell and are ready to tell you everything we know.

When you smoke weed, a lot of things can stink. These can be the fingers you hold a cigarette with or the car you hotbox in. Some smells can be easily washed away or disguised, but your clothes and furniture that have been in a smoky space can retain a sharp aroma for quite some time.

Does Weed Smell Linger?

does weed smell stick

Not really. A small nug can reveal you in an enclosed space immediately, but if you have at least a few minutes to let in some fresh air, it will change the situation. The saturated smell is difficult to confuse with something else, but it will not enter the material if you do not make an extra effort to do so.

In this case, the worst way to smoke is a hotbox. A lot of smoke just envelops you, and particles of it stay on your clothes, skin, and hair. After this experience, no perfume will help. You will have to change your clothes and take a shower.

The best way to smoke without smell is to do it near an open window. Timely ventilation will save your room or car from the scent. It is much easier than dealing with tobacco, which leaves a much more corrosive odor.

How to hide the smell of weed?

does weed smell linger

We found out that your hands and mouth can spread the scent of cannabis the most. So to fix it, you need to use well-known means.

The first one is wet wipes or 2020 trend — hand sanitizer. They will help to hide bad smell on your fingers after a joint or blunt. Like cigarettes, they leave an unpleasant sharp scent that is quite difficult to remove but can be disguised.

The second assistant is chewing gum. It will cope with the problems of the mouth and throat, which swallowed a lot of smoke recently. Fresh breathing is the basis for successful communication, and cannabis is not the only reason to use it.

Now you know the answer to the question: “Does weed smell stick?” Marijuana allows you to be careless and requires minimal effort to stop smelling like weed. On the other hand, you need to make an effort to get the lasting scent of cannabis on your body.

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