Do You Know How To Not Act High? Today You Will Learn The Most Useful Tricks To Hide The Smokiness

how to not act high

How to not act high? This is an issue that is actively discussed between people who love weed, each person always gives their opinions and recommendations. We have to admit that each of us is individual, and the body’s response and behavior can vary significantly.

Therefore, for convenience, I have selected useful recommendations on how to not look high, which will help to maintain external sobriety without attracting outside attention and without giving away a habit.

But you always need to remember – there may be exceptions to any rule. Therefore, you do not need to completely trust any of the methods. If a responsible meeting or an important task is soon ahead, the surest way to maintain your sobriety, perfect thinking, and how to act sober when high is while you temporarily need to stop using cannabis.

Even with the ideal planning of their daily routine, any marijuana connoisseur at some point in his life is faced with a typical situation when it is necessary to rather quickly and effectively hide the traces of recent cannabis use.

For example, after a call from your parents, you either need to urgently go to the store without attracting too much attention to yourself. Experienced smokers have already learned how to effectively hide the main traces of marijuana use. But for beginners, these tips may come in handy. When you’re trying to look normal, it’s best to combine confidence, readiness, and composure. This article will provide some key tips on how to act normal when high and stay calm when you need it most.

Sunglasses Are the Most Important Thing

how to not look high

One of the most obvious and undesirable signs of recent marijuana use is traditionally red eyes. So how to cover up being high? Sunglasses will be a great tool to hide our problem. When you are indoors, wearing dark glasses can only heighten suspicions.

In this case, you can use eye drops. If the problem of how to hide being high persists and raises unnecessary questions, you can refer to allergies.

The Smell Can Be Removed Easily

The constant problem of smoking marijuana is that the smoke particles will linger in our hair, clothes, even in our breath. Therefore, it is quite logical that with due attention, others will be able to notice such a circumstance, and you need to know how to act not high so as not to get burned.

You can get rid of the unwanted problem of unnecessary odor thanks to some proven and quite simple means. This includes changing your clothes, brushing your teeth, and taking a shower.

If you need to refresh the room in an extremely short time, you can choose similar methods – using a freshener, open windows, or an aroma candle.

If you don’t want to take the risk of not thinking how to not seem high, then have a session of smoking marijuana outdoors. To enjoy the weed, you can go out into the courtyard, on the terrace, or on the balcony. But this is only if marijuana is legalized in your area. Then you can walk the streets with like-minded friends, and not alone catch Pokémon. Or not smoking at all.

Effective Control

how to act sober when high

A difficult and important task – you need to learn how to effectively control yourself.

For example, you can imagine a typical situation – you have pampered yourself with a chic indica, but now people come into the room, and you need to know how to act normal when you are high. In this case, you need to maintain motivation and the necessary strength to interact. In any case, you should not fuss – this is a clear sign of smoking cannabis.

It is quite logical that after smoking weed, many people strive to look normal and as natural as possible and think how to act sober while high. The main condition for such a result is to stop worrying. Since excessive efforts in this regard will look too suspicious. Be silent as much as possible and do not draw too much attention to yourself.

If you think that you are talking outright nonsense, then most likely it is. The most effective way to avoid such unnecessary risks is through silence. If possible, you should not say too much.

Don’t Get Hung Up on Thoughts

Let go and forget, it is important not to get hung up on thoughts and experiences.

It is enough to overdo it a little or to get overly excited to frankly dwell on different thoughts and events that disturb you, having lost full control over the situation and trying to understand what to look at when high.

In this case, it is possible to regain control thanks to an inner conviction – all problems can be solved over time, there is no need to dwell on them. But what to look at when high? Of course, not to one point, try to calmly look at the objects near you, but the most fell way will be to simply stick to your phone or play some favorite mobile game in it.

Removing Smoking Traces

Take care of destroying or masking evidence of smoking weed. It is hardly necessary to remind one more time of this rule. We don’t need a bong in the middle of the room and other evidence if we are expecting guests.

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