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How to Make Weed Tea?

weed tea

Weed tea is a healthy, refreshing, and toning alternative to a daily coffee or regular tea. It has beneficial properties of marijuana and helps to cheer up in the morning or sleep after a hard day. The potency of its psychoactive effect depends entirely on your desire, and we will teach you how to make cannabis tea.

What we used to call tea is most often not it. However, when we talk about cannabis tea, we can make a drink for all tastes. You can make a herbal decoction that will resemble tea only by brewing, or you can make a traditional tea with notes of marijuana.

To begin with, let us remind you about the fundamental process during the preparation of edible — Decarboxylation — a sophisticated word from chemistry, which, in our case, means the transformation of THC Acids into THC. It occurs as a result of heating when we set fire to flowers in our bong. We do this for the psychoactive effect of marijuana, because if you eat raw bud, i.e. THC acid, you will not get high.

So before making marijuana tea, you should decide what you are looking for. Since THC Acid has the same useful properties as cannabis, you may not think about decarboxylation if you are not involved in getting high. At the same time, activating cannabis is easy if you learn a few basic principles. Moreover, you can accurately dose the potency of your THC tea and not be disappointed or suddenly nailed to the couch.

The marijuana tea recipe I want to offer you will be simple and legal. And since you don’t care about getting high, we’ll miss calculating the percentage of THC and its activation.

How to make cannabis tea without psychoactive effect?

weed tea recipe

Gather the ingredients:

  • Cannabis buds (CBD or THC does not matter)
  • Brew bag
  • Water
  • Sweeteners

Once you have collected everything you need, you can put on a chef’s hat and start magic:

  1. Grind the flowers and make sure there are no seeds or stems left.
  2. Load the cannabis in the brewing bag.
  3. Dip it in boiling water. Since the water does not dissolve THC, you can be sure about your condition.
  4. Give the drink a few minutes to insist.

At this stage, the basic herbal cannabis tea is ready. (It is by the way how to make CBD tea if you want) But it is unlikely you will like the taste. The weed has a deep herby-bitter aftertaste, and it will seem unpleasant to many people. Therefore, we recommend making your potion more suitable for consumption by adding tea to the recipe. You did not expect, but we add real tea here.

It makes a lot of sense, since the tea has a strong kick, too, it will soften the drink significantly. We recommend choosing black tea over green tea. Choose the amount yourself according to the water volume and the desired tea potency.

Another good reason to add real tea to our marijuana tea recipe is terpenes. These elements, as well as THC and CBD, determine what effect we will experience after using cannabis, as they change the ability of our receptors to interact with THC. The good news is that terpenes

are also found in other herbs, fruits, vegetables, and, of course, in black tea. Therefore, tea seems to be the ideal ingredient for making weed tea. 🙂

Other sweeteners, such as sugar and honey, do not need any additional instructions — add a little bit and stir and then try. Making weed tea should not cause you any difficulties or additional questions. At the same time, the second recipe of THC tea that gets you high is somewhat complicated and variable.

How to make marijuana tea?

Prepare the needed ingredients:

  • Nugs or concentrates (THC percentage is essential now)
  • Fats (butter or coconut oil)
  • Water
  • Tea
  • Sweeteners

Get ready for decarboxylation! As we said before, THC acid needs temperature, and fats will help us create the right conditions to dissolve and activate THC. If you have only oil or even margarine at hand, this will be enough.

  1. Grind the nuggets or select the right amount of concentrates. Bubble hash is the best choice, and we have already written a whole article on why.
  2. Mix the cannabis and the fats. Ground cannabis should not be buried in oil.
  3. Put the butter and cannabis in the bag for brewing.
  4. Boil water or milk in a saucepan.
  5. Start stewing the cannabis butter in milk or water.
  6. Add sweeteners or fruit to taste.
  7. Add black tea.
  8. Cook for no longer than 3 minutes.
  9. Your cannabis tea is ready!

A few more tips on how to use THC tea:

  • Do not rush to drink a few portions. Like other edibles, cannabis tea takes about 40 minutes to reach the bloodstream through the digestive tract. Try not to drink another drink earlier than an hour.
  • If you do not have a brewing bag, use a coffee filter, or any other material that can pass water and hold ground cannabis inside.
  • Use any fat to dissolve THC. Butter, coconut oil, or cream will be the best choice when combined with milk.
  • You can strain cannabis tea through a fine mesh to make the beverage structure lighter.
  • THC will not go anywhere if you cool your marijuana tea. It can be stored for several days in the fridge.

Weed tea is an excellent beverage for vegans, health food devotees, and gourmets and can be a great medical remedy for patients who need pain relief and relieve inflammation. Choose the marijuana tea that suits your needs and try it. It is quite easy, and the result will pleasantly surprise you. Find your combination of spices: use a clove of citrus, dates, and cinnamon. Do not hurry to drink a second glass!

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