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How to Make Weed Cookies?

how to prepare weed cockies

Weed cookies are a classic of edibles. Anyone who has ever been interested in cannabis has heard of the miraculous treats from the oven. Brownies or cookies can be your signature dish, for which guests will come to your home again and again. Moreover, pot cookies are an awesome option for those who cannot or do not want to smoke weed. Fortunately, it is no harder to cook than any baked goods, and we have the simplest marijuana cookies recipes for you.

Let us say that you need minimum skills in the kitchen. Since this blog is more about cannabis than cookies, we expect you to find the perfect cookie recipe for you anywhere. It may be your grandma’s secret or the first one you will find in Google. It all depends on the desired structure of future cannabis cookies and your preferences.

In any case, you will need a kitchen with an oven and a baking kit. These are eggs, sugar, salt, baking powder, flour, and fat. Fats are the key ingredient for turning ordinary treats into THC cookies.

So you can choose any recipe you know how to cook or would like to try and replace the fats in them with cannabis butter. That’s why marijuana cookies recipes are so straightforward and versatile. The only difficulty is to saturate the butter with cannabis. Here we encounter decarboxylation again.

How to prepare butter for the weed cookie recipe

weed cockies recipe

Decarboxylation is the transformation of THC Acids into THC. It happens when we heat the buds above 160 degrees Celsius. Usually, we just burn them, so no one thinks about the temperature, but today we want something delicious. So we need to heat the flowers hard enough, but so that they don’t burn, and other components of our edible cookies won’t get spoiled.

Water is not suitable because it does not dissolve essential oils and does not heat up to 160 degrees remaining liquid. That’s why we need fats. They will do all the work:

  1. Place the saucepan on medium heat and pour some (a quarter cup) water.
  2. Add the butter according to your recipe. Let it meld completely.
  3. Add shredded and homogeneous (without seeds and stems) cannabis to the butter.
  4. Reduce the fire because we don’t want the canna-butter to boil.
  5. Leave the cannabis butter to stew for a few hours.

Don’t let the flowers stick to the walls and bottom of the saucepan, and don’t be lazy to stir the mixture as it will thicken over time.

Your cannabis oil is ready. You can filter out the excess moisture and use it in the liquid form right away to prepare the dough. You can also wait until it cools down and uses it in literally any recipe that requires fat, turning it into a weed edible recipes.

Now, when you have the key ingredient, it’s easy to make pot cookies. We will help you!

How to make edibles cookies

weed cookies

Gather everything you need. Mix the dry ingredients first:

  • You can use cocoa powder to make your marijuana cookies chocolate. Do not forget that adding cocoa powder involves a proportional decrease in the amount of flour added.
  • The sugar caramelizes when heated, making the color of your weed cookies darker and browner.
  • Salt improves flavor and extracts liquid from other ingredients to help raise the dough.
  • Baking powder is the main ingredient that is responsible for raising the dough in this recipe. Do not forget about it.

Liquid ingredients for cannabis cookies in this recipe include eggs, milk, and melted butter. Mix them with a hand whisk or mixer for better results. During the beating, you fill the liquid with air bubbles, which will make your future edible cookies even more delicious.

Mix everything and put it in the oven. After about 40 min you can have a snack.

Features of using THC cookies

The main feature is the only one cookie. You do not need to eat more.

Since THC does not enter the lungs, but the stomach and then the liver, you will need more than half an hour to get the desired effect. Moreover, THC in smoke is not quite the same as edible cookies. The structure of this substance is a little different and has a different effect on the body. The High of eating weed cookies last longer and can even cause hallucinations if you overdo it.

What further complicates the situation is that the THC content of a single cookie is almost impossible to calculate. The best thing you can do is to mix the ingredients as best as possible when preparing the dough.

The second cookie may dissolve in your body when you have had enough after the first one, but it will be too late. Don’t panic — the worst thing can be a deep sleep or vomit, but not at the same time.

It’s better to finish the article about pot cookies in a more positive mood, but overdoing it with an overdose of edibles is typical for beginners. As an experienced stoner or at least someone who has read this article, you must find arguments to keep the novice from overeating in the pursuit of high. When it comes to edible cookies it is better to be patient, and it will be rewarded.


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