How to make mojito with marijuana?

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Mojito is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and its new version promises to become even more popular! It’s a cannabis mojito with added marijuana. Whether you want to make an ordinary day more interesting by adding freshness to it, try a new way of using cannabinoids, or just dream of feel like Ernest Hemingway with a glass of mint cocktail, a wonderful Canna Mojito is the right choice for any of these occasions. Its taste can excite and surprise you.

A brief tour of the history of mojito

Mojito is one of the most refreshing high-ball drinks (cocktails served in a high glass), its origin came from Cuba. Nobody knows for sure mojito’s origin, but there are several competing versions. According to one of them, the mojito has its pedigree from Sir Francis Drake. When his expedition ship sailed to the colony in Havana, his crew was sick with scurvy and dysentery. He sent his men ashore, and they returned with ingredients for a mojito (which was indeed a cure for scurvy as it contained lime).

Another idea is that this drink was invented by African slaves. They worked in Cuba on sugar cane fields. Their drinks were similar to mojitos.

This cocktail was a favorite drink of Ernest Hemingway and became world-famous because of it. Inhabitants and tourists order this drink most often in England and France. And who knows, maybe an improved mojito containing cannabis will become the most popular cocktail in the world! The recipe is very simple.

You’ll need the following ingredients to make a cannabis mojito:

  • five grams of cannabis (better Sativa),
  • bottle of white rum,
  • half lime, sliced,
  • half a cup of ice (stabbed or diced),
  • soda or tonic
  • two teaspoons of brown sugar,
  • fresh mint twigs,
  • brew bags or tights.

Step-by-step instruction:

mojito with marijuana
  • Start with the decarbonizing process. It is necessary because neither fresh nor dried hemp contains THC or CBD. Instead, it contains THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and CBDA (cannabidiolic acid), less bioavailable compounds. Grind the marijuana as if you were going to roll up the joints, then place it on a baking tray in an oven with a temperature of 110-115°C and heat it for an hour.
  • The next step is to saturate the rum with cannabinoids. To do this, place the heated cannabis inside the tights. Dip this bundle into a bottle of rum. Insist the rum from day to a week – the longer you can stand it, the more effective the infusion will be.
  • Once the rum is ready, you can start making a cocktail. Place sugar, mint, and lime in the glass and wipe them off. Gently press and rub until the ingredients begin to release liquid.
  • Add the crushed ice.
  • Add some marijuana-infused rum.
  • Fill the glass to the edges with carbonated water. You can decorate it with a branch of mint and a slice of lime.
  • Done!

A delicious mojito infused with marijuana florets is the perfect drink to enjoy the summer, refresh hot days and perhaps follow in Hemingway and write a novel.

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