How to Make Homemade Hashish: Recipes, Tips, and a Brief History of Hashish

Hashish is a somewhat different drug from marijuana, yet it is still produced completely of cannabis. The term “hashish” derives from the Arabic language and means “grass” in English. It was initially discovered by Europeans and Americans in the nineteenth century, but it has been known to humans for hundreds of years and was mostly utilized in India and the Middle East.

As you may have guessed, our topic today is hashish and how to make cannabis hash. Today we will discuss how hash is made and try to find the best way to make hash. Read this article further if you are interested in how to make homemade hashish.

What Is a Hash?

Hashish is simply a waxy product formed when cannabis trichomes (resin glands) are collected and pressed into a brick. The oldest method of making hashish, and possibly the most original one, is to simply roll the sticky cannabis resin off your hands after you’ve worked your ripe plants. Hash can be made simply by rubbing cannabis flowers in your hands. This is not very neat, but when you scrape everything off your hands, you will get a ball of powerful “finger” hash. Anyone who has ever harvested cannabis with their own hands is familiar with the “scissor hash” that accumulates on shears used to prune plants.

Trichomes, microscopic crystal-like droplets that coat the leaves and buds of cannabis, make up hashish. They have the highest concentration of cannabinoids and trichomes. They become kief when collected from a plant. This is the starting material for the production of cannabis. To put it another way, hashish is cannabis concentrate that has been collected without the use of solvents.

Most hashish is smoked through a pipe or bong. Also, it can be eaten, both separately and as part of dishes. In North America, as well as in the countries of the former CIS, hashish is not so popular, yielding to classic cones. But in Europe, it is hash that is the most common type of marijuana.

Types of Hashish

Hashish is classified according to how it is made. Below we list the varieties of hashish, from the simplest to the most complex in terms of technology. Let’s look at how to make hashish.

Finger Pickled Hashish

how is hash made

In Peshawar, a Pakistani smoker makes hash before lighting up her cigarette. Alcohol drinking is strongly prohibited by Muslims in conservative Pakistan, an Islamic nation. However, a surprising number of Pakistanis are willing to try cannabis, a viscous black hashish derived from marijuana cultivated in the country’s tribal region and neighboring Afghanistan.)

Finger hashish is familiar to anyone who has ever trimmed marijuana buds. This how-to makes hash from weed is quite easy. At the end of the process, oily trichomes leave a sticky film on the fingers. This film can be collected by actively rubbing the hands over the tray after shearing. One of the main hallmarks of finger hashish is its intense terpene flavor. It appears due to the exceptional freshness of the product.

For this exciting process, you simply need marijuana scissors. It is extremely inconvenient to do this with a standard manicure or other scissors.

Ground in a Blender

how is hashish made

This is another way on how to make hashish from weed. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can use a blender. Take clipped cannabis buds and mix with ice and water. Grinding this composition will separate the trichomes from plant tissues. When the movement stops, the trichomes will settle to the bottom of the blender. A thin, not very dense mesh should let water with trichomes pass through it, weeding out parts of the plant. Let the sifted mixture stand for half an hour, and then drain off the top water, about ⅔ (be careful not to pour out the settled trichomes). Place the remaining water in the refrigerator for 10 minutes, and then pass through a coffee filter. Let the remaining kief on the filter dry, and you can begin to form the hash mass with the help of temperature and pressure.

Hashish Harvested with Silk

how to make hash from weed

Pour the ground marijuana onto a thin layer of silk. Place the silk itself over a hard surface, preferably black, so that the detached trichomes are visible on it. Shake and move the buds vigorously over the silk. After harvesting, the trichomes are ready for pressing. The most progressive hashish makers use a system of multiple silkscreens of varying densities to bring the hashish to its purest state, with little to no plant matter.

With Steel Mesh

how to make a hashish

This technique requires a metal mesh with a hole diameter of 70-125 microns. Dried cannabis actively moves on the grid. This will separate the kief with trichomes, and it can be collected under the net. The more pressure there is on the cannabis on the grid, the more end product you will get, but the worse its quality will be.

Drum Method

how to make hashish from weed

The last way how to make marijuana hashish is the most automated. The cut buds are placed on a net stretched in a drum that separates the trichomes from the plant by vibration. A metal mesh is stretched at its bottom, working according to the principle described in the previous paragraph. The process is not the fastest, but does not require constant management and produces a fairly large amount of kief.

How Kief Turns into Hashish?

After you’ve acquired kief via one of the ways listed above, you may go on to the main operation. A unique pollen press is used to make hashish. Hashish is made from kief under the influence of high temperature and pressure created by the press.

You can produce hashish in the oven if you don’t have a specific press. To keep water out, fully wrap the kief with cellophane. Soak the package in water after wrapping it in thick paper. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees Celsius and bake for 10 minutes. After that, the hashish may be rolled into a ball or cookie for storing.

Cannabis genotypes with the highest concentration of trichomes are better for making hashish. For Sativa fans, we suggest Crystal Meth, while for Indica fans, Northern Light.

History of Hash

Knowing how to make your hash, let’s now get acquainted with the history of hash. Hash has been in use for thousands of years, ever since people noticed the curious residual product from cannabis plants. Hashish can be smoked or used in cooking. THC content is typically about 40%. Hashish is a fantastic joy for some cannabis users because of its scent and flavor. It’s simple to carry, store, and enjoy. In the 80s, the hash will be exported from the main producing territories (Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Pakistan), and it will have a unique printed embossing on the blocks. It will be wrapped, typically in red or gold packaging especially for export. Growing cannabis at home is easy, which is why traditional hashish exports have disappeared almost everywhere, giving way to modern cannabis concentrates.

The Power of Hashish. Hashish High in THC

One of hashish’s drawbacks is that it contains plant matter, which reduces its efficacy. As a result, some people are looking for new ways to make high-THC cannabis extracts. There are several ways to achieve this now, and a product with a THC concentration of 50-80% may be manufactured on a daily basis. It has double the strength of a typical hash. To extract the cannabinoids and oils from the plant, modern techniques for creating concentrates often entail crushing the buds and washing them with a solvent. Ethanol, butane, isopropyl alcohol, and supercritical carbon dioxide are common solvents. The concentrate is ready to enjoy once the solvent has been securely removed. Many individuals prefer to use concentrates with a vaporizer, although they may be used in a variety of ways, including smoking and eating.

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