How to Make Dabs: Detailed Recipe and Additional Useful Information about Dabs

How to Make Dabs?

how to make dabs

How to make your dabs is a question often asked by cannabis lovers. Today we will tell you how to make weed wax and how to make dabs at home. If you are interested in how to make cannabis dabs, then this article is for you. Read on to find out how to make marijuana dabs.

Dabs are a form of cannabis concentrate and one of the most common methods of wax consumption. After being extracted from the cannabis plant, cannabis dab wax is a soft, opaque oil that crystallizes and lacks clarity.

Wax or dabs are particularly popular among THC users because of their ability to produce a strong high. Wax’s effects are not only stronger but also faster-acting due to its concentrated form and high THC concentration of up to 80%. Dabs, on the other hand, are a rapid and potent method to experience the euphoric effects of cannabis.

It’s important to remember that wax, like other cannabis products, should be used in moderation to avoid negative side effects.

THC Dabs Come in a Variety of Types

how to make dabs out of weed

Cannabis concentrates come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here are some of the most popular THC dabs and what distinguishes them.

Shatter is one of the most potent cannabis concentrates, containing up to 80% THC. It looks like glass or hard candy.

Crumble: Because of its likeness to honeycomb, it’s also known as honeycomb wax. The color is yellow or gold, and it has a porous aspect.

Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is a highly concentrated version of THC that uses butane as a solvent. While all cannabis concentrates are safer for experienced users, BHO is particularly dangerous for newcomers.

Hash or hashish mixed with ice water is known as bubble hash. When smoked, the color ranges from beige to brown, and bubbles appear.

With a simple solventless process, you can produce some of these cannabis extracts and other dabs at home. Attempting to produce butane hash oil (BHO) at home is not recommended.

Now let’s decide on the easiest way to make dabs.

How to Make Homemade Dabs?

Take a look at these instructions for making wax at home. The use of heat and pressure is the primary notion underlying producing any rosin in this method. You can skip the process below if you have access to a suitable rosin press.

Without the Use of Solvents, You Can Make Dabs

2 grams of cannabis is the perfect quantity to use to make cannabis wax in this technique. A flat iron, oven mitts, a razor blade, and unsticky parchment paper (also known as baking or bakery paper) cut in half are all required. Hair straighteners can be used, however flat irons may be more convenient.

What You’ll Require for Homemade Dabs

  1. Oven mitts Flat iron (or hair straightener)
  2. Blade of a razor
  3. Paper used in bakeries
  4. 2 grams of marijuana

Step-by-Step Instruction on How to Make Dabs Out of Weed (One of the Best Ways to Make Dabs)

Step 1: Preheat your flat iron to between 255 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit (122-150 degrees Celsius).

Step 2: Flatten and divide the 2 grams into four nuggets.

Step 3: Fold your unsticky paper in half and center your bloom.

Step 4: Press the nugget with the glove and iron for 3 seconds.

Step 5: Continue with the remaining nuggets in the same manner.

Step 6: Using your razor blade, collect the resin stain that has developed on the paper.

Step 7: Produce something edible with the remaining buds, or make canna oil with them. (There’s also no need to decarboxylate it; simply soak the residual buds in coconut or olive oil for a week or two, filter away the plant waste, and voila! A straightforward canna oil.)

Dabs Made in Different Ways

You can produce a similar rosin/hash using kief as well. All you have to do is gather the following ingredients, but instead of kief, use cannabis. Then take the following alternate steps:

Step 1: Spread the kief on parchment paper. Roll the parchment to make it flat.

Step 2: Make a newspaper out of the parchment.

Step 3: Lightly dampen the newspaper strip (damp rather than soaking).

Step 4: Press and heat the parchment newspaper with a low-heat iron.

Step 5: Heat and press the parchment-newspaper strip for a few minutes on each side with an iron. Continue doing so until the newspaper is completely dry.

Step 6: When the newspaper is completely dried, unfold the newspaper and parchment paper to reveal a piece of rosin.

Because the cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted without the use of solvents, these methods are referred to as rosin rather than butane hash oil (BHO). They’re sometimes called “flower rosin” rather than “hash rosin” since the rosin is produced from flowers.

In contrast to rosin, the kief technique is frequently referred to as a hash. If you’re using a rosin press, you’ll have to experiment with different pressures and temperatures to acquire the concentration you want.

Dabs and How to Use Them

how to make marijuana dabs

Putting Dabs in a Bowl to Eat

Drop the dab onto the bud after filling the bowl with ground cannabis. The goal is to keep the flame from coming into contact with the wax. The heat from the ground strain will assist the dab to turn into smoke, which you may inhale through a pipe.

Using a Vape Pen to Consume Dabs

You’ll need a separate atomizer for this because not all vape pens are up to the task. To get the most out of your wax, place the dab with your collecting object in the atomizer and slowly inhale.

Using Dabs in conjunction with a Joint

Joints surround the wax with your ground cannabis, reducing the amount of time the dab is exposed to the flame.

Should You Dab Weed?

Dabbing has several advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing if dabbing is the correct cannabis-consuming technique for you, think about these benefits and drawbacks. Always with your doctor to establish how much cannabis to use and the optimum manner of consumption for your body chemistry.


Medical marijuana users who dab their approved strains may get instant relief from severe pain and despair. Because medical cannabis is only available with a doctor’s prescription, it appears that medicinal users are the best candidates for wax.

However, as compared to typical marijuana intake, the sole health benefit of wax ingestion is the reduced harm to the lungs. However, while dabbing may be marginally softer on the lungs than smoking cannabis, there is no conclusive proof that it is any safer.


Dabbing may have more disadvantages than advantages. For starters, dabbing or wax consumption is frequently mass-produced. The wax may contain very high quantities of butane if the oil used is not made with the proper standards and prudence. Butane is very dangerous in high, uncontrolled dosages, especially for people who are sensitive to it and other hash oil poisons. Inhaling butane hash oil has been shown to cause lung harm in rare cases (i.e., lipid pneumonia).

When taking such a high concentration of THC in one sitting, the negative effects of cannabis may appear more often. Increased heart rate, paranoia, and, in some cases, uncomfortable sensation throughout the body are all prevalent symptoms. High doses of THC may cause psychosis and hallucinations in individuals who are prone to them.

Cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, which produces uncontrolled vomiting, has been linked to edibles, dabs, and other concentrates. However, this notion is supported by more small-scale and anecdotal data than by definite investigations.

For those on a budget, dabbing is also fairly pricey — the product’s price is above average when compared to other cannabis-derived goods. A blow torch, nail, and dab rig are all required purchases. If you want to vape oils, you’ll need a vaporizer that’s designed to heat concentrates.

Finally, acquiring a high tolerance to THC is a possibility. Because the body becomes acclimated to a certain dose of THC, it may require the same or higher quantities of THC to obtain equivalent relief.

THC Dabs: How to Use Them at Home

how to make weed wax

Keep an eye on the temperature

The beneficial cannabinoids and other plant chemicals will burn out if dabs are heated too much. As a result, if you’re utilizing dabs to relieve pain, the results will most likely be diminished. It’s also less likely to injure yourself when dabbing if you keep an eye on the temperature.

Dabs should be purchased from a licensed dispensary

Know the origins of your THC dabs. This isn’t as big of a problem if you’re manufacturing dabs at home. If you’re buying dabs, though, make sure you get them from a certified dispensary to assure the best quality and safety.

Maintain the cleanliness of your dab device

Germs may quickly build on dabbing devices, so wipe the mouthpiece with rubbing alcohol after each usage. Mold, germs, and other pathogens will not form if you use a clean dabbing device.

Finally, getting a medical marijuana license is the most reliable approach to assure that you use dabs and other cannabis products safely. Leafwell’s trained doctors are available to assist you in obtaining a medical card in your native state. Contact us today to begin the simple application process.

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