What Is A Sploof? Definition And Step-By-Step Instructions For Creating A Sploof

What Is A Sploof

Whether or not cannabis is legal where you live, we often have to hide from nosy neighbors and parents who might be against this wonderful smell! So, find a compromise: keep smoking, but take steps to minimize the risk of someone smelling. We all know how to slip a damp towel under the bottom of a closed door! But there is one more thing that can help you completely hide the smell! Everyone has their own approach, but one of the possible solutions is a homemade smoke sploof, which every stoner should have when it is not possible to exhale smoke and purchase a hood. Today we’ll talk about how to make the best sploof and learn how to do it in a few simple steps.

What Is a Sploof?

This is a special device for absorbing unpleasant smoke and odor while smoking cannabis. You can do homemade sploofs work or buy ready-made in various specialized stores for stoners. Let’s talk about in what cases the sploof is used and what is its effectiveness.

What Is Sploof for Weed For?

What Is Sploof for Weed For

• In some cases, the smell can alert unwanted people that a marijuana smoker is nearby. It can be anyone, from a dirty neighbor to a relative who suddenly came to visit;

• Sometimes it is simply not an option to go to the balcony or to the street, for example, due to health conditions, but also there is no desire to blow smoke in the room, for example, relatives do not like its smell;

• Any flavors and air neutralizers are far from always effective, and sometimes worse than the smell of smoke, even for a non-smoker.

What Do You Need to Create the Best Sploof?

The most working way, which does not require any special financial costs, is smoking through a homemade sploof. Such a device can be made independently and at home, while using the simplest things that everyone can find at home:

• toilet paper and dryer sheets;

• a tube (sleeve) from toilet paper (or a neck from a plastic bottle);

• rag and rubber bands;

• activated carbon.

How to Make a Sploof

1st Way How to Make a Sploof?

  1. Gather the required materials. Don’t throw away your toilet paper rolls and buy a pack of scented paper towels in case you want to smoke indoors. If you exhale the smoke through a homemade weed smell filter that is filled with napkins, the smoke would smell like paper napkins.
  2. Use an empty 0.5 liter plastic bottle with no bottom. It works even better, since the neck of these bottles fits the size of the mouth.
  3. Place 3–4 wipes in the sleeve. Spread all wipes evenly between the holes to allow the smoke to pass through several layers. If you roll a smoke filter from a bottle, then 6–7 toilet papers are required.

How to use a sploof? Suck on a cigarette or pipe, then wrap your lips around the end of the sleeve and exhale through the filter. Be sure to exhale all the smoke. After that, it would have a fresh napkin smell.

2nd Way How to Create a Weed Sploof

1. Take a 0.5 liter plastic bottle. Cut off the bottom of it and fill it with cotton wool and cotton pads! It is best to alternate layers of cotton wool and cotton pads. Our task is to fill the bottle tightly, but the filler should not be rammed into a stone. The whole point is that the smoke passes through the fibers of the cotton wool, but does not flow around the pieces of filler in the cavities between them. There should be no cavities, otherwise there would be smoke and smell at the exit!

2. Fill the bottle with cotton pads. It can take you about half a bag of 120 pcs of cheap cotton pads, cotton wool from bio additives to fill it (it is better to buy a new pack in a pharmacy or Auchan). For flavoring, use a layer of freshly ground coffee and the same layer of mint, oregano and some aromatic herbal tea. Between these layers are layers of cotton wool and cotton pads.

3. Close the cut hole first with a paper towel folded 2 times, and on top of it use a medical mask, securing it with a pair of paper clips. You can use some kind of fabric instead of a mask, this is not so important.

As a result, you get on exhalation a barely noticeable aroma of coffee, which seems to have become burnt, but there is no smell of burnt rags and cannabis!

In creating sploof for smoking, you can try using carbon from filters (for water, or from odor neutralizers for the refrigerator, or just for filters). A variety of aromatic oils can be added, but not all of them would mask the smell. Dried and minced citrus zest. For use anywhere not at home and in one – you can spray on the filler (from the outlet of the purified exhalation) a freshener and odor neutralizer.

How to Make a Sploof without Dryed Sheets?

How to Make a Sploof without Dryed Sheets

As a sploof dryer sheet alternative, you can simply roll up a piece of your old shirt and tuck it into a bottle, but this can only remove 90% of the smoke and the same amount of odor. Filling more and more filters into the bottle, you can come to the conclusion that it is better to remove the rag and on exhalation, even after a strong puff, there would be no smoke and stench.

If you can’t make a filter or want to make a sploof without dryer sheets, breathe out the smoke through a damp towel, T-shirt or other cloth. The damp material would absorb the smoke smell. Take an unused item, and do not forget to wash the material immediately after a smoke break.

Let’s Summarize How to Create an Effective Sploof

• we use a suitable tube or bottle. It is easier to breathe out at the neck of the bottle. Someone would be comfortable with a classic bottle, someone with a wide mouth, like from tea or yogurt in bottles;

• the essence of the condensation of resins and burning on the filler fibers. Cotton wool, cotton pads, or other similar material can work great;

• it is better to use natural odor-masking agents such as coffee, lavender, mint, etc.

• test the filter for smoking weed indoors several times to ensure that smoke and odor do not really come out after exhalation. Try both small haps and large ones;

• the filler must evenly fill its space. Do not tamp it, but also do not allow areas of free air passage;

• it would be better if there is a zone of narrowing of the walls in your tube or bottle – this way it is easier to evenly fill it with cotton pads or other material;

• this type of sploof tube is rechargeable, but how much does a bottle and a pack of cotton pads cost? Alternatively, instead of cutting off the bottom, you can melt holes in it with a heated nail, and simply fill it with cotton through the neck. Not rechargeable, but perhaps more aesthetically pleasing;

• Place a folded cotton ball in the neck. The least densely packed area is the neck, the smoke should settle inside, slowing down as it moves towards the exit from the bottle. If it is too tight in the neck of the bottle, then it can be difficult for you to exhale the smoke into the bottle.

Alternative Devices

Different smoking devices emit different amounts of smoke. So the bubbler and bong are considered the smokiest tools in the hands of smokers. Those who try to disguise their relationship with marijuana puff on a pipe. Particularly shy smokers use a mini-pipe with a small bowl for one pull. Or they keep a chillum pipe in their arsenal that looks like an ordinary cigarette.

It is often possible to notice that not the house or the room smells like grass, but the stoner himself. His clothes, hair, body. To prevent odors from your clothes, wear a changeable rasta jacket and tuck your hair under a hat. Remember to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth after each smoking session, and carry a piece of peppermint gum in your pocket.

Such devices began to be made a long time ago, but if you do not want to bother with homemade smoke buddy, then there are portable sploofs, which have activated charcoal filters inside. You blow through one end and only air comes out of the other! Of course, this is not 100% protection, but the use of such devices can clearly save you from the curious noses of ordinary people. The blog authors advise you to try to make this device to mask the smell from strangers. Diy sploof is a very convenient and irreplaceable item in the arsenal of every marijuana lover.

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