How to Make a Gravity Bong?

how to make a gravity bong

Homemade bongs are the most creative devices that were created by human hands. They can take a variety of shapes and use different materials, but they are all capable of extracting smoke and delivering it in the right direction.

The water bottle gravity bong is a true classic and a recognized leader among such equipment. It is very easy to make and critically effective when used. What’s more, some avid stoners use it even if they have bongs and pipes on hand.

We’ll teach you how to make a water bong to enhance your cannabis experience and even break your tolerance.

Most tips on ways to smoke weed without paper or pre-made devices suggest making holes in fruits and vegetables. In our opinion, this is more of a distraction and a way to surprise someone than a working tool.

At the same time, DIY gravity bong can surpass even expensive works of glass in consumer qualities and its production will cost you nothing.

The Best Way to Make a Gravity Bong

homemade bong

You will need a few tools that can be easily interchanged or modified to suit your tastes and needs. You probably already have everything you need at home:

  • A large bottle or bucket
  • A second bottle that you can inhale, but smaller than the first.
  • A knife or scissors
  • A bowl or foil
  • Water

Once you have everything you need, start cutting bottles!

  1. Take a bucket and fill it almost completely with water. If you are using a large bottle as the bottom, cut off the top just enough so the second bottle can go inside.
  2. Cut off the bottom of the second bottle.
  3. Place the smaller bottle into a larger bottle or bucket filled with water.

You are great, and your homemade gravity bong is ready. A bottle in a bucket filled with water can be a stationary decoration for your break room or balcony. All you have to worry about is changing the water and the top bottle when it gets too dirty.

How to use a gravity bong?

It is ideal to use a bowl that has the diameter of the neck of an ordinary plastic bottle. That way, you can put it right on top of the bottle and fill it with dry mixes. Smaller diameter bong bowls can be built into a plastic bottle cap. If you don’t have any bowls, at least find a piece of aluminum foil.

When you have everything you need, smoking homemade gravity bong is easy:

  1. Immerse the top bottle in water.
  2. Fill the bowl with ground cannabis and place it on the neck of the top bottle.
  3. Light it and pull the bottle up.
  4. Stop when all the contents are burned, or the bottle almost reaches the surface of the water.
  5. Remove the bowl or foil from the top of the bottle with your other hand while continuing to hold it.
  6. Inhale the smoke that is inside by lowering or raising the bottle.

Congratulations, you are very stoned and probably coughing. If you are not coughing at this point, you could probably write this manual yourself. This method of smoking is all heavy for beginners and is only suitable for those who have burned their throats more than once.

How does a gravity bong work?

diy gravity bong

The working principle is quite simple and consists of accumulating a large amount of smoke and taking a massive dose of THC all at once.

Water is only needed here to fill the volume of the bottle or other container which will accumulate the smoke. When you light a fire, you raise the bottle and thereby reduce the amount of water inside forcing air to flow in through the only opening – your bowl of cannabis. When you almost take the bottle out of the water, the entire volume of water is displaced by the smoke.

As you see, everything is quite simple, and understanding how it works you can use almost any improvised means to repeat this experiment.

An easy gravity bong is not fancy and even a little nasty way of smoking, which is suitable only for people who are used to it or looking for the most effective way of smoking. Do not introduce people to the world of cannabis with it, use pre-coolers and ash catchers for beginners.

However, it may give you a new sensation and even send you into a sweet sleep, so be responsible when you use it.

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