Best Ways How To Get Weed In DC: All About Online And Offline Marijuana Shopping In DC

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Despite the objections of some representatives of Congress, the use of marijuana for recreational purposes is now allowed in the American capital. “The ban did not pass,” said Malik Burnett, policy manager at the Drug Policy Alliance, an organization that advocates for the liberalization of drug laws.

A new law passed in Washington allows people over the age of 21 to store marijuana in small quantities and grow several plants at home. A minimal amount of marijuana can be transferred (but not sold) to another person. Smoking and using marijuana in public are prohibited. In this regard, people are wondering how to get weed in DC? Let’s take a look at some methods available below.

Offline Purchase

You must go to any Washington Medical Marijuana Card Service. Finding such a place will not be difficult, use Google Maps. There, for a relatively small fee, a licensed doctor will write you a prescription that confirms your eligibility for medical marijuana. To directly purchase marijuana in this way, you have to travel to a place that actually sells recreational weed DC, such places are called the Dispensary store.

I will talk about places like the Dispensary store just below.

Online Purchase

Another way where to buy weed in DC. It is much easier and faster to do everything online on the Internet.

In the American market, especially on the Internet, there are many companies that are engaged in both the sale of medical marijuana and the delivery of medical marijuana by courier to your home. Today we are going to talk about the EAZE website.

The first step to how to buy marijuana in DC is to get a doctor’s prescription that you really need to buy medical marijuana for your health reasons. To do this, you need to go to the medical site of the EAZE company.

What will happen on the site? Everything is very simple:

You need to go through a simple registration, which will take 5 minutes, to pay by card, in the amount of $30 to $45. During registration, you will need to describe your symptoms, it will be correct to write something in the spirit that you are very suffering from insomnia, as well as regular headaches. After you make the payment, you will be redirected to the page where you will have a conversation with the doctor. Make sure your computer is equipped with a webcam. If you did everything correctly, after a few seconds or minutes a person will appear on the screen. The conversation lasts 25 seconds, during which you are mostly silent. The doctor may ask you a question like “What are you complaining about?” and after, frankly, a short conversation, the doctor will happily inform you that the prescription has been approved for you, you will receive an appointment by mail within a few days, the card will also come by mail within a week, however, most importantly, your recreational pot in DC through the application you can do it now. Which is, in principle, great news.

After you have received the doctor’s approval, and you understand that you urgently need to proceed to the course of treatment, go to the EAZE website for courier delivery, you can also install the EAZE application on your phone, this is even more convenient, because the EAZE service and the like, unfortunately will not cover all areas of your city. A situation may arise in which you have to travel to another area of ​​your city to get weed in DC. Delivery works fine, within an hour and a half the courier will bring you everything that you order. Payment is made in cash or by card. And then, as they say in Amsterdam, enjoy!

Dispensary Marijuana Stores

“Selling marijuana is a holy job,” says a 30-year-old rabbi who now lives in Washington, DC. He opened a family business near his home – a dispensary for the sale of recreational marijuana in DC. The business already has more than one and a half thousand clients.

This dispensary, where to get weed in DC anyone can purchase medical cannabis, is located in one of Washington’s unremarkable neighborhoods. People are allowed here in small groups and only with a special medical certificate issued only by doctors from Washington. And the building itself is equipped with security systems.

Today in the dispensary of the rabbi, patients are offered a whole menu of DC recreational pot: weed for every taste and state of health. All of this was made possible by the Obama administration’s “hands-off” policy.

Stores and Showcases

dc recreational pot

Authorities in the US state of Washington will consider a draft law on the licensing of retail outlets for marijuana in October. After the approval of the document, many stores will receive the right to sell soft drugs. Here you can purchase recreational marijuana DC without a medical record. The advantage of this method is that you do not need to make an appointment with the seller, but just go to the point of sale. You may be faced with a small queue as these places where you can buy marijuana in DC are in demand and popularity. But during the time that you spend in the queue, you will be able to consider the entire assortment that is offered and choose a suitable option for yourself. I want to share with you some points where to get pot in DC:

  • Peace In the Air | Deals | 2118 18th St NW Washington DC 20009
  • Spaced Out | Deals | 3114 Mt Pleasant St NW Washington DC 20010
  • Gifted Curators | Deals | 2469 18th St NW Washington DC 20009

Prescribed by a Doctor

You can buy marijuana in DC with a doctor’s prescription, who, if necessary, will prescribe a specific strain and dosage. After that, the medical institution will issue the patient with a special card confirming his right to purchase drugs. Marijuana medications are often made with the cannabinoid found in cannabis, which is non-intoxicating, but has a sedative and antispasmodic effect. Last year, US authorities even approved Epidiolex, a cannabinoid drug for childhood epilepsy, which has been shown to reduce seizure rates by up to 42%.


buy marijuana in dc

Another way where to buy recreational weed in DC is delivery. There are many delivery services, including marijuana delivery. You can order any kind of herb and indicate the place where you want to deliver your order. Everything is just like food delivery, nothing complicated. The only difference is that the delivery will take a little longer, about 1-2 hours, so take this fact into account and order in advance so as not to sit and wait. Also, you should be aware that they will not be able to deliver your order to federal property, for example, at the National Mall. Below I want to give a small list of good deliveries:

  • Bagged Buds | Deals
  • Athena’s Gifts
  • Trending Leafs
  • Natural Vibes
  • Dope City Supreme


This is a classic type of recreational weed in DC shopping that has been used for decades. This is somewhat similar to delivery, but in this method of purchase, you are assigned a meeting point with the seller, and you come there. Usually this place can be near some café, restaurant. This method is well suited for tourists and just visitors who are still poorly oriented. You can ask the brand yourself to designate a location and make a purchase. You can find this type of buying marijuana in DC on social networks, it can be pages on Instagram, they just need to write in messages and agree on a deal.


You may not immediately find and discover this method of where to buy pot in DC, since it is located mainly in nightclubs, bars or restaurants, but of course not all establishments can boast of this. Pop-ups can be signs or messages on screens offering to buy marijuana DC on the spot. There can also be various promotions or sweepstakes. It should be said that the number of such offers of how to get marijuana in DC has been reduced to a minimum, as the police have recently been carrying out numerous raids and forbidding establishments to sell marijuana.

Free Marijuana Due to COVID-19

recreational marijuana in dc

Where to buy weed DC for free? In Washington, marijuana will be distributed free of charge near COVID-19 vaccination points. In the US capital Washington, near the COVID-19 vaccination points, activists will distribute marijuana to people for free. Thus, they want to popularize the idea of ​​legalizing this product and encourage people to get vaccinated.

This is stated in a press release from DC Marijuana Justice.

According to the activists, their actions should remind of the need for further reforms in cannabis legislation at the national and local levels, and people are wondering where to buy marijuana in DC? “We’re looking for ways to safely celebrate the end of the pandemic, and we know that nothing brings people together like cannabis,” said DCMJ co-founder Nicholas Schiller.

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