How To Get Free Weed? An Overview Of The Most Popular Ways To Get Free Cannabis

how to get free weed

As the legalization of cannabis increases, the value of this beautiful plant is skyrocketing. If you love to smoke weed and want to save some money, then you should definitely know where to get free marijuana samples.

There are a lot of options for how to get weed for free – from dispensaries to global brands that produce cannabis. This is easiest to do in a state where marijuana is already legalized – Washington, Colorado and California. Let’s quickly find out how to get free weed!

Free Weed from Dispensaries

free weed samples

To get free weed when visiting a dispensary is the easiest way. Before going to any dispensary, study all the details about it on the Internet. Some sites even write reviews of dispensaries. After a thorough analysis, choose 2–3 dispensaries and feel free to go there.

Most dispensaries offer free weed samples if you are visiting them for the first time. They can also offer you a special card that guarantees you get free weed after a certain number of purchases. Do not forget to also subscribe to the newsletter from dispensaries, because they very often send their customers free cannabis samples for testing.

Even if this is not the first time you buy weed in a lire dispensary, they will still most likely offer you to try free weed. The point is that they are interested in their customers staying with them and continuing to buy cannabis products.

Do not limit yourself to just one dispensary and do not be discouraged if the workers did not transfer the free weed stuff the moment you entered it. Try to look for more similar institutions in your area, we are sure that you can find at least one or two dispensaries. If you are just starting to dive into the world of cannabis, then do not be afraid to ask for free samples, because they are available not only to professionals.

Free Weed for People with Disabilities and Veterans

free weed stuff

Please note that due to the coronavirus pandemic, many activists in some states have started holding cannabis promotions and giveaways. They provide assistance to veterans or people who can prove they have served, as well as people with disabilities. Free legal weed samples are currently available to anyone in Montcalm County who falls into one of these categories. Activists are handing out a free quarter-ounce of marijuana, edibles that include weed and other categories of cannabis products. All this comes to a total cost of about $150.

This event began to be held weekly since the beginning of the pandemic. These activist organizations try to help every person in need during such a difficult time, when many have lost their jobs and are experiencing financial difficulties, and are also unable to acquire cannabis on their own for treatment or prevention of disease.

Cannabis Compassion Programs

free legal weed samples

How to get free weed from the government? The pandemic really hit hard on the material condition of all people on earth and the state, and large cannabis companies are well aware of this. In order to help people in need to obtain cannabis, special Cannabis Compassion programs have been created.

Dispensary 33 Program

Let’s talk about Dispensary 33 in Chicago. The dispensary has launched a program that allows anyone in need to apply for a six-month no purchase mailing list of free legal bud samples. Individuals who have been registered with Dispensary 33 for at least 120 days and receive need-based public assistance are eligible to submit this application. You can apply 2 times a year, which ensures a year-round supply of cannabis and there will be no downtime. If the application is approved, you’ll be able to receive a loan of $240 within six months.

Weed for Good

Another program that aims to give free cannabis to people in need who do not have enough financial resources. People who are suffering from an incurable or chronic illness and who use cannabis to treat or relieve a serious illness may seek help.

Berkeley’s Helping Hands

This compassionate cannabis program is designed for Berkeley residents and is a great opportunity to get free medical marijuana samples for those without funds. The program was founded in 1999 and to this day offers patients two-eighths of free cannabis. You can get your own weed once a week.


Cannalab is a Canadian program that can help you if you are unable to purchase medical cannabis for medicinal purposes. The brand donates 5% of sales to the program to people in need and provides them with constant treatment with special cannabis products – Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

Research for Free Cannabis

weed freebies

Do not forget that cannabis is still illegal in many states and researchers have to study all its properties and how cannabis can affect the human mind. If you want to take part in the research, you’ll most likely even be able to get free THC samples in the process.

For example, the University of Kentucky is constantly looking for new specialists and new minds to research the effects of cannabis on humans. You can apply for an interview for those who are already 18–34 years old and you use cannabis. There are also a number of institutes and research centers that even pay members.

Free Medical Marijuana Card

how to get free marijuana

How to get free weed with a medical card? California residents can get this health card completely free of charge, you only need to make a specific application.

The MMJ Doctor clinic can give you a free estimate if you recommend their clinic to your three friends. They also give a replacement for $20 if you rate this clinic on Google. Don’t forget to take advantage of another offer – free photo ID when ordering. You’ll get this if you look at the accounts of the MMJ Doctor clinic in such social networks as: Yelp, Facebook and Google.

Another clinic called Cannabis Care gives free cannabis to its clients. It is very easy to get such a nice bonus. This clinic has created a special program HELP – Help Each Other Low-Income Program. She helps those people who do not have enough money to buy weed. This applies to those clients with income less than $950 per month. With the clinic’s program, you can cover your doctor visit, assessment and MMJ costs. Fill out a special application form on their website and get advice on registration in the program.

Free Weed Giveaway from Companies

free medical marijuana samples

A lot of brands, within the framework of advertising campaigns and drawing attention to their products, are distributing free cannabis.

Try to follow the announcements of such giveaways on social networks or on the websites of cannabis producers so as not to miss anything. Seed City and HiLo very often run free cannabis samples for their customers. To participate in such promotions and giveaways, you just need to submit an application on the website.

CBD Blue runs an annual free weed giveaway. In case of winning, one lucky person gets a year’s supply of cannabis. Another brand, BATCH, offers free marijuana samples if you cover the $4 shipping cost. Agree, it sounds very profitable. Be sure to try to participate in at least one of these winners and perhaps luck will come to you.

Free Weed Reward Programs

All the reward programs presented below give not only free pot samples, but also full-size products that will last you for a long time. Let’s take a look at the most popular cannabis reward programs:

Sunnyside Reward Program

Their program works in such a way that every dollar you spend on the site when buying cannabis products earns additional points. Collect a certain number of points and exchange them for the desired product or weed completely free!


This program is relevant for residents of Canada. Mazani provides a perpetual promotion for which you need to make just one purchase. You’ll be given 3.5 grams of free cannabis. To receive, you need to make only one purchase, you do not need to enter any additional codes, everything is very simple and accessible. Be sure to do this and get the weed freebies now.


This store has a limited time promotion. You can order 30 grams of any cannabis strain or sweep several types of cannabis and get 5 grams of a random free sample as a gift – it’s a surprise. A very profitable offer, but please note that the promotion is valid only once.

Free Cannabis for Coronavirus Vaccinated

where to get free weed

Another way to get free cannabis during the coronavirus pandemic. New York has seen an unusual action in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent state legalization of cannabis products. Activists of the New York Marijuana Justice movement in Manhattan on Tuesday, April 20, offered coronavirus vaccines one free cannabis roll. Those interested lined up in a long queue. To obtain it, it was required to present proof of vaccination in paper or electronic form.

Be prepared for a repeat of the weed for free promotion in a few months in 2022. To do this, you need to be vaccinated and you can get cannabis products for free. Do not forget that not everyone can be vaccinated and only after consulting with your doctor, and also study in more detail all the details of the cannabis distribution campaign. The blog authors have tried to collect all the most relevant and possible offers of free cannabis for our readers. Don’t stop at just one way to get free marijuana, try several and save your money!

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